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Monday June 21, 2021

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Good morning!

I had a decent day.  Made some tacos using shiitake mushrooms instead of meat and it turned out good.  Spent some time on the beach in the evening and up into the darkness with BF.  Very pleasant but cloudy.  Apparently nearby beaches are being plagued with red tide that kills marine life.  Hoping it stays away from here.  It's a natural phenomenon but scientists are studying if humans are contributing to it's flourishing.  

Saw where the popular rock band Foo Fighters sold out Madison Square Garden and the audience is required to be vaccinated.  I've lost patience with the unvaccinated.  I'll leave it at that.

Day off today and tomorrow.  Not much on the agenda.  Need to mow the front yard.  

Have a great day.

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Morning Tweety. I'm a fan of shiitakes as well

Stars I hope things cool down there

NJ22 that's nice that you can pick stuff from your garden to use

Hi Amo

Was a nice day yesterday.  Prior to church was able to bakd cornbread and make the soup

We were able to sing at church as long as we wore masks.  And we had in person coffee hour for the first time since the pandemic.

Afterwards J and I took dad to one of our favorite restaurants for Father's Day

The rest of the day was quiet, exercise and embroidery.  Practiced packing for the reunion, will have to go with my suitcase rather than the backpack and shoulder bag, as they dont' have enough space

Slept through all of the severe weather we had last night.  Glad I'm past the sleep difficulties, but not good that I slept through the warnings.  West of here there was a late night tornado that caused damage and injuries.

Weather will be cooler, in the 70s today, will remain in the 70s and 80s the rest of the week. Am monitoring weather for the reunion, have a possiblity of rain



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Good Morning. . . .

Actually . . . it's not so good, today.

Just received word that the full-time night shift director, with the end-stage kidney disease, passed away last night. So, so sad.

I'm numb. . .
She was a year older than me, who struggled to come to grips with her diseased kidney. It was only recently that she seemed to fully accept her situation, and made formal arrangements to be put on the kidney transplant list. THIS took at least a couple of years. (She's been doing dialysis for the past few years.) It's just so sad. . . 

She's been a nurse for about 30 years. I know that she came from a strong ICU Nursing background. She enjoyed her role as a Shift Director, and was that extra pair of hands when needed. My gosh. . . she will be missed.

She leaves behind her grown-up children and young grandchildren. Don't know too much about her kids, unfortunately, except that she was very proud of them.

I've been talking to my wife who is at work. She'll be leaving work earlier than planned, which is warmly accepted. 

Anyway. . . thank you for reading all of this while I "process". (Gosh! What a silly term! Yet, it seems fitting to use right now.)

Geeze. . . I hear puppy stirrings. . . A nice distraction, right now.

Peace. . . 


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I'm sorry to hear that Ted.  

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Ted-so sorry to hear about your co-worker.  You were very good to her, helping out when she was too ill to work.  I'm sorry she never got a donor.  

Tweety-Shiitake tacos sound delicious.  I'm a big fan of mushrooms.  Red tide is not good.  It wouldn't surprise me to hear that humans have contributed to it's proliferation.

Joe-Glad you and J were able to spend time with your dad.

Fiance wanted a beach day yesterday for Father's Day.  His younger DD is visiting from Iowa so she and her sister came along.  Weather was picture perfect.  I even went in the water since it hit my minimum criteria of 60 degrees, lol. 

Back to work today.  Meh.

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Hi. Ted that is very sad about your co-worker. It is tough when someone is very close to your age passes away. It will be a great loss to your tiny hospital. Know that we are all sending you warm thoughts. 

It is going to be almost hot here, up to the mid 80s. I went for my run fairly early, but it was already in the 70s and humid. I was one sweaty Betty! Today is vacuum and dust day plus some laundry. I need to run to eldest ds's house to water his garden. He is in Maine with fiancé visiting her family. And I am going to venture into the mall to look for some inexpensive tank tops for the garden and camping trip next week. Everything I have is too big or stained. I may go to Costco for my guilty pleasure of a hot dog. Youngest ds had mentioned a bike ride, but he's not up yet and he hates the heat. 

I don't think the ocean water ever gets up to 60 around here. Plus our beaches are quite rocky, so not many people swim in the salt water. 

Yeah, I've about had it with anti-vaxers. I feel it is so unfair to health care workers who have to wear PPE. Our office is fully vaccinated so we don't have to wear masks unless we are dealing directly with the public. Our local health department is concentrating on reaching out to farm workers and people who struggle to access vaccines. 

That sounds like a nice day Joe. Glad the bad weather missed you. 

Okay, I better get moving before it gets too hot. 


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Yep, it's another hot one here today: 93 degrees again. Supposed to be down in the mid to low 70's by Wednesday.

Ted, sorry to hear about your co-worker's death. I know you were worried about her state of health. It was so good of you to help her out when she needed to be off. Take comfort in that, because you did make a difference in her life for quite some time. 

Hubby says the younger across-the-street neighbors "think they might have COVID again."  🙄OY!  Hubby doesn't know if they've  had vaccinations or not. 

The other house across the street, the one where the heavy guy and his 2 step-grandsons live (where the goats are) have a problem that they better get solved pronto. One of their 2 pit-bulls has escaped and has been roaming around the neighborhood. When it was out back of our house, hubby yelled fiercely at it to "GET OUTTA HERE!" and it didn't even move. // What with Nannie walking the driveway, and the next-door neighbor's having two young kids and a female English bulldog, it is a tense day in this area. Hope the dog gets re-caught and it's pen gets reinforced. The pit-bull's owner is a moron He is the one who got the goats 'for his daughter' (and her about 18 mos. old) He also got her chickens and a rooster, and the guy's girlfriend, the baby's mom, and she cuddle their chickens and chicks. Not s'posta do that as it can get you sick...?maybe w/ salmonella or ???. Anyway, he doesn't pay any attention to the dogs except to feed them and/or yell at them to shut-up when they bark. People like him should not be allowed to own any animals. He barely pays any attention to his daughter, or his girlfriend, either.

Hubby went to his PCP today. Good A1C , good BP,  good heart and lung sounds, and he doesn't have to go back until December, and will have blood-work then. Still, he's under a lot of stress, of course, and I worry about how that affects him, which affects me! Though I try to stay dissociated from some of it, as "it ain't my stuff" and I have no control over the circumstances or him. Like I said, I pray a lot and 'give it to God' on a regular basis.

The next three nights we'll have Braves baseball, weather permitting, of course.

Not feeling as blah today, but don't have much energy to continue on my never-ending attempts to keep my room picked up. It will be nice when I get closer to getting it done, as it will feel peaceful to me.

Hubby's on his way home with our supper, so I'll go set the table and set up Nannie's tray.

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Ted - condolences for your coworker. You were so compassionate to help her through when she needed the help. May she RIP.

Blizzard shredding storm continues. Had help to pull down some old textbooks down from the bookshelf. Lot of my old cardiology texts - out they'll go! Lots of stuff to discard. Sooooo much still left!!!  Even checked out drawers in bedroom furniture. Oy!

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