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Monday July 5, 2021

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Good Morning!

Ted, I trust you had a good 4th with family and hope you got some rest before work.

Joe, hope you had a good day as well and that soul searching results in more peace of mind.

BC, Happy Birthday to DS.  

Stars, hope Ozzie did well with the fireworks.

Amo, I couldn't even begin to guess what a "tittle" was.  LOL

Fireworks went on around the neighborhood up to midnight.  The dogs seemed okay.  Slowbro doesn't like to take walks when people are using fireworks but is okay in the house.  He's getting hard of hearing anyway.  I did get to the beach for their annual fireworks that was canceled last year.  It was nice and after the show people on the beach put on their own show and it was loud. 

The beach was crowded and it traffic heavy on the way home.  I was reading 2021 is setting records for tourism and hotel occupancy after the county took a 2 billion dollar hit in 2020.  This is all good news but not sure what it will mean for covid with our low rates of vaccination and variants out there.

I squeezed in 2.5 CEUs online in the morning and cooked some "New Orleans Style Beans and Rice" and made a trip to the beach.

I rented a very good movie called "The Perfect Enemy".

Today I'm taking Slowbro for his three month checkup with the doggie ophthalmologist.  I'm expecting things to be okay still.  They are a 24 hour Emergency Room but was surprised the specialists aren't getting the day off.  Maybe they got Friday off.  

"They" are saying that the storm Elsa might not be too bad here, some wind and rain, and maybe localized flooding.  Nothing we can't handle or haven't been through before.  But time will tell.

Have a great day!


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Tweety hope Slowbro's appointment goes OK and Elsa doesn't prove too severe

BC that is unually cold for July

Stars hope Ozzie wasn't bothered much by the fireworks

Hi Amo

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day.  Did cooking before church.  Church was lightly attended, stayed briefly for coffee hour.  Just starting to allow singing again, with masks, which is nice although a bit of an adjustment

Rest of the day was fairly quiet, exercised, worked on embroidery, and stayed in as it was up to 92 here.  J and I skipped the fireworks, given the heat

Today will do some birdwatching in the morning then meet J for lunch at our usual place

Have been calmer lately, and sleep has been going fairly good too, even last night with all of the fireworks.  Have been making a greater effort to be mindful

More exercise and embroidery tonight, want a calm day prior to the very busy work week awaiting me

Think it will be up to 91 today, rain should hold off for a day or two

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Ozzie was well insulated from the fireworks. We had the TV on, the drapes closed, and his mediss in him. Between 10-11 PM  there were a LOT of very LOUD and close BOOMS over the course of that hour. Ozzie wasn't too thrilled, but he didn't get the jitterbugs like he has before. I think he is a bit deaf in addition to being partially blind d/t cataracts. Anyway, it was the least stressful July 4th he's ever been through.

The couple across the street (I will refer to as "J&J", as opposed to the a-hole brother who has the pitbulls and goats) who has the new rescue puppy, "M", came over and sat with us on the front porch for a while. I gave the girl a bottle of the Rescue Remedy to use on the puppy. They were hoping it wouldn't freak out being alone in their bedroom while they went out for a few hours. (It has a whatyacall it...I always want to say "cage" but it is always called something else). Anyway, I promised that I wouldn't steal her ("M") but that dog is so cute and pretty, like a caramel colored beagle-ish girl with white feet and a white-tipped tail. Her ears aren't as quite as long and broad as a beagles' ... maybe half the size as theirs, but not short, either.; Also it does have big paws, and that's sort of a beagle-puppy ID mark. 

It's been a very quiet day-after... Nannie is in her recliner, sleeping a lot. Ozzie has been sleeping in his various spots as the mood moves him. Hubby has been out on the porch a good deal of the day, but has gone across the street to visit with other neighbors (next door to J&J and the a-hole brother). I am just flopped on the sofa looking through news-feeds and other stuff on-line. 

Nothing terribly exciting that I can report at this time....

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Almost 5 PM. Hubby came home from the neighbors where I believe he was having some shots of tequila. He entered the house kind of rowdy, calling out loudly, "Hello girls!" I can always tell when he's been drinking. Guess it's time for me to have a half of a Xanax so I don't get ticked off at him. He isn't drinking like he did a few months ago, but knowing that neighbor has tequila around all the time kind of makes me automatically suspicious when he says he's going over there 'for a while'. He's just not the same person when he's been drinking....gets kind of boisterous and makes 'funny', teasing remarks. UGH... and I mean UGH! 

Oh, by the way, all the baby birds took off from the nest yesterday when J&J were here ... the male "J" bumped his head on the hanging flowerpot where the nest was, and there was a flapping of multiple wings as they all (3) took off for the close-by tree. We knew they were getting fully feathered and would be leaving soon, but it was kind of a shock when they evacuated the nest like that. Maybe they'd been practicing flying when neither of us were outside?

1 & 1/2 hours until the Braves pre-game show. So, I'll go get my Xanax and get busy doing crossword puzzles, so I can have something to concentrate on besides the hubster's slurry speech. UGH.

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Tweety - funny how things are out there, but who knew? Like 'tittle'! Like who needs a word for those little dots over I & J ? Hoping weather Florida stays safe for you.

Anybody else remember 'sniglets'? They were words made up to mean weird things occurring that had no real word? There was a skit on old Saturday Night Live and a couple books. Silly things too. Had those books and a bunch of others.

stars - so sorry re Hubs for you.

Have been struggling with mild borderline CHF. It'll be a chronic but very labile disorder for me. Have on & off days.


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