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Monday July 21, 2014

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Good Morning to you all,


Firstly hubby is now home and I could not be happier nor could he. He continues in SR so that is an answer to prayer let me tell ya. He is exhausted from not much sleep due to getting woken up for EKG's and lab draws but the staff were simply awesome.


I was exhausted yesterday afternoon and just kept falling to sleep, got into bed early and slept very well.


Looking at a reasonable day with visits so that will be nice.


Hope you are all doing well.


AKY I just wanted to send you some gentle hugs (((((hugs)))))


Hubby is staying home today which I strongly encouraged he will head back to work tomorrow morning.


Have an awesome day, enjoy what ever you get up to and know you are much loved.

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Good Morning!

Hooray for Sabby and Joey! Much relieved to hear he is home and SR continues. Of course you are both exhausted; we all know the necessity of hospitals but they are no 'rest cure". HOME is truly the only place to be!

Today is my 1/2 day and I am sooo glad. The unit my patient is on has great personnel, but having a room-mate (TWO tv's on different stations), being near the front desk and a main corridor intersection, and being two doors down from the dining and activities rooms makes it constantly busy and noisy location. Shutting the door only helps minimally because everybody ( CNA's answering call bell of roomie, taking vitals, etc.,nurse with meds, kitchen personnel doing 2x daily water, juice and snack passes, housekeeping, activities lady, mail delivery, etc., etc.) has 'rounds' to make and feels obliged to rap sharply on the door to announce their presence and impending entrance into the room. NO rest for the weary! We did manage to 'escape' to the outside courtyard for a 1 & 1/2 hour reprieve yesterday; however it is hard for both us going from a private room on a relatively quiet (by comparison) hall to make the adjustment to Grand Central Station. I know it is all needing to be done, but I have to say that being amidst all that hubbub yesterday got on my last nerve! The grapevine has it that we will only be with her through the end of the month; she is cognizant of that to a degree and often reaches to pat us on the arm, hug us, and wants to hold hands frequently.

Aaahhhh, well.....

Have to get dressed and take off. Hope nobodies Monday is blue!

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Sabby glad Joey is back in SR.

Stars happy (belated) birthday.

Ugh. Feeling quite down this morning. Does anyone know how to find support groups? I did a lot of thinking last night and I think one could prove very helpful, given all the stress I have at work. I've been trying to push ahead and not think about the negatives, but I don't think that's going to work for much longer. Of course I'll change jobs, but not until next year and until then additional support could prove helpful

Yesterday was fairly quite, got up quite late (for me), went out for a hike before it got warm, did a thorough cleaning of the litterboxes, and did a little more research on our reunion destination. Been there before but it was good to review what is available there. Glad this break is coming up, I definitely need it. Also took a drive around the neighborhood to think, which I find is sometimes helpful.

Nothing unusual today, going to be warm. Will make out a list of things to check before leaving. Tomorrow I'll do the laundry and after that I'll pack.

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Good morning!

I'm off today and am hoping to head to the beach in a bit. It's a little cloudy and cool now, but the forecast is calling for sun and 82 degrees by noon. The beach is my happy place, and I don't get there as often as I would like.

Sabby-I'm so happy Joey's heart is behaving now, and I'm glad he's taking today to rest. NSIME-It must be a big adjustment for both you and your patient. What's going to happen at the end of the month? Joe-Have you looked into the EAP at work? They may be able to steer you towards a support group or therapist. I'm sorry you're so stressed.

Take care all!

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Good Morning -

Very, very good to read that loving Hubby is home with you, Sabby_NC. Hopefully he'll remain in Sinus Rhythm. At the very least, should his "ticker" decide to go back to a-fib, I hope that the heart ate is well-managed and not race in the 140s again. (Yikes!) I think your week's vacation should be starting soon. What a WONDERFUL week that will be, I'm sure! :)

No Stars In My Eyes - I hear it's your birthday, soon! Well, Happy Birthday to YOU! :)

Joe - Twice, many moons ago, I used to go to counseling for a number of different reasons. The particular (well-educated and licensed) counselor (MSW), whom I used both times, was fantastic. Although there were a few different reasons why I sought such support, depression and career issues were two important focuses (although not necessarily related to each other all of the time). For a while, I participated in this counselor's group therapy. Especially for the depression, the group therapy sessions seemed to prove the most helpful. What worked, for me anyway, was having that controlled environment where people listened and shared their own experiences in dealing with their specific issues which were often times (but not always) work-related. I found myself BACK into clinical nursing because of the counseling and have not regretted the decision, which was over 15 years ago. I will add that not all counselors or types of counseling is everyone's "cup of tea". If you decide to go the counseling route, I'd recommend to seek well-proven recommendations from trusted friends/family/co-workers. Also, the therapeutic model of counseling might be important too. (Apparently, there are more than one therapeutic models.) The therapeutic model that my counselor used was Behavior Modification (if I remember correctly). Towards the end of my counseling I actually asked my counselor which model she used for her therapy and she kindly told me. (However, I would recommend asking the counselor much earlier in the process, though! LOL!) I do wish you well as you seek the process to help yourself find whatever it is that helps bring you a bit of peace of mind, Joe. Depression is not fun, nor is feeling constantly miserable in one's career. I've been there as has many people. The trick, at least for me, is seeking and utilizing the support of people who've managed well their depression issues as well as their career issues.

BCgradnurse - Have fun at the beach! It is such a wonderfully "Happy Place" to be on a nice summer's day. :)

aknottedyarn - Just thinking of you. . .

Steph - Happy Birthday to Spidey (who shares the same birthday as No Stars in My Eyes).

Was off from work last night. The previous night at work was sooooo emotionally draining. I spent the night 1:1 with a gentleman (13 years YOUNGER than me) who was going through the tail end of ETOH withdrawal. It was a 1:1 situation because of his impulsiveness and very unsteady gait when he walked (a huge fall-potential). Although his medical need for Ativan (in following the CIWA scoring) was improving, he definitely was not out of the "DT woods". Still, I'm left wondering what's left of his brain after so many years of being hard-core addicted to alcohol. He USED to be an intelligent and productive fellow. He lost his rather unique job due to alcoholism. Although my hope was that, MAYBE, he could go back to working at his rather unique job, his poor brain may be too compromised from that terrible disease. I find this to be profoundly sad. (Did I mention that he's 13 years YOUNGER than me???) Ugh.

Yesterday, we had our HOA special meeting, with the main focus being the process of having the town take over the care and maintenance of our nearly 2 mile-long road. Sadly, it was not as well attended as I hoped. The meeting went well, though.

I'm working tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday night. My hope is that my patient going through the DTs has "graduated" to the med/surg floor. If not, I'll tend to his medical/nursing needs as appropriately necessary. But, it won't be easy. (We tend to "share" such cases because it can be so emotionally draining. Although I believe that we do a good job in managing individuals as they withdrawal from their drug of choice, we don't see withdrawal cases that often in our teeny-tiny ICU/CCU.)

Take care, folks. Peace to all who travel here. . . :)


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Good morning all.

Thanks for the hugs. Really glad to get them. I have been feeling down a bit and life has thrown some curves. Back to my usual cheery self, pretty much.

Yesterday my younger grand turned 14! I only have two and they are almost grown. Older is driving and working on getting into the Naval Academy so it is tough to ever get the family together. They all have busy lives. I guess the birthdays and lots of other things made me look at the fact I was heading for "older American" status.

Just spoke with my landlady. She is ordering new washer/dryer combo and thinking she will get the larger model that will fit. Wow! I won't have to have so many loads to get sheets done! I did tell her that the refrig. is on last legs so if they would give her a great deal on getting both, it might be a good idea. Otherwise I can wait until it dies.

Working late shift today which is good. Yesterday was a long day and I came home tired and hurting. Ready to go back again today and am happy that it will be later in the day so I canR&R in the sun for a bit.

Enjoy your day.

Care and Share.

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Thank you all for the Birthday wishes! I found a spring bouquet waiting for me when I got home today (from hubby). Waiting to open my 2 birthday cards until tomorrow. I was born at 11:45PM on the 22nd, because my 5 yrs older brother told my mom, as she was leaving for the hospital, "Mommy, don't have the baby on MY birthday." (which was the 23rd.) She said she'd do the best she could. :)

I texted the Case Mgr. today to find out if there was a firm date for PD care to be stopped. She said no, that it was supposedly going to be reassessed the first week of August. As of July 31st the night shift is cut out, and the day shift will just be 8am to 5pm.

So, I will be going from 42 hrs/wk to 32 hrs/wk (boo-hoo $$$-wise)......But, of course, I don't know what difference the new reassessment will make, as the G-dgt/POA paid no attention to the first set of recommendations, which was to leave her where she was and continue with the PD care. And if she felt she HAD to move her to Healthcare, patient should be in a private room and continue at least the 12 hr. day shifts. So, you see how much THAT mattered to her. Today the floor staff was going try to give her a shower instead of me doing it, but had not gotten around to it by the time I left at 2pm. When I go back on Wednesday, I'll read about how it went; us CG's have a notebook for communications (that is not part of the official records) so my alternate will let me know. Patient can be a real handful if she takes off in that direction and it is only over time that we have developed a second-sense of when and how to push and when to just back down for a while. She has been known to hit, punch, bite, kick, and scream bloody murder, so I wish them well. We can do it one-on-one, but they will need at least two, if not three, to handle her.

Joe, When I went through a severe bout with depression in 1994 (though come to find out I had been battling depression for MANY more years than I ever realized.) I called my doctor's office and said "I need to talk to the doctor, himself, NOW. Not tomorrow, not in 2 days, NOW!" He called me back himself and I said I needed to see somebody as SOON as possible, and I could be anywhere in town within 10-15 minutes. He called the MSW Psych at the ER and told them I was on my way. I had been crying for HOURS non-stop over some little event that did not call for that kind of response, and it worried me terribly. I went to the ER and they escorted me right in to a private office and paged the MSW that I was there. After we talked she said I had two choices: in-patient admission, or 5-day-a-week outpatient 9am-5pm group-care. I chose the outpatient option, which meant I could continue to work (in our office, not out doing visits) on the weekends, which were my normal days to work. At the outpatient services they had 5 or 6 Psych docs and therapists who each held one hour group sessions throughout the day. Of those personnel I chose one to be my private therapist after my 2 & 1/2 weeks treatments.

She was wonderful, very helpful. I continued to see her 2x week, then once a week, then once every other week for several years. At one point she had a group of her own patients get together 1x week for 6 wks for group therapy. I continued to see her off and on whenever I felt the need arise.It's been over a year now since I last saw her as a patient, but fortunately have a new private doc now who has a lot of experience with depression and he has come up with the right med for me and I have been rocking along fairly steadily since I started going to him. He has a terrific practice with easy access to him personally through something on the computer called a "Patient Portal", and any time I have a problem, a question, a concern, or need an appt. I can set it up on line without having to go through dealing with and explaining myself to six layers of personnel and having to wait and wait and wait. Usually anything I have posted on the patient portal is addressed within a two hour time period by the doc himself. I don't know why ALL doctor's offices don't use this method; it makes the whole process a breeze rather than an ordeal.

Anyway, I wish you the best. Seeking help was the best thing I have ever done for myself!

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