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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Monday - January 6th, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

It's a quiet morning, at this 5:45 AM (EST) hour. Been up since around 4:30 AM. Finally, I'm wearing my Fit-Bit watch that Amy gave me for Christmas. According to Fit-Bit, my sleep last night (this morning) was "Poor". Well, Duh!!! L O L! Well, this "smart watch" was able to tell me what I already know. L O L! Amy loves her new (and bigger) Fit-Bit watch. She said she will keep the older (and smaller) Fit-Bit watch that I gave her last Christmas. (I gave her the newer and bigger one at her request.) I'm not sure how I feel about wearing mine, though. I haven't worn a watch of any kind in a loooooong time. They tend to break on me, for some reason. They just stop working. This has been true for both digital and analog watches. Supposedly this watch will remind me when to "get up and move around". I see arguments with my "smart watch" in the future!! L O L! (When Amy's Fit-Bit watches buzzes her to "get up and walk", she actually gets up and marches in place, or walks around the house if it's cold outside. I just sit on the couch, shake my head, and continue to watch television.) (Yes. I known. I need to exercise more.)

This week is the week-from-hell, with regards to work. As shared here before, I picked up two extra 8-hour evening shifts this week as Shift Director. Tonight, though, I play the role of Mr. ICU Nurse for the full 12-hours. Yes, the paycheck will look mighty nice. But, I much prefer my days (nights) off than to work extra hours. Oh well. I'll stop whining and just do what I have to do. L O L! So, today will be the usual "Eat, Sleep and Work" thing. Actually, I'll be doing this for the entire week. (whine!!)

Nothing much else to share, really. I hope all have an uneventful day today. 🙂


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Good morning!

Ted, your fit bit is certainly going to say you're a poor sleeper.  You keep odd hours and have first sleep and second sleep and are just a mess that way.  I can relate, especially when I worked night shift.  You're entitled to complain about work.  I have a rough spell coming up myself and you will hear from me.  That fit bit sounds annoying.  I couldn't be bothered with a reminder to get up and move.  I'd say "witch please, I'm relaxing, so shut up!".  

Joe, glad you had a chance to visit family.  

Dianah, sounds like a dapper day.  Rude people that think they are entitled to just jump in line annoy the crap out of me.  Imagine the example he's setting to his children that it's okay to do this.  This happened to me at the airport once when someone just walked in front of me.   I said "by all means, please jump the line in front of me".  He looked guilty and said, "oh, you can get in front of me".  I just smiled "no thank you, the line's not moving and I'm not in a hurry and the plane won't leave without me."  

Herring, I enjoyed the music.  

Stars, I meant no disrespect.  I meant to say "if you want to feel old along with me...........".   Sometimes I look at those shows I enjoyed as a kid like "Lucy" and think "they are all dead now or old".  Crazy huh?

So I did decide to take my walk on the beach.  I made 3 miles.  It was "Florida cold" in the low 50's, but I had a sweater and my heavy jacket and was actually too hot and broke out in a sweat.  But I can handle hot, being cold is painful.  Stopped by best friends to park for free and he was home and joined me, although he walked very slow and I left him behind.  The beach was lovely.

I also splurged and decided to book a few days in Fort Lauderdale next month when I'm taking my Christmas and New Year's holidays.  Since my England trip was canceled and I have that money and then some I decided I could afford to splurge.  The gay guesthouses were all booked for what I wanted, so I went mainstream.  I wanted a suite that was either on the beach or walkable.  The "on the beach" ones were too expensive, so I couple of blocks away, I found a good one that borders on the gay neighborhood "Wilton Manors", so I can support some restaurants and other businesses there.  It's still an extravagance, but as my mother always said "you only live once and you can't take it with you".  I got a place with two beds in case best friend wants to come (and split the cost...hehe).

Today is a routine Monday.  Going to the gym first among my chores, and it's "clean the bathroom sMonday".   A new season of bowling starts tonight.  Maybe we'll do better than 18th place.  

Hope everyone has a great day.




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Morning Ted and Tweety 

Sleep was kinda inconsistent last night, which is odd 

Church yesterday, choir didn't sing.  Had a different temporary organist, a former choir director it turns out

Meeting was nice, had a presentation by a local group that provides social support for gay youth

As I kinda expected, J was still not feeling well so we decided not to meet for dinner.  I stopped at Trader Joe's for a frozen pizza.  Perhaps that's why I didn't sleep well

Exercised and relaxed once I got home

Hoping for a fairly ordinary week at work

Going to be in the 20s and 30s, but up to 40s by the end of the week


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Good morning, I am waiting for the sun to come up to go for a run. I also have multiple errands to run and plan to stop by a gym or to and get a membership so I can ride a stationary bike during inclement weather. 

I did start a jigsaw puzzle yesterday during the football game, and yay, our team won. Must be because I was wearing my jersey , right? Otherwise, it was a laundry/vacuum/declutter sort of day. I was already to do some yard clean up and the rain moved in. 

Regarding Fitbit, I don't think they are that accurate for sleep and I am wondering how accurate my Garmin is. I can set up a get up and move alert, but I always ignored it on my Fitbit, 😂. I sat in a meeting or two when 3 or 4 people would look at their wrist when the silly things all buzzed at once, 😂. 

I went all mama bear once on a rude customer at McDonalds once and I think my son thought I was gonna get punched! After dentist appointments I would take ds to McD's for lunch and while we were standing in line, this woman walked past us and started scolding the cashier for giving her to wrong Happy Meal toy. The cashier was almost in tears, so I stepped up and told the woman to "leave her alone, she is doing her best. And the line starts behind me." Wow, that woman looked daggers at me and I shot them back, and another customer spoke up and agreed with me. The woman finally stalked off, grumbling. Not much pushes my buttons, but bullying like that sure does. 

Dianah, your Disney day sounded wonderful. I have seen the Christmas decorations there and of course they are lovely. Shall we call you Mrs. Wookie now? 

Have a good day, all

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Good afternoon. Nice warm sunny day here. It is about 72 F today. 

Yesterday I finally cleaned the patio room where the dog beds are. Dust , leaking roof, and dog hair had to be scraped off the floor before I cound sweep it. Wednesday I'll put the containers back under where it leaks as rain is predicted for then.

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Evening all.

I'm impressed that so many of you are so conscious of walking/exercise. I'm a bit envious. My knees/shoulder just won't let me but I keep up with my rehab exercises and I do feel better, esp since I got a door pulley for the left shoulder (partial rotator displacement and severe arthritis of the joint).

Every time I walk past that door (on the way near the bathroom (let's hear it for Lasix!) I use the pulley.

To all of you with those Fitbit devices - aren't you afraid that Big Brother might be monitoring you?? I AM NOT one of those Gloomsday Prophet-types but with all the advancing technology, I wouldn't be surprised that somebody somewhere at sometime soon will hack into that modality and then SURPRISE! A gazillion folk will have been compromised.

And just to say 'boo hoo'. 😱 The Philly Eagles lost yesterday. Philadelphia fans, regardless of the sport are considered rabid. I just like to watch them - I don't really care for the other teams except for a passing interest. But now, March Madness soon approaches. Now that I watch intently! 

Must be the season for sleep problems. I can join that club too. Even being retired for soooo long, I can't seem to DE-regulate my NOC shift sleep pattern.  Oh well. "Sunrise,, sunset" as the song goes.  

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Afternoon, all...

I have been reading everybody but am "not allowed to add any more reactions today". I can think of no good reason for that to come up on the screen; if I want to "like" something or acknowledge a post, WHY, OH WHY, CAN'T I ???

I gotta tell you what Nannie said to my hubby this morning: 
"That man who sleeps with me is so quiet and very polite, never tries to touch me in a 'fresh' way, or fool around with me; he never wakes me up, either." ....Uh-huh, okay. When hubby told her there is no man who sleeps with her, she said, "you don't see him because he gets up earlier than you do." 

I got out for a while earlier today, which helps some, even though it was grocery and errand stuff, I was out for a couple of hours. Ran into a long detour, due to a bridge being repaired, a big l-o-n-g funeral, and a dozen school buses. I was very patient with all of it, because what else have I to do?

When hubby was helping me unload the van, he told me that Nannie had gone into her sun-downing about 30 minutes before I returned. He said she was 'at it' with a vengeance, being quite hatefully sarcastic with hubby over any. little. thing. And trying to insult him, calling him 'Big Boss Man' and saying he isn't as smart as he thinks he is. She is also talking a lot of verbal salad, the start of a sentence or story has no connection to the middle or the end of it. She thinks we have three dogs and 2 or 3 cats, and that the two girls on the hearth (photos of hubby's grand-girls) "better get over here pretty quick if they expect to eat supper with us." (They live 2 & 1/2 hours away)

Tweety, I'll tell you what's crazy ... having a 'crush' on long-dead movie-stars. Not only crazy but kinda stupid, too! But it's fun, also, because some of those guys were awfully nice to look at, back in their younger days. w00t! 😋 

I once 'read their title' to about 6 lawyers; I was accompanying a former patient who'd been severely injured at work and her company was trying to squelch any further medical assistance. The company sent these lawyers from Chicago, and I guess they felt like being in a small Southern mountain city was a real hoot, because they were acting up and laughing and stuff. Well, I went down with them in the elevator and as we went to the door to outside via a closed walkway, I stopped suddenly and turned around and said, "Your company (which I named) ought to know how sophomoric and silly you were all acting during    __________'s session. You're supposed to be professionals, but you obviously are a bunch of goofballs who think you are so 'elite' and everyone else here is a hick. None of you people are even fit to be a pimple on _________'s ass. You should all be ashamed of yourselves." And I turned and walked away. They really, really, REALLY pissed me off!

I'll prolly drop by later ... 

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