Monday January 24 2022

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Dianah it's a hymn I've sung before so learning it should be easy.  Will probably be accompanied by piano

Stars I do our local paper online now, as it was too hard to get it delivered, and the comics too

NJ22 that would definitely be useful when traveling

Hi Tweety

Thanks Amo

Quieter day yesterday.  Went to church, hardly anyone there due to the snow, many of the streets hadn't been cleared yet.   Ran some errands, came home and did cooking and exercised.

J is doing better now that he has a new antibiotic that is less irritating, hopefully this means the infection will be cleared up soon.  

Hoping for a fairly ordinary work week with no one out and no unexpected meetings or technical difficulties

Temps will be in the upper 20s here though will be quite a bit colder the next 2 days.  Have some light snow now but that should end soon

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Good morning!

Joe I hope you have a good week.

Stars, I don't think those RN wellness exams are mandatory.  I think they are good for preventative care and checkups in certain people, but with your background and how attuned your are to your health and medications I would opt out.  But it might vary from state to state.  I'll ask best friend if he has to do that but I've never heard him mention it.  It might vary from state to state.  But either way no harm done.   

Off today for three days.  Not much happening.  We still having a "cold snap" and it's a cold 50 degrees right now.  I'm ready from some 70 degree weather again.



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Hi. Having a busy morning, trying to follow up on patients who were in the hospital, another who had covid but needs a blood draw, and trying to withdraw money from our investment broker, who is out until Jan. 31. 

The Medicare annual wellness visit (it's not an exam) is not required. It is more of a screening to update meds, vitals, risk factors. I can see it would be good for a certain population.

It sounds like winter is not done with your area, Joe. I hope you get a full house for your solo. I am glad that J is doing better. 

Tweety, I can see that a drop from 70 to 50 would feel uncomfortable. 

Our weather is pea soup foggy, and cool, around 40. It feels cold and clammy. It is supposed to last until Friday. At least it isn't freezing and coating everything in frost. 

Dianah, I had an golden age or whatever it's called and lost it in Yellowstone. The only way to replace it is to buy another. I haven't gotten around to that yet. 

I hope everyone stays warm and cozy! 

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Sunny,  and it was quite tolerable temp-wise, until the wind kicked up.(pouting)

Woke up and nearly crumpled when I stood on my left leg; KNEE PAIN! Took my meds and went back to bed for an hour. Then I could hobble with less pain, and so I took Nannie's breakfast and meds downstairs to her....and went back to bed again! Got up around 1:30 feeling so guilty for staying in bed, but what else is there to do around here?

Looked up orthopedic docs online and wouldn't you know it, the one that seemed he would be the best had a review that said, "I was so sad to hear he will be retiring shortly." Rats! I guess when you don't know any ortho docs, it's a crapshoot who you'll end up with. I just don't want to run into that smarmy, smug PA I saw when my back and hip first started giving me so much trouble.

I see my PCP's PA on Wednesday and see what he says....hope they will START with an MRI, but  suppose I'll get an x-ray or two first. Gosh, I don't want to have any surgery, but I need to know WTH is going on in that knee! It most definitely impedes upon my daily life, such as it is....

I'll ask about the Medicare Wellness visit. I'd just as soon not waste my time. Who knows? They might consider me to be in "that group" of patients, tho' I don't know why they would....

Here's what I've been trying to remember to post, which I have forgotten about every time I get here-------It's weird and quite inconsequential, but struck me as kind of funny! My hair, which has always had a natural part ...I comb it back and it parts itself, y'see, just left of center (no politics involved!) But it has recently decided to part just right of center. I don't know why, maybe it's the way I sleep or something, but the 2nd morning I noticed it, I felt puzzled: Why, why, why? But it's a BIG OOOH WELL and like I said, inconsequential! And now that I've finally posted it, I don't have to wonder what else I was going to say. Such a relief.


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I called in sick today so I could call and get a same-day appt.  They had an available phone visit around 3, so I lazed about till then.  Still have intermittent epigastric twinges.  When I talked to the MD (not my regular MD, he was not available till Thurs), she said immediately it was dyspepsia, working its way to an ulcer and "we need to stop it NOW."  Her recommendations:  For the next month, Prilosec (she prescribed a 30-day supply), take my ASA 81mg AFTER breakfast instead of with breakfast, no Citrus or tomatoes or spicy or fried/greasy foods, and drink Alkaline water.  Try probiotics twice a day.  And, if no improvement in 2-3 weeks, see my MD for possible h. pylori test.

It has improved since the bad episode on Saturday, but as I posted, I do still get twinges.  We'll see how things go!

So, it was a quiet day for me, other than running out to get my prescription and some Alkaline water. ?

Stay warm and dry, y'all!

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