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Monday January 18 2021 MLK Day

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BC glad your sleep is better

NJ22 that would be exhausting

Rose hope you can find a way to fight that fatigue

Amo hope you can get rid of that mouse soon

Quieter day yesterday.  Online church and coffee hour.  Did cooking and dishes during the morning.  Got outside for a little while later in the day, trails are currently less icy with the extra snow.  Worked on cross stitch and started on the lastest season of The Queen

Hoping for a not too crazy week at work and no unexpected changes.  Things will settle down once this month is over, just 2 more weeks

Have been looking ahead to see about possible trips.  So much will depend upon the course of the virus.  Though it is nice to have something to look forward too

Cold today, under 30, but will get up to 40 later in the week

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Good morning!

Joe, I hope that you have a good week.

BC, glad you're sleeping better.  My doctor mentioned trazodone as a possibility to help me.  I'd love to have a market like that nearby.  Liberals around here want a boycott of the chain I go to that has the best produce and vegan products.  I'll have to investigate why, but I think it's about their political contributions.  But they don't like Amazon, Walmart and a slew of other places.  Not sure what I'll decide.  When I say "nearby" I mean it's a one minute drive and working overtime and being busy, I have to be convinced.

J22, that sounds like a tough day.  That's a lot of people.  

Rose, why didn't you tell me it was "National Do Nothing Day".  I would have joined you.  LOL. Glad you have a good meal and visit with your father.

Amo, I hope it's just one mouse and you are able to deal with it.  I had a rat living with me and apparently for a good while because when I went into the spare bedroom I noticed droppings everywhere.  I rarely go into that room.  Must have got in through the doggy door.

I slept decently getting up once to feed the dogs, but was tired and stayed up late.  Slept in.

Nothing much on the agenda today but some relaxation, cooking and cleaning.  Will make a trip to the gym.

Have a great day.

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Good Morning. . . (it's still morning, at 11:52 AM, EST, in this part of the world)! 🙂

Just spent HOURS in front of the computer, during the past couple of days, recording & mixing original music (to Amy's narration), and doing some "fine-tune" editing for one of Amy's cooking videos. This particular video is 21 minutes long. That's a lot of music-creating and editing. I have a templet for these projects, but it's for setting up the individual "Virtual Instruments" (VIs) (piano, bass, guitar, drums, horns, strings, etc., etc.). Each VI must be "sequenced" (recorded) for each section of scored music. So, for one section of music for the video that might be 4 minutes long, each VI must be "recorded". (For the drums, I do each part separately, too - the bass drum, snare, high-hats, cymbals, etc..) Of course, if/WHEN I make a mistake while recording an instrument, I delete it and start all over again. For sure, it's a LONG, tedious process. But the "reward" is a nice-sounding audio-to-video. Hopefully.  In-between the "music making" Amy and I've been relaxing together, enjoying our days off from work this past week-end. Amy has today off from her new job, as we remember MLK Jr. 

I've always been an admirer of MLK Jr.  It's woefully sad and unsettling that huge divisions continue among us, when it comes to race, sex, sexual orientation, culture, etc. It's depressing, actually.  Please forgive my venting, but these past four years, especially, has been especially depressing (for me). It seems that intolerance and prejudice are more openly displayed, with this warped sense of pride and defiant arrogance.  MLK Jr. speeches and marches took place over 50 years ago, and any real embracement of the values that he held and shared to the public seems far off from being realized.  My father, who was Episcopal Priest, and a very spiritual man, was also my mentor and role-model in life. He taught me the importance of embracing humanity for all of its wonderful variations, differences and similarities. (However, I truly believe that there exists more similarities than differences, both "good" and "bad".) (Gosh, I miss my father! I miss our "deep" conversations about life.) My father, of course, greatly admired MLK Jr.  The values that my father embraced were well-demonstrated throughout his ministry (as well as a loving father).  I'm glad that there is a national holiday celebrating the life of MLK Jr. At the very least, I hope that this holiday provides us an opportunity for thoughtful and honest introspection toward our values and towards life as a whole.

(Again, apologies for the venting and somewhat rambling post.)

Later today, Amy and I plan on video-recording another cooking project. I believe that Amy wants to make a (yummy!) cheesecake, but cooked in her Instant Pot. (Believe it or not, it can be done!!)

Tomorrow, I'll be spending much of the morning working on a project involving video-recording a private school. Apparently, they want this video for promotional purposes. (I'm volunteering my services and equipment.) Should be fun!

I see that it's snowing outside, now. Hopefully school won't be cancelled tomorrow!

Nothing much else going on. I read yesterday's posts to the daily "Good Morning" thread. It's nice catching up on you all!

Speaking of "catching up". I spent part of the afternoon, yesterday, talking to church-choir members on the phone. Although I've been either texting them, or emailing them, it was the first time that I actually called them up by phone. Because our church is still doing on-line services only, I haven't seen or spoken to them in months. It was really nice hearing their voices, and catching up on life with them.

I hope you have a nice day, today! Peace! 🙂


Edited to Add:

Here's our recent cooking video. It's on cooking Chicken Alfredo using the Instant Pot. It really is a delicious dish to make! The video is 21 minutes long. I really don't expect anyone to watch it. However, if you want to learn how to cook Chicken Alfredo in an Instant Pot, this video will show you how to do it! Enjoy! 🙂



Edited by Ted

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Joe: I hope you have an OK week.

Ted: Glad you talked with the choir members. I'll watch the video later.

Tweety: Have a good day. Glad you don't have a rat anymore. 

I had a migraine yesterday and forgot to post. Napped during the day so didn't sleep much last night. 

I think I posted this picture from Highlander years ago. Our daughter's kindergarten teacher attended Highlander one summer. 


 Highlander is still teaching how to work for justice, equality, and sustainability: https://highlandercenter.org/   


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Ted, I watched Amy's video without the sound on because sometimes Nannie wants to see what I'm watching. I do share short little videos of dogs/babies ... BUT! I don't want her to get the idea that my laptop is for sharing all the time! I have to confess, I told her the reason I had the sound off was because y'all were speaking French! Yes, I really did! Often when I just get up, I'm not feeling particularly sociable; both hubby and I tend to be quiet for a while, to give each other a chance to wake up fully. Nannie is a jabberer. UGH. I can't summon spit to engage her when I am still half asleep. I will listen to your video later. You guys are adorable...,though of course you KNOW Amy is much more adorable-er than you are.  😊 (no offense! )

Joe, Glad your Sunday was a good'n.

Tweety, I used to give Ozzie Trazodone for his thunderstorm nerves, and also tried Xanax (both per vet), but it turns out that (pets') alcohol-free Rescue Remedy still works the best. I get his at Walmart, believe it or not! Some one of these days, I will try it on myself. Don't know why I haven't, after all these years of using it on him. I have thought often of 'doping' Nannie's drink with it, but I am too conscientious to do anything like that without the Doctor's okay. "Lead us not into temptation"!!!

This morning our Mz. Nannie says she is having trouble breathing. She is not. She's got enough O2 to be able to keep crabbing at us, and yelled at hubby several times, "I DON'T WANT AN AMBULANCE!" Hubby told her to walk outside to see if fresh air would help; she did the periphery of the yard, and came in grumping that it didn't help. She's not panting or gasping, her color is good, she can talk and complain PLENTY. "Don't you have a pill you can give me?"  No, and we don't have any oxygen tank, either. 

Hubby told her "If you are really having a hard time breathing, being seen by a medical professional is your only option". So, instead, she is going into her room to lay in bed and pout. Hubby said he really believes she is having trouble breathing....but I see no s+s that make me alarmed. I said all we can do is keep an eye on her. Hubby said he is just about ready to forego her investment $ to use for putting her in a home... but it would only last 7 months, he said. We will see.  

OH! He just now talked her into letting him call the ambulance; I think he is hoping she will have to be kept for a day or two and given breathing treatments. I doubt it. Maybe it will give him a few hours without her here. I bet you a dollar we'll have to go pick her up again...after dark, no doubt. I don't know how the ER is faring right now as far as being able to take people in.

They got here pronto! Only thing off on her is she has a higher than normal BP...160/100.The second check brought it down some. The ambo personnel said they didn't see anything wrong, but if she wanted to go get checked out so she doesn't have to spend the rest of the day worrying, they'd take her. Of course, with the attention of all six fast-responders, that helped with perking her up, so then she was suddenly agreeable to taking a trip over to the ER. We wouldn't be giving her the attention she was craving, and I think that's why she said she'd go.Hallelujah for small blessings.





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I NEVER thought I'd say this but I miss reading my paperback that I started while waiting for transportation at my rad tx. While in the lobby, I began that Twilight novel. Am hooked on it.

Staff/others have said that the TV series isn't anything close to the novel.


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Books are generally better than any movie based on a book, doncha think?

It is now approaching midnight. 

Hubby spoke w/ the ER doc when he called us earlier to ask if Nannie had threatened either of us again (like she had the last time she went to the ER). Hubby said no, but she has said several times that she didn't want to live like this anymore. Which seems like something kind of reasonable that someone with Alzheimer's might say when they realize in a brief flash of reality what their life is really like now, as opposed to 'life before' their mind got so bad,

Anyway, that was around 7:30 PM that the doc called. He said he was going to run a couple of tests on her, but did not specify what tests. That's the last we heard. Hubby grumbles that he expects the hospital will call at, like, 4 AM, saying to come and get her. He's gone to bed, but I don't know that he'll sleep very well with that possibility on his mind!

BTW, step-dgt has had 4 good days w/o nausea, and is eating better. Grand-dgt. still says she feels fine. 

I'm heading upstairs to read before my Xanax kicks in.

More tomorrow...

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Stars  - I think if you commented that she seems to have started to strike out at Ozzie, it could be significant. When folk become a threat to themselves, OTHERS, or the environment, that's usually a criteria for commitment or worsening mental status.  

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