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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Monday - February 8th, 2021 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

So. . . Who won the Super Bowl?!?

It's a peacefully quiet 5:00 AM (EST) in the morning, for this part of the world. Yesterday, I received no requests to work as Shift Director. Honestly? This was a surprise because the last time I talked to this person, she seemed sure that she would ask me to work for her. Still, it was nice enjoying a (regularly scheduled) night off from work. I spent most of the day, yesterday, recuperating from the night before, which was busy at work. While I was resting/sleeping, Amy was taking a special on-line test. NOT surprising at all, Amy passed this test! Amy is now Certified as a Personal Trainer/Life Coach! This was a goal for her that she pursued about a year or so ago. This will certainly help her in her new position as Case Manager, although she planned and scheduled to take this test before she even applied for her new job. So what did we do to celebrate her passing this test?!?? We binge-watched the final episodes of the last season of "3rd Rock from the Sun". LOL! (It was her way to relax after 3 hours of concentrated test-taking.)

Today?!? I'm working tonight. Hopefully work will be more "Q" than the previous night. Off from work Tuesday night. Tuesday, Amy and I hope to finish editing the videos that we did last week and put them up on the web in time for Valentine's Day. Amy will be doing most of the editing. I'll be putting the finishing touches to the videos including the titles and background music, as well as getting them "ready" to be placed on Amy's new YouTube channel (converting them to MP4 video files, etc.).

Tweety - Sad to read about your dreadful day at work, yesterday! What they did was not fair for your floor. I hope today is better for you. Please forgive me for asking this, but why wasn't an N-95 mask NOT worn while providing care to a Covid-19 patient?  It seems extraordinarily unsafe. Are they in short supply?!?

Joe - One of the things that Amy and I did which helped us both get a good night's sleep was purchase new mattresses! Basically, we spared no expense. They were expensive! But they're so wonderfully comfortable!! I don't know the trade-names of these mattresses. If interested, I'd be happy to find out for you. Hope you slept well tonight.

herring_RN - Watching the boats seem like a relaxing thing to do. 

nursej22 - Hope the sore arm and headaches have subsided.

BCgradnurse - Wow! Seems like you're getting LOTS of snow in your part of the world! We were supposed to get some snow last night. Haven't looked outside the window to see if any more fell. (It's still dark outside.) The video that you mentioned, "Trial 4" seems quite interesting. Will check it out. Hopefully the Boston Police Department has cleaned up its act by now!!

dianah - Seems like you had a nice mixture of completing chores and relaxing. We hardly ever wash our cars. It's futile! They'll only get dirty again the moment we drive on the dirt road that leads to our driveway! (I learned THAT lesson the hard way! LOL! 😛 )

amoLucia - Fresh snow does make things look pretty, for sure! Still, it's not fun driving through it. It's best looking at snow while staying warm and comfy inside, looking out the windows.  By the way, it is interesting that you used the term "tub of laundry"! When we were kids during the 1960s, my sister and I would spend most of the summer months at our grandmother's house. I remember her doing the laundry, by hand, in a big galvanized metal tub using one of those metal board thingy-s. We also bathed in the big metal tub. My grandparent didn't have a functioning hot-water heater, so she'd warm up the water using a teapot and mix it in the tub with cool water to get the temperature "just right". Those were interesting times, for sure. That big tub sure got a lot of use!!

NSIME - Hope all is well, and that you're not getting those dizzy spells. Hope you get checked out if you continue to get them, though. Hope all is going well with Nannie back home with you. 

Well. . . nothing much else going on. Hope all have a pleasant day today! 🙂


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Ted congratulations to Amy on her certification.  Glad your day off was enjoyable

NJ22 hope your headache went away

BC that sounds like an interesting miniseries

Morning Herring Dianah Amo Stars

Tweety sorry work was bad

Thought my unexpected nap yesterday morning might affect my sleep, but not that bad it turns out, only woke up once briefly to read, sleep was mostly normal

Was so cold yesterday I stayed in and did church via Zoom, along with coffee hour.  Did laundry and cooking, ran a few errands once it got a bit warmer.  Then exercised and cross stitched and watched The Crown

Hoping this next week will be OK work wise, guess we'll see.  I'm starting to adjust to this new pace

Temps will be a bit warmer during the week, some more snow expected

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Ted, congratulations to Amy!  To clarify, we covid test patient's prior to sending them out to a SNF, nursing home or inpatient hospice.  They have to have a negative test 48 hours prior to discharge.  This patient had tested negative on admission and was on my med-surg floor for a few days and was ready to be discharged. It was then we found out she was positive.  On my floor we wear level 3 surgical masks as all our patients have tested negative.  We have N95 masks in abundance so that wasn't the issue.  As soon as we found out she was positive, we started wearing N95s (a little too late) and transferred her to the covid unit.  Many staff and doctors wear N95's all the time regardless of unit because this has happened many times when a negative patient turns positive and you never know.  But I choose to stick with the surgical mask and although I've had now four known exposures to positive patients, I've been okay.  Glad to be vaccinated because my good fortune in this area was probably going to run out.  

Joe, naps usually ruin me but sometimes I can't help it.  Will try not to take a nap today.

The mayor of Tampa says she was frustrated by the lack of mask wearing at the bars.   Tampa has a mandatory mask order, but the Governor says by law it can't be enforced.  

The usual Monday day off for me.  Got up with the dogs and was able to sleep in a bit longer after that.  

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Morning... (UGH!)

Had to get up early (9 am) but fortunately woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off. Woke hubby up: "Time to get up!" and he grunted. I said, "Grunt all you want, but GET UP!" So, he did. Good thing, too! I wasn't standing for any lollygagging this morning!

I am a bit helium-headed, but it ought to pass. I don't feel 'dizzy' per se, but my body is kinda unsteady at times, so I brace myself and hang on as I move slowly. Did not take BP med last night and night before, but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. BP readings are pretty normal. 

I guess we'll be leaving for Nannie's psych assessment in about half an hour. I know vaguely where it is, sort of. But I won't be driving, I promise you that! I hope to sit in the car and wait out the appt there, but I dunno. I'd kinda like to hear the doc's opinion first hand, but feel there's nothing new, because what Nannie is on at present is at the high end of what she can receive. There won't be any talk of placement, due to her dubious coverage. Anyway, so what else is new?!!

Will come back by later and let you know what's what in Nannie-Land.

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After we looked at the boats, we went across the street and socialized with neighbors. There was never a crowd, and just about everyone on the block was there for a while. I drank water and didn't eat what they had. When we left Kansas City was ahead. Hours later we learned that only Tampa Bay  scored after we left.

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Yeah, whatever team Tom Brady is on is the one that won; I think it's his 7th win. But I don't care a bit for football 'cause it is a stoopit game. (IMHO)

So, the "psych assessment" was only a facetime with some lady ... ? I don't know her title. I helped by filling out a 7 page redundant questionnaire (hubby's 'penmanship' is awful), and then she went over it with us. Then we were told Nannie needed to bring her driver's license (ie photo ID), Medicare card, Supplement card, and her SS card. {yeh, 'cause we mighta FAKED all the numbers ... the real ones they should already have in the system!!!} So, she's to see the DOCTOR on Thursday, maybe. What? -- assessment by a doctor, finally? And then a month later she goes to him/her again to assess the medications efficacy. Hubby wants her to see the doc she had at the hospital; and wants to know, if she saw the doc who diagnosed her, why does she have to go to another doctor? And ... "this is nothing but a 'scam' because they can't do psychiatric REHAB on disappearing brain cells!" Squawk-squawk-squawk! 

So, Nannie and my hubby are both disgusted by the "alot of nuthin'" ... which took an hour and a half. I say, yes, it is stupid, and yes it is redundant, and no the docs can't be doing it "to get more money out of us" because Medicare doesn't ever pay docs what they charge. And it is Medicare that has all these rules to follow about post-hospital follow-ups, so cuss them, too. And cuss computers, too, because aren't they s'posta cut down on paper-work? They certainly do NOT do that!

But I basically said that once you are sucked into the system there's nothing to do but sigh and go along with the itinerary. All the squawking and cage-rattling is going to do is make you feel worse about something you have no say so about. IF you want her to keep getting these new med doses, etc. which are working so well, you don't necessarily have to 'pay the piper', but you hafta (as hubby puts it:) "play their silly-ass little games."

By the way, hubby just came in telling us the exact same thing I told them about having to have a shrink to cover ordering the psychiatric meds. His opinion is still that the doctors are all a bunch of thieving bastards!!! I guess even the ones he likes  (?)....like the two who used to be Nannie's docs, who hubby knows from church and still will talk to for advice. Bless their hearts for being his support, because it really is a case of unpaid medical advice. But, neither of them seem to mind it. Both of them really REALLY liked hubby's dad, and they like my hubby too. They also are quite familiar with The Nanster's peculiarities and believe we are saints for putting up with her. It is simply a matter of, well, we have nowhere else to go, and we certainly can not afford to live on our social security checks.

A+B+C= the rest of the alphabet.

Nannie is dozing, Ozzie is dozing, hubby is wandering around outside, looking into the shed, talking to his dgt on the phone, etc.. I am sitting w/ my legs up, putting heat on my aching knee. Mostly because I don't know where husband put the cold packs, because they aren't in the freezer!

Anyway, it is 3:50 pm and we have to wait out the time until supper and then Nannie's bedtime. That is the excitement lined up for what's left of the afternoon.

I haven't seen one single w00t-worthy thing for DAZE, I mean days. Lest I bore all of us into oblivion (or as that boxer put it "Bolivia".) I will sign out now. 

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Hi, headache is gone! I woke up achy and a little nauseous so just called out. But once I was up and moving, the aches abated. I took doggo for a nice walk in the cold sunshine and then realized I would really like to go for a run. And I did. Feeling a little like I am playing hooky, but I'll get over it. 

I've been working on the taxes, and looking for someone to retile the front of the fireplace after it's switched out. Also trying to find a hotel to escape  for the weekend, but I forgot its Valentines Day. 

Stars, a few doctor visits to keep your guys and dogs from being hurt seems a small price to pay. But that's just my humble opinion. This last year I've been having my own struggles with providers who just seem to book visits just to boost their bottom line. 

We may get snow tomorrow or the next day, other wise the sky is a brilliant blue with white puffy clouds. 



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j22, Yeah, PCP's do a lot of referring to specialists. They's buddies in the business of practicing medicine, but that's the way it's done now. I can hardly wait to see (NOT!!!) whatever new methods come down the pike as we head up-up-and-away-(not-so-very-)JUNIOR-bird-men.

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