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Monday February 22, 2021

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Good morning!

Ted, it's nice of you to work for the shift director and those on-call-not-being-called-in shifts are good too.  

Herring there's an ongoing battle between the governor here and teachers.  Teachers over 65 are vaccinated but his priority remains those over 65 because of their high death rate.  Unfortunately, I don't think there is any evidence to back the teachers up that they should be prioritized, including statements from the CDC.  Covid cases here are dropping as they are around the country.  But we still have 5,600 cases yesterday.

Stars, you got to be careful to aspirate that chocolate now you hear?  LOL

J22, I think when I retire one of my goals is to have an herb garden and do some sprouting.

I'm pretty whipped from the last three shifts.  Saturday one patient single-handedly ruined my shift with her dramatics.  She had was discharged and came up with so many somatic complaints she even forgot what she was complaining about.  Headache, vaginal pain, being paralyzed and weak, unable to even lift her arms, numbness in her legs, abdominal pain, dizzy...on and on.  I really was at my wits end with her.  We did some labs and a CT and told her she was fine and told her to leave.  Her uncle threatened me with the "biggest lawsuit you ever will see.  I know she's difficult though."  Understatement and bring on that lawsuit.  Left at 9:30.

Sunday was garden variety.  Had a patient get hysterical with me when I told her what her prescription was "I can't believe you're giving me Aspirin for pain.....".  "No,it's hydrocodone". "Same thing..OMG".  Got the doc to switch her to Oxycodone and she was happy but then got belligerent when I couldn't give her a time for her lithotripsy on Thursday.  "I need to speak with someone in administration this is so unprofessional the doctor said between 12 and 2pm and I need an exact time".  I told her scheduling is off on Sunday and the OR staff is dealing with a gunshot victim and can't answer the phone and administration can't help her. They will call her.  Sheesh

Honestly, I sometimes am bewildered at the functioning level of what seems to be a lot of people and how they manage in the world.  

I need to practice some mindfulness and shake this all off.  

Today I'm seeing my doctor for my six months check up.  We'll go over my labs I had drawn on Thursday and hopefully he lets me stay on clonazepam which admittedly I was supposed to be on temporarily but have had the script for about four years now.  I take it maybe twice a week.  Also will mention. my ongoing problem with my right hand/finger pain that isn't any better after a few months.

It's always something.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Morning Tweety, sorry you had so much drama on your shifts.  Hopefully you can get some help for your right hand

Ted that was nice of you to offer to work for her

Hi Herring

NJ22 glad the breathing helps.  It is quite hard to stick with mindfulness, it's always been a struggle for me

Stars I have heard of sleep eating before

Yesterday was fairly normal for me.  Went in person to Sunday services for the first time since November.  Not many people attended, but if more start coming we'll have to do a reservation system to avoid crowding

Rest of the day was fairly ordinary.  Did online coffee hour and then did the cooking for the week.  Watched a documentary, Tornado Glory, and an episode of The Crown.  Exercised and worked on cross stitch

Slept pretty well  last night, did get up and read a bit but that was shortly before my alarm was to ring anyway

Today back to work, hopefully won't be too crazy.  I think things will slow down a bit after about 2 weeks, but could pick up sometime after that.  Unless we finally implement our procedural changes, which should ease things.  Uncertain as to when they come into affect

Slight bit of snow yesterday, followed by some rain.  Going to be in the 30s the next few days, with no snow expected (thankfully)



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Tweety, that does sound like a tough patient situation to deal with. And in my experience, once providers have written orders and left, they won't return so you are left trying to manage the situation. Ugh. But now you have a day off!

Gosh Joe, you are really getting the snow treatment this year. Our snow is all gone now. It has warmed up so much (50) that the mountains have a high to severe avalanche warning, and 3 of the main, east-west passes are closed. 

Stars, sleep eating? I suppose it is sort of like sleep walking? You really need a chance to get out and decompress. But don't we all. 

I called to make an appointment for my dog for a routine check-up and vaccines. I am trying a new vet, because the last one scolded me for the dog being anxious and snapping. He's never done that before, but the vet said I had done a poor job of training.  So I am trying someone new, but I can't go in with him, so fingers crossed. I am going to treat myself to a new orchid today, and I am going to buy myself a small cheesecake to celebrate my birthday. 

COVID numbers have leveled off, and hopefully all the vaccines delayed by the weather will arrive today or tomorrow.  

That's about all the news that's fit to post. 

Good day

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I hope all nurses have an OK or better Monday.

It is a nice sunny day again. I plan to go to Trader Joe's today.

We just got a call that a friend's son found her dead. She would have been 94 next month. He gave her a card every year calling her an "Old lady" and she called him a "kid". 

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Happy birthday J22!!

Herring, sorry to hear about your friend.  

Hope work isn't too crazy for you Joe.

We had 103 year old patient admitted yesterday with rhabdo after being down overnight.  Thankfully she's a DNR.  Her two daughters, both in their 80's take care of her at home.  They were all so sweet and cute.

Today it's in the mid-70's here but muggy and cloudy.

Had a good visit with the doc.  My lab abnormalities (platelets and bilirubin) are unchanged, so stable.  He was quite impressed with my lipid panel and total cholesterol of 123.  He gave me advice on my hand and wants me to try 800 mg Ibuprofen TID for a week and some diclofenac cream.  I was hoping for a medrol pack but he's the doc.  He didn't want to give an injection just now either which I didn't want but we'll see how things go.  BP was a meh 140/80 and he didn't mention it because he has previously said "a man of your age" that was okay.  

Amo, interestingly enough when I got notification of my ibuprofen (he sent a script so insurance would pay for it) was ready they said I could get free delivery.  I was going nearby anyway so didn't take that option.

Took a good 1.5 hour nap and seem recovered from the 3 12's I did.

Bowling tonight.  Glad it's not my bowling hand that's affected.  🙂

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Still kinda cold at 51 degrees. It rained all night and finally stopped about 2 hours ago. Nannie wanted to go out and walk but was afraid she'd get all muddy, due to multiple yard puddles. Hubby was very nice and found a mud-less, puddle-less path from the back of the house to the cement, which starts under the carport. Happy Nannie, now walking the driveway; she has gotten up to eight 'back-and-forth' rounds per walk now. Started with just four a few weeks ago, so this is a good thing ... she WANTS to walk and she WANTS to walk more and further each day. I think she'll be ready for either the N.Y.C. or the Boston Marathon next time they roll around. Yuh, can you see the headlines about the 90+ y.o. lady who rollator-ed her way for 26 miles!?! There'd be no living with her!!!

I was reading to her and hubby about the folks in Texas trying to "prove" the snow there was government manufactured 'fake snow'...and how it doesn't melt when you put flame under it. Apparently hubby stopped listening when I also read the scientists' explanation about why the snow gets sooty but doesn't appear to melt, and how the folks showing their attempts to see if the snow melts...  didn't finish their 'tests' all the way through to where the snow becomes mush, hence melted snow.

Part of me wants to take away hubby's dern ol' smart phone. I HATE that he thinks a lot of the conspiracy theories are real, but I keep my mouth shut, because I can't (and won't) argue or explain that what the almighty computer hacks spread around is B-S built around a thin, shaky chicken-wire form. Oh well. I listen and then change the subject.

Tweety, man-oh-man, I would've wanted to slap that discharged hysterical woman with the threatening uncle; and then told the other woman that her appointment was on Thursday, at 2:36.5 and if she missed those 5 seconds, the next appt would be in July 2022! ... Nah, I'm not as mean as I sound. It just helps me blow off steam to think of ways to get back at those things that drive ya CRAZY!  ("I am not in power, I am not in charge of the doctor's decisions, I'm just a lowly grunt-worker, so get. off. my. back!)

Nannie just said, "It sounds like _____is out there on the front porch talking on the phone." to which I replied, "Maybe it sounds that way because he IS!!" Hubby said earlier today that he would like to live in Nannie's head for just ONE DAY to see how it works, because of all the inanities/observations she spouts off, one of which this morning was:  "There's rain dropping in that puddle out there." I told hubby he'd go stark-raving mad if he spent even 30 minutes in her head! What a horror show that would be!!!

So, anyway, tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be sunny and in the mid-sixties.

By the way, I avoided sleep-eating anything last night. Seeing all the chocolate on my bed-sheets was a real eye-opener; I've never had anything like that happen to me before. I mean, yes, I've fallen asleep while reading and woken up later with the light still on and the book on my lap, but that's very different!

I did know a guy in a crowd of friends once (1970) who must have been either drunk or high, or both, and he was having a conversation with a bunch of us at a dining-room table, while he was eating a p'butter and jelly sandwich. Just as he bit into the sandwich he either fell asleep or passed out. It was sooo weird. Take a bite, and gzzzzzzzkaw-pew-kaw-pew....head drooped down, and he was gone, with his teeth still in the sandwich; he hadn't even finished the bite! After a few minutes of shock and laughter, we did wake him up and take his food away and make him go to bed. (He's the same guy who went to his closet door, opened it, and peed on his own shoes before going back to bed. He swore up and down that somebody else did it on purpose.) The good news is that he eventually straightened up his act and became stone cold sober for the rest of his life, acting as a counselor for those who were having problems with booze and drugs. 

I guess I should feed the Oz-man, as he is giving me one of those loooooong stares like he's trying mental telepathy. But, then again, the same thing happened yesterday and he never did eat what I put down for his supper (which he LOVED the day before!). I think not only has he got glaucoma, but he's partially deaf, and he is getting SENILE! Nannie, of course, is ALWAYS remarking that he is "The Smartest Dog I Have EVER Seen." ...which just goes to prove my theory. 😜 

Happy b'day j22!

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Happy Birthday nurseJ22!

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