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Monday February 15 2021

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Hi BC and Herring

Stars glad your knee continue to improve

NJ22 I hadn't realized heavy snow was that rare in Seattle

Amo I considered that but it's in too bad a shape

Due to the cold yesterday decided I would do church online as well as coffee hour online.  Afterwards did some cooking.   Once it got a bit warmer in the afternoon I got outside to run an errand or two.   Watched The Crown and exercised and worked on cross stitch.  J and I exchanged cards and talked on the phone but didn't really do anything else

Today it's back to work, hopefully it won't be too crazy this week.

Weather is back to being quite cold, though it will improve as the week goes on.  Yet another winter storm warning today and tomorrow

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Good Morning!

Joe, glad you were able to find a mattress you like.  

BC, hope you didn't loose a finger.  :).  Be safe in that weather.

J22, that was sweet of your husband to get you flowers and it glad you had a nice weekend despite the snow. 

Stars, do you know how many wives would love to have a husband that cooks?   LOL

Amo, the company I used to remove some furniture a few months ago works with local agencies to see if they want a donation.    I've donated a washer and dryer to an agency and they came and picked it up.  This was years ago when my ex and I combined households and each had a set.

My overtime shift was okay.  Had 4:1 ratio because we didn't have a tech.  Had one patient go AMA because the doctor said her scan was negative and didn't identify a source of her pain and he was awaiting a GI consult.  She thought he was rude and felt he was belittling her pain.  Odd that the same thing happened a couple of weeks ago when a GI doc told a patient the didn't have ulcerative colitis like that patient said he did.  Both were millennials.  Seems they have little tolerance for doctor's attitudes when they aren't saying what they want to hear.  Perhaps older doctors need to adjust their attitudes a bit as well.  The days of them being considered infallible demi-gods is over with this generation.

Off today and tomorrow.  Weather is foggy and cloudy but already in the 70's.  

Hope everyone has a good day.



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Happy Presidents Day!

 I was so glad to get home to my mattress yesterday. The hotel was nice, but the mattress was too soft! It was also nice to get home to my snuggly dog. Eldest ds came by while we were gone and took down the slate around our fireplace in anticipation of the replacement. The snow continues today. The weather prediction was for slow warming and rain, but it is still snowing. It looks like an extra 6 inches fell over night. I need to get out and shovel the drive. 

I get tired about thinking about food. I don't eat that much and I eat pretty plainly and minimal carbs. Dh on the other hand likes more traditional meat and potatoes, and yes, likes starchy veg. And bread. But I don't take offense he eats something other than what I prepare. He tries to cook sometimes, but I get pulled into helping and doing the majority of the work. Or he buys premade stuff that is just too salty and fatty for my taste. 

I admit I lose patience with providers who don't seem to listen to me and give conflicting advice. Now that office notes are available online, I am surprised at how many inaccuracies get entered. When I was having trouble with my eyes I saw 4 different providers who all listed  wrong history for me, inaccurate med list,  gave a different diagnosis with different advice, but they all recommended I return every 6 months to monitor. Hmm, I don't think so. 

Amo, I had to smile to myself reading your Valentine posts, abbreviated to VD. I think we are all old enough to remember that VD stood for venereal disease. 

Okay, second cup of coffee done, time to push some snow! 



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Yep, well, talking about providers who don't pay attention: Nannie had an appt w/ a psych doc for eval of how new meds were doing, but when hubby and she got there, nobody in that office could figure out why they were there! (And to beat it all, they had already set up 3 more appts for her!) They were put in a room with a little screen and had a virtual visit w/ a doc who asked, 'Couldn't her regular doc write for the refills of the meds they changed her to in the hospital?"  Hubby said he didn't know why not, she's been seeing him for 7 years, but the office they were at was the one that set up her appts. to see THEM. (And they aren't even affiliated w/ the hospital group!) So Nannie had two appts there which she didn't actually need. Someone goofed up real big because the doc told them "We don't handle patients with her diagnoses." (Alz. and demen.). Soooo...DUH! What a P-I-A that NO-ONE in that office picked up on that!

At least *I* didn't have to wake up early and go with them. But how annoying that nobody picked up on her diagnoses and called us to cancel those appointments! At least Nannie didn't mind having to go out to a non-appt because she wore a red sweater and red coat and everybody 'raved' about how pretty she looked in red with her white hair and all. I guess a couple of good compliments made up for everything, as far as she was concerned. That's all she talked about when she got back!!!!

Anyway, she has an appt w/ her PCP at 2:20 pm today so she can get all her new meds re-authorized by him. I'm hoping hubby doesn't suggest I go, too, or worse yet, take her there myself.

Tweety, I know lots of folks would love to have a spouse that cooks. I spent the first 15 years of our marriage cooking full-blown 'farm-hand'-type meals, and that was plenty enough. Hubby told me he had been cooking for Nannie all those times when he spent weekends and long weekends here with her before we moved, and he would continue to do so. Of course, naturally, I said "OKAY!!!" I do make some meals but not on a regular basis. Usually if hubby is in a funk, I will take over and put together a casserole because it's the easiest thing to do. // And, I do remember the days of Docs-as- gods. I had an instructor and a head nurse each tell me that I would be "brought up short" for talking so casually to a doctor. All I did was ask questions and add my 2 cents if I thought it was important for the doc to know. No doc ever did get offended or take me to task for the way I spoke with them, so there!!!

Joe, I hope your work-week is "Q" and E-Z!!!

j22, yep, my husband is big into the pre-cooked, heat-'em- up-in-the-microwave, salty entrees. Not my best favorite, but I just don't eat as much portion-wise as I used to. That saves space in my stomach for my bedtime snack of a banana, a glass of milk, and a small bag of low-salt, no fat popcorn, which are far mo'-beddah for me than some of his meal choices. Gotta keep the peace, y'know. But, I'd be happy just to graze most of the time.

HEH! HA! I just declined hubby's offer for ME to take Nannie to the appt w/ her PCP. No thank you, no thank you, no thank you!!!

Still gray and rainy, not quite as cold as it has been, but that won't hold for long. I think in two days we are supposed to have a peep of sunshine, but this weekend is supposed to be sunny on BOTH days. We'll see. Hubby doesn't have faith in the medical profession and I don't have faith in meteorologists!

That's it for now... y'all behave yourselves!



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Hello Joe, Tweety, nursej22, No Stars, and those who may visit later. 

I baked each of us a piece of codfish dipped in egg and rolled in corn meal and shake on spice. Just baked it 1/2 hour like I do salmon. We also had steamed cabbage & bell pepper. I also had left over collards, but he said he has eaten enough collards for a lifetime. He had leftover mashed potatoes with butter. 

On TV news this morning a young guy was cooking his vegetarian chili. They all seemed to think it was something new, but many of us made good chili with no meat in the sixties. There was an entire chapter of a "Spider Robinson" book around 1970 describing a party where veggie chili was the only food eaten with beer, herb tea, and smoking pot. I've enjoyed many of his books. 



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Good Afternoon -

Been up for a while since First Sleep. Slept well. . . 

Work, last night, was a good steady-busy. Basically, I was everyone's "2nd pair of hands". Some might call me "their bytch"! LOL! 😄  I don't mind. At least I don't have to chart !! LOL! 😛

Today starts the 1st of 4 nights off in a row. Been looking forward to this for the past couple of weeks. It's like having a mini-vacation. (Well, kind of, in a way.) I just walked into Amy's Bedroom - slash - Office Room.  (The contractor guy still hasn't provided us a time to when he'll being making Amy's official Office Room, which will take the place of our current seldom-used Dining Room.) I had to chuckle. It was an audible chuckle, meant for Amy to hear. Last night, Amy put together this adjustable work-table to accommodate her work laptop and two computer screens. I saw Amy in front of her newly assembled work table while sitting in her very comfy lounge chair, leaning back!! She had the computer keyboard carefully placed on a pillow that was on her lap. The computer mouse was on a mouse-pad, also on top of a carefully placed pillow. And. . . Amy said that she was working hard! LOL! Actually, I do believe her. She was working her brain, for sure. But to LOOK at her?!? I soooo wanted to take a picture of this scene!! LOL! Amy quickly snapped back, "No!!!" LOL! 😛 Amy is still doing all of her orientation-related educational stuff. Apparently this is going to last for a couple of months, or more! Apparently, the process is still taking place for her to get all of the Nursing Licenses for the 20-something states that will be assigned to her for her new position. This process takes time. (What's down-right crazy is that each state has its own criteria for licensure, and to maintain licensure. In this day and age of standardization, one has to wonder WHY it has to be some cumbersome and time-consuming to get and maintain nursing licenses in different states!!!) Oh well. So far, Amy seems to like her new job. THIS is a good thing. 

Me?!? I'd retire in a heart-beat if I could. . . . 

The weather outside looks nasty. Currently, there's a mixture of snow and sleet. This does not make for fun and safe driving. So, I'm gonna stay comfy in my home. After I'm done typing here, I'm gonna try to compose some music. It's been a while since I attempt to write something more involved. It's like exercising atrophied muscles. But the more those muscles are exercised, the stronger they become. So. . . On to some music-making!!

Hope all have a pleasant day. Peace! 🙂


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Ding dong, the mouse is gone! Ds came over to remove it - said it was 'sincerely dead' and starting to smell. She also dropped off some packaged home meals for me. When she has leftovers, she seal-a-meals them for me. She and Ds#2 never really cared for leftovers, so I get them. No problem for me!

My paternal grandmom taught her boys well!!! Not only could my Dad do basic sewing, but he did laundry, and he really could cook good basic stuff. Nothing fancy, but he did good! And he could push a mop and vacuum better than many others I know. And he did the masculine Jack-of-all-Trades things.

You know, there used to be the saying that little girls always wanted to marry men like their Dads .... well, for me it was true. They didn't make too many like my Dad. I guess I'm feeling nostalgic about him when I remembered the VD candy heart chocolates.

stars - glad Nans seems better for now. If you can just keep on appealing to her vanity, you've got an edge! Shame there was a screw-up re the appt. I have my first follow-up tele-appt Wednesday. Things seem OK, but still having UTI issues.

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Here's how it goes when your husband forgets you know how to cook:

What are you making?

Stew-beef and vegetable casserole with elbow noodles

Do you want me to cut up some Li'l Smokies to go in there?


Are you going to put Bacon Bits in there?


What about cheese?

Do YOU want to cook this?


Tell you what; I'll put bacon bits and cheese in your half of the casserole.

That's why you're my hero. What kind of beef did you put in there?

You already asked me that, and you saw it sitting on the counter. It's stew beef.

Well, you don't have to be so hateful about it. Did you add those peas?


🙄🙄😑🤨🙄 Good grief!!!!



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My Dad used to like to put his 'touch' on dishes others were making. Irritating, but he meant well.

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