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Monday February 1 2021

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I'm glad I live in the land where it never snows.  Don't miss it at all.  Too much work and worry.  Hope everyone stays safe and warm.

Dianah, glad you can at least be there for your sister.  

Noticed on a mortgage statement that my escrow has been recalculated to up my mortgage payment by $100 a month.  Going to have adjust the budget again.  Also, I am now in a Roth retirement fund which means my income is taxed prior to having the contribution deducted, so I'm eating up that raise.

Did my 2020 taxes and am getting a small refund which at least means I'm paying the proper amount.  I would say out of the last 10 years this is the smallest refund ever, except the year I got a payout from a defunct retirement plan that I had to pay taxes on.    I'm not one of those that pays more taxes just to get a bigger refund. 

Bowling was fun and we won 2 of the 3 games.  We were in 7th place and should hold steady or move up.  


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