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Monday February 10 2020

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Quieter day yesterday.  Choir, church, and lunch with J.  Thankfully the snow wasn't bad enough to affect our plans

Had time to exercise and do laundry too

Hoping this work week isn't too crazy.  Glad I have next Monday off

Weather will get very cold towards the end of the week, currently in the 30s

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Good morning.  

Joe, sounds like a nice day.

Amo, yeah our mindset is that "I'm sick, give me a pill to fix me", but there is also a lot we can do for ourselves.  I'm not against medication, and if I need medication I take it.  But also in conjunction with some self-care.

BC, so sorry you're in a rough spot and your family is going through difficulties.  

Herring, so glad that your husband is home!  Good that you're impressed with the care he received, as I know your standards are high.

Stars, glad you missed the tornadoes.  We actually had one the same day land in our county north of where I live.  

J22, I had to google "crook neck squash" (again I think) and it's called "yellow squash" around these parts.  I totally agree that cooking is important.   I don't like it raw, but don't like it overcooked either.  But stir fried with a slight crunch is just right.

Yep, we all have a breaking point.  I'm pretty easy going and don't have to "show out" (as we say in the South) often.  I stop to think, "is the person in front me responsible for my being upset?", and if not, I take a deep breath before saying what I have to say.  The last time I remember doing so was when an online order wasn't ready when I arrived to a grocery store and in fact it hadn't been started, negating the idea of pre-ordering it ahead of time, and this wasn't the first time it happened and I curtly said "just cancel the order" and made a complaint to management and left the poor server alone.  He obviously was upset he missed the order and apologized and I accepted.  Once I left a dentist after waiting an hour.  "But we were just about to call you".   I told them one hour is my limit and have a nice day. 

I've always had electric heat here in the South.  Winter is actually lower electric bills here.

Work yesterday was good.  We had some discharges and I should have let a nurse go at 5pm but skated through the last couple of hours overstaffed and we all got out on time.  Wonder what is worse, keeping a nurse for two hours and all of us getting out on time, or letting them go and throwing at least me leaving late?

I'm taking my Xmas and New Year's Day holiday this week and decided to take a jaunt to Fort Lauderdale for a few days.  Last time I did a staycation and it was unsatisfying, more like a string of days off.  This time gong away will make it feel like an actual vacation.  

Fort Lauderdale is a gay hub in the winter, especially for Europeans and boomers.  I tried to support a gay resort but they were all booked and I wound up a Hilton which is really fine with me.  Prices were dreadfully high even off the beach.  But it is the height of season here in Florida.  Best friend is coming with, which will help with expenses even though with his bad foot and knee I might do a lot of walking solo.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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YIKES! I am (maybe, if no one posts before me) part of The Trinity today!

Gray, cool and overcast, with more of the same plus rain for the next 3 days.

Hubby went to doc again for his upper respiratory problems. This will be the third or fourth round of antibiotics and prednisone. One of those times, the meds actually cleared it up, but then it came back. The doc's office is setting up an appt for a cat-scan, as the chest x-ray didn't show too much of anything. His cough is terrible and makes his neck, shoulder, and ribs hurt, but God forbid something like a little Tussinex could be given because it has ~GASP~ an opioid in it. Let's under-medicate on general principle and not by the case. Mumblemumblegrumble. It hurts ME to just HEAR his cough!

All for now ...

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Today's trinity: Joe, Tweety, and No Stars!

I called and our doctor made an appointment for husband. Got it fror 9:00 am and he is now at his club. He has no pain, but has a very low urine output. With is history of CHF it is important to know whether Lasix should be taken or not. Doctor didn't know, but will when he gets the lab results. He had labs drawn including GFR and BNP. 

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So a cat-scan was ordered for hubby, and the place where it would be done is ... somewhere we aren't familiar with. AND, they said hubby is supposed to have blood work done prior to the scan, so he has to go back to the doc's office for that. AND the scan-place doesn't have a "soon-as-possible" appointment, but they can see him on March ef-ing 6th. That's helpful (not.)

More mumbling and grumbling.

First Nannie had to know what the kitty-scan was for, was it for Ozzie. Um, no, he is a dog. When I rolled out the full name, ie what cat-scan stands for, she was totally bumfuzzled.

So, to change the subject, she read for the 5th time, a Valentine's Day card from a woman she used to go to church with here, who(m?) she could not remember. She tried to make it out to be someone from her hometown where she has not lived in 60+ years. I told her hubby said it was someone from this church, she said they aren't. I said I only heard what hubby said about them being from the church here. Immediate ugly response from Nannie, "Well, HE doesn't know anything, HE doesn't go to church here." I told her he had taken her to church many times; "He doesn't go any more!" Yeah, well SHE hasn't been there in over two years. She informed me she had driven over there just last Sunday. Yesterday? No, but she was there at a meeting ...

So, I suggested she hash it out with hubby, not me, because I don't know anybody at that church. Now she is pooch-mouthed...

IE: not speaking to me.  (~YAY!~)

I know it's useless to try to have any sensible conversation with her, but sometimes I get sucked-in without being aware of it until it's already at the point where I want to emit a loud  "AUGH!"   When will I ever learn? Some days I am better at being quiet than other days; this is apparently not one of those better days! OH WELL! I can certainly be quiet from this point on! 

I told hubby he needs to ask for some cough medicine when he goes for his blood-work. If the antibiotic and prednisone don't stop the cough soon, he may not have any lungs left to scan!


Edited by No Stars In My Eyes

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Not much going on today at work. I had a very enjoyable home visit with a new client, and then attended a meeting of a local nursing school advisory committee. I had to smile when the instructors report that the students request that in-class work should have more weight than testing. I used to hear this too during my brief stint as an instructor. It felt like students wanted credit just for showing up, but the school felt that they had to prepare for NCLEX testing by studying for and taking tests. Of course, we all know that nursing practice is much more than passing a test, but if you don't pass, you don't practice. 

As for keeping someone, or working OT, I say it's cheaper to pay someone straight time than time and a half, although I have always work with a union. Plus, I think it's ridiculous to expect anyone to routinely work 14 hours. 

Herring, hope your dh is just a little dry, and not in acute failure. 

NSIME, hoping the best for your dh, too. I have taken Tessalon Perles (benzonatate) in the past for a dry, naggy cough from bronchitis. It is a prescription, but not a narcotic. 

The sun is out, hooray! but the temp is only in the 40's. 2 more sleeps and I get on the plane to New Orleans, and 70 beautiful degrees! Laissez les bon temps rouler! 

Edited by nursej22

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nurseJ22, so exciting that you are soon leaving for Ny'Awlins!  Have a wonderful time and a few beignets!  Hope to hear all about it.

No Stars, I hope your dh can get something effective for the cough.  Man, codeine was sure good back in the day!  Used to use Delsym as our over-the-counter choice, dextromethorphan being the main ingredient.  I read all kinds of tips about pineapple juice being effective (never tried it), and lemon and honey (now, "back in the day," ppl prepared lemon/honey/whiskey concoction.  I'm not sure of the ratios... some swear it works for a cold).  It's good he is keeping his appointments, maybe answers will be found.  I would be suspicious if a cough kept returning RIGHT AFTER completion of treatment.  Not giving medical advice, at all.  Again, hope answers can be found and relief obtained.

Nannie sure has an active imagination! 

Tweety, hope you have a good trip to Ft. Lauderdale!  It will be nice to be someplace different rather than your stay-cation.  New things to see and do!  Hope bff's foot doesn't hold him back much, and he can enjoy it too.

herring, hope your dh continues to improve.  Did you get much rain yesterday?

Joe, the 30's is C*O*L*D!!!!!!  I was outside last night and it was 46 and MAN, THAT was cold!!   It is more tolerable when one is dressed for those temperatures!  I have warm clothes, just don't always wear them because it's not usually THAT cold.  Keep exercising!

We did music Sunday at the church's Conference Office, for a Prayer Seminar.  About 150 folks involved in their church prayer ministry, attended.  Some churches had several ppl representing them.  A very enthusiastic and dedicated group, we all enjoyed hearing the speaker, from a local church, who outlined a plan he had been following to build prayer ministry in his church: its ups and downs, and growth like the tide: one doesn't realize the tide is moving until suddenly you look around and there it is, higher than before!  Questions were raised and answered, ideas tossed about, resources distributed, and in-between presentations and a light lunch, we helped lead singing.   I think we all left inspired and encouraged.  I personally have a lot to mull over.   

That was our last scheduled gig so far, this year!  Dh and I and the "kids" will be going on the bluegrass cruise in mid-March, and we have some practice time scheduled with our friend P as we work on preparing music for her home-grown CD.  We hope to record on two dates in April.

Well, better go pay the bills.  Work has been OK.  Crazy at times.  But OK.

Have a good evening!

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Evening all.

We all were talking about beets yesterday. Well, as I powered up here on AN, there was one of those infernal pop-up advertisements talking about how to treat fungal infections that would drive Big Pharm unhappy. I wanted to listen but all those pop-ups start off with some droning monologue, so I clicked out. Funny thing was it was a pix of 2 red beets that caught my attn. So much for red beets.

NSIME - how about answering "YES" whenever Nans  starts one of her diatribes. Just "YES" - nothing more, nothing less. Just like that Youtube vid for driving scammers nuts. You'll be agreeing with her, so hopefully, nothing for her to snit about. But from your descriptions, she'll prob do so anyway.

nursej - I've taken those Tessi Pearls. They dried me out so badly on top of my already dry mouth issues.

Tweety - I applaud you for the 2hr OT bene. I'd bet the staff breathed a sigh of appreciation even if they didn't recognize it as such. Just a chance once in a while to have the workload just a wee bit lighter. And just for good measure of what one good turn deserves another FOR YOU, hope YOU have a great staycation.

Hey Joe - you do know you didn't use any punctuation periods after all of your sentences? I've never noticed that before. Will check back your past posts. (Seventh grade Catholic grammar school person here.  Sister Mary Florita would be so proud.)

OK, herring - I just don't remember but what is a BNP? Yeah, I could look it up, but then I get so engrossed in readings that I lose all track of time. I'm careful with my Lasix (love it, but I DO diuress +++). Am careful because I do have renal issues, but my last labs were all good (really, all good). Last nite, I got sidetracked looking up something and again, reading stuff that makes me think 'mmmh?'

And speaking of Lasix --- I take mine late all because I sleep late. Still never adjusted to day-people hours after all my years on 11-7. So my bathroom is calling to me.

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