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Monday February 3, 2014

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Good Morning Dear Friends,


Wonderful busy weekend full of hiking with the dogs, washing cars inside and out (now it is raining) LOL, did some cooking and yesterday hubby and I fasted all day from foods and just drank fruit/ veggie drinks that I made.


I think this is why I had so much energy yesterday I could hardly sit still yet it was great in all that I achieved.


Had a fitful night sleep with the alarm waking me up which hardly ever happens but it was so nice and I sure needed it too.


Today should not be a bad day visit wise, will take my time checking in with my patients and their families.


Stephanie hope those knees are feeling some better after your spill.


Is Davey back from sunning himself in Florida?


Ted hope you got that music video finished or close to it.


Have a most excellent and productive day no matter what you get up to.


Wishing you all safe travels on your way to and from work.


Much love to you all this day.

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Morning Sabby

Quiet day for me. Saw dad, spent a little time outside, that was pretty much it. For some reason I was pretty tired last night and went to bed early. Fine this morning, ready for another week. Just hope it's not as cold and snowy as the last few weeks.

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Good morning!

A night's sleep is SO GOOD!

I'm trying to get nurses together to drive to a CE class out of town tomorrow. Nurses we used to work with will be attending. Lunch should be fun!

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Good Afternoon -

It's 1:04 PM (EST) here.

Yes, Sabby_NC, thankfully, I got some good sleep yesterday. My head finally hit the pillow around 2:00 PM yesterday afternoon. Choir rehearsal(s) went well. Towards the end, though, I was getting a bit too "fuzzy in the brain". When I get that way, even the most out of tune wrong notes sound good to my ears! LOL! Got up a few hours later and relaxed with my loving wife.

I'm off from work tonight (as well as last night). The video project is basically done. I'm just fine-tuning some of the music cues. Editing music is one of the few times when I get really obsessively compulsive (to make things 110% sound better). By the way, nursing is the other time when I can get quite obsessively compulsive to make sure that all is safe and comfortable (and safe and safe and safe) with my patients. LOL!

I wonder if Dave Do is back from his vacation. If he is, I hope he has pictures to share! :)

herring_RN - Curious. What's the CE class that you and your nurse-friends are going to attend? I need about 7 more CEUs for my Massachusetts Nursing License renewal. I usually have them all way before now! Last years, my mind was mostly elsewhere.

Joe - Hope you have a good work week. Glad that your week-end was relaxing. You seem to mention frequently that you visit your father. I think that's really nice. I wish my father lived closer. (He lives in Florida.) Especially now, it would be nice to see him more often. His wife is ill and his age is catching up on him unfortunately. He does spend the summers up north, not too far from where I live, thankfully. He does NOT like the cold weather, though and enjoys the warm Florida weather during the winter time.

Sabby_NC - Your day, yesterday, was packed full! You even washed your cars!!! Amy and I live on a long, dirt road. I gave up washing our cars YEARS ago! LOL! Hopefully you'll get a better night's sleep tonight.

It's snowing outside. At least the temperature isn't below zero! It's a nice day to stay indoors and work on some music and fine-tune this video-project. Gonna do some obsessing, now! LOL!

Warmest regards to all who travel here. . . :)


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This class must be taken in person. We could take it closer to home, but want tosee our friends who moved to the desert for less expensive property.

I wouldn't like living there because summers are TOO HOT!

Weeks on end with days > 100 F. Often > 110.

A retired nurse we will see play golf when it is 114 and even 117!

The California desert does cool off some at night.

The class is "What Does the ACA Mean for RN Patient Advocacy? The Bedside From the Bottom Line":

CE Classes | National Nurses United


The description does not make the ACA seem good for patients and nurses.

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