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Monday August 20 2018

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Quieter day for me yesterday

Went to church, the did a little cooking before meeting J for brunch and for a play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Was pretty good, the cast did a good job but the play is mostly dialog so it wasn't as interesting as some other productions. Came home and rode my bike for a while

Going to be a rainy day today, hopefully work won't be too crazy.

Trying out some new types of meditation, we'll see if they make a difference

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Good Morning!

Joe, hope you have a good day. I do find musical comedies a bit more fun than straight up plays.

Lil Nel, sounds like a great time. I too enjoyed Book of Mormon

Dianah is posting on FB a good time at the blues festival.

Not much going on for me today. I already cleaned the bathrooms and have a load of laundry going. Did not make it to the gym yesterday, but managed a 1.5 mile walk-job but it was hotter than heck. Am going to the gym this AM before I get to lazy and distracted. Was wide awake at 2:45 and read a little before getting tired again. Meh...

Just noticed I have over 60,000 posts. When did that happen???

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Once again a weekend of rampant debauchery... failed to occur. I'll never get in the tabloids at this rate.

The vagaries of annual leave and part-time schedules have left me on my own today - This morning's clinic was hectic, with both new potential participants, and participants in ongoing studies who were due a follow-up.

I caught 8 out of 9 on my list - one of my follow-ups attended and left while I was consenting a new participant.

Then had to beat the clock to get samples away, and now I'm enjoying lunch before heading back to clinic for the paediatric

haematology clinic - just one follow-up on the clinic list, though, so I'll have plenty of time to write up this morning's activity.

The other thing I've got to take care of today is renewing my passport.

Fewer and fewer places physically stamp your passport these days, and my current passport has a fine crop of proper old-school ink stamps - Cuba, Iceland, Indonesia, Ukraine... and I'll have to swap it for a blank one like it's my first time out of the village. Tch.

I haven't caught up with the weekend diary yet - I'll give it a read this evening.

Be happy!

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I'm off today and tomorrow. The A/C repair person is coming this morning. I'm concerned I may need to replace my system, as it is old. It gets cold, but leaks water all over my basement. We shall see. Yesterday we went to the big farmer's market/art market in Boston. I got some good veggies, and we spoke with an artist who is also a social worker, and does art therapy with kids who have survived trauma. That is exactly what Fiance's daughter wants to do and is studying in grad school, and he said he would be happy to meet with her and maybe have her do an internship with him. I hope it works out.

I'm still on the fence about going to visit DD tomorrow on the island. Weather is iffy, and she has to work at 3. I'm fine hanging out by myself for a couple of hours until the ferry leaves. I'll talk to her later and see if she has other plans for the day.

Joe- I think I like musicals better than regular plays, too. What other types of meditation are you trying?

Tweety-60,000 posts is a lot! You certainly wax eloquent.

Phil-You are certainly well-traveled! I also like the physical stamps in my passport. Makes me feel less boring than I actually am. Sorry about the lack of debauchery. There's always next weekend!

Stars-please check in and let us know you're ok.

Hope all have a good day.

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Good day!

Taking step-Mom to the doctor today.

I'm a bit worried.

A man I've known since he was a child is now homeless. His parents died years ago.

He came here Saturday. He ate dinner with us and I gave him $5.00 and a bag of food. He asked if he could leave his bedroll and back pack under our bushes while he went to the laundromat.

Yesterday his brother called and gave me a number and password for him to get money his brother wired him.

I put it on a note attached to his back pack. It is still there this morning.

Nothing I can do so I'll just hope he comes and gets his stuff. His mother was my friend for thirty years, but he is really goofy and inappropriate. He served in the military, never experienced combat. Oh well. If it is gone I'll feel better.

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Good Afternoon -

Recently woke up. Gonna enjoy what appears to be a beautiful, sunny day with Amy for my one day/night off from work. The plan is to do some light hiking (exercising) somewhere.

Work, last night, was "Q", thank goodness. The night before?!? Not so much! Ugh! Someone said that darned "Q" word, Saturday night! It was never "Q"! BUT, we got a perfusing pulse back from an unfortunate young woman who came to the ER via ambulance with CPR in progress! The neuro checks were not good at all. Sadly, and as expected, she did pass away at the "Big Hospital" where she was transferred to that night. The rest of that night remained busy throughout the hospital and its ER.

Gonna get ready for our hike. Hope today is being kind to every one!


Edited by Ted

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Hello all.

Sitting in Harvard Yard, watching students move in, and enjoying the cool temperatures.

Aside from rain Friday night, the weather has been perfect. No sweating!!!

Ate breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel this morning. It was the most expensive breakfast I have ever eaten, it was was also absolutely lovely and delicious.

The John Adams House was as marvelous as I anticipated.

This trip has been worth every penny. I will need to work OT to pay for it.

OMG, isn't Book of Mormon the best, Tweety?

Eating at Alden and Harlow, tonight in Harvard Square.

My flight departs Boston at 0820 tomorrow.

Wow, that's a lot of posts, Tweety.

Hope the AC gets fixed, BC.

Sad, about the homeless man, herring. You are so kind.

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Just caught up with everybody's weekend... you lot make me look very idle in comparison!

Ted - I haven't watched 'Bosch', but I rate the lead actor, Titus Welliver.

One of those guys who - back in the day - would be 'villain of the week' in a bunch of cop shows.

(Ed Lauter, anyone? Brion James, Robert Tessier, John Vernon, Albert Popwell...)

The good thing about having a gajillion channels now is those 'second-string' guys are getting decent roles. Long-time 'thug No.2' bit-part actor Jonathan Banks was just brilliant in 'Breaking Bad'.

Tweety: I'm giving away national secrets here, but if you compare a list of places with enviable cuisine; and a list of places Britain invaded... I mean, France, India, China... its almost as if we were in search of better grub!

'Mushy peas' are delicious! Peas coarsely mashed, seasoned with mint and served as a side with fish 'n chips.

The charge role thing... really feel you there. I long came to the conclusion that I'm only any good at 'leading' people who are already pulling in the right direction. I do not have the patience to spend time or effort trying to turn malcontents around.

Also... I kind of resent it. I manage to turn up every day and behave in a professional manner. But these muppets need management input just to get them to behave like grown-ups?! Unbelievable.

Nel - tipping? Aaaargh! Kryptonite to the British!

We don't know the rules and we feel embarrassed asking! Taxis, barbers, restaurants. That's pretty much it.

Back-of-house staff? Stroll on mate, you're having a giraffe. (Rhyming slang: giraffe = laugh.)

BC - I miss peach-picking in Georgia. Top communal day out in the sun, and then for weeks afterwards people keep giving you pie and cobbler. I'm too polite to refuse!

We do pick-your-own farmed strawberries and raspberries here, and blackberries grow wild. I do like a morning berrying.

Now I'm inspired to be more productive at the weekend... an urge which will last right up until the moment I hit 'snooze' on Saturday morning!

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HOME for GOOD now!!

It's always a sad day to pack up and leave after the festival is finished.

We had an uneventful drive home. Left 81 degree temps and 80% humidity with some cooling breezes, to arrive home to 91 degrees and 35% humidity.

Felt like equal hot, less sticky at home! :D

The RV is unpacked, mail has been reviewed, cats all petted, instruments tucked in their home spots.

We still need to unpack and do the laundry. I need to wash scrubs so I have some for work. I THINK I have tomorrow off, as a return-to-work-prep-day.

That's my usual MO. will check.

We had a great time at the festival!

Caught up with some friends. Got a gig in early December for the band!

Dh and I each bought hats from our favorite hat vendor. :)

And we bought some hand-made caramels!

There were just too many vendors, too! lol! Lots of cool stuff. But our house is so packed now, don't need anything else.

So we refrained from buying more.

Heard a couple good bands (among the many who performed)! Ate some good food.

Had some nice chats.

Just a nice festival, and this is historically our take on it. We have been attending this one for 13 years.

Lil Nel, what a nice time in Boston!! So glad you got this break and took this trip!

Tweety, love the beach photos, as always.

herring, you have such a good heart and a generous spirit. I hope he comes back and gets the message.

Yes, Joe, what kind of meditation are you looking into?

BC, enjoy your days OFF!

Phil, I enjoy reading about your trips and your life and musings and memories!

(I got TWO stamps in my passport book! :) :) )

More later!

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That's a bluegrass (or folk, not sure which) song: "Peach-Pickin' Time in Georgia." :D

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Hi all,

Checking from smoky-land. The wildfire smoke has been really awful today, we are rated "unhealthy". I am going to stop at the hardware store to see if I get get a HEPA filter for MIL. Low key weekend, just bits of puttering in the yard, out for a hamburger one night, and shopped for new work shirts for dh, he has some unfortunate run-ins (literally) with permanent markers.

ta, ta


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Yeah, I've been reading this thread every 3-4 days, or so, but haven't been able to work up the energy to post. So, look-out, 'cause here goes:

It is, for the most part, boring and irritating here, with a dull schedule of doctor's appointments, follow-up visits, pharmacy runs, grocery shopping, cleaning.

The Atlanta Braves games I AM enjoying, if I can ignore Nannie yelling at the pitcher(s) and not being able to keep up with the score of each play or inning, or which team is which and which players are which. For instance, asking, "Is that the boy who can't speak English?" and/or TELLING us that he is the boy who can't speak English, and explaining about how he has to have an interpreter.

(Yes, we KNOW, we are sitting right here watching the game, too!)

She also says things over and over: "If he could see how he looks with ...(that long hair, that awful beard, etc.)...he'd clean himself up a little."; "What are those STAINS all over his arms?" (tattoos); "He's a good-looking man, I love that red hair!", followed by how her husband had red hair, and if there's a commercial she will launch into the long story of how she met him, I mean, we could recite it all right along with her. It was sweet to hear about the first time. But multiplied and squared, not so much.

She talks with a real Southern twang, in the back of her throat, ie, no projecting her voice by using her diaphragm to move air past her vocal chords, as most of us do. Her breathing never seems to go lower than the tip-top part of her lungs. Add that to her habit of covering her mouth and/or looking AWAY from you as she speaks... well, ya can't hardly call it a VOICE! It is so soft it doesn't even qualify as a murmur.

I sooo want to say, "Do you think you might be able to speak just a leeeetle bit quieter?" It is especially annoying when we are sitting outside with cars going up and down the road, lawn-moaners running at the neighbors, dogs barking, etc. Hubby is on her about it at least several times a week. Hubby says," MOM! I can't hear or understand a word you're saying!" The only time she is LOUD is when she is doing that high-pitched baby-talk to the dogs. Quite grating.

She is also very racist and comments made about the various players during the game are so unbelievable, it is beyond appalling to the nth degree. Awful.

Every couple of days hubby and I get out together by combining our errands (!)

We are going to institute a DATE DAY, because even if we are enjoying sitting outside together, guess who comes outside and inserts herself right in the middle of our quiet together-time. She's afraid we're talking about her (we are, sometimes), doesn't want to miss anything ... and/or wants hog the attention.

If we're in the den and Hubby gets up to go outside to have a cigarette, or goes up the stairs, it's, "Honey, where ya goin'?" or, to me, "Where's your husband?" I have, after saying "I don't know" a gazillion times, I have started answering that question: "Brazil,"; "Norway,"; "He said something about going out to get some macaroni and cheese/lollipops/a pair of pink ballet shoes." (She laughs)

We've had an impossible time on-line and on the phone trying to just change our address for Medicare and Social Security, and our driver's license and vehicle registration. We've visited (after we FOUND them) several Driver's License offices which have lines out and around the buildings (ya gotta get those "Real ID's", doncha know). Wait-time on the phone was AT LEAST an hour!!!!! I think not!

So, we will probably have to go camp out at their door about 30-45 minutes before they open, all to just change a *******' ADDRESS! Computers do NOT make life easier, I don't care about what anybody says.

I have put up a few more pictures on my walls, but can't locate a few that I really want to put up. It's not a big room and I have a lot of pictures (prints/photos/paintings). I will probably have to rotate the collection!

Do get quiet time, outside w/ dogs, or up in my room reading. I've been reading a lot of murder mysteries and court-room stuff. Distracts me nicely, and I'm glad to be back to reading something besides the few magazines I subscribe to.

Hubby is supposed to getting the new Club Cadet riding-lawn-moaner by the end of this week. We'll have to wait a while longer to buy a new storage shed, but when that finally happens we will be able to move the stuff out that is currently crammed into the work-shed. Then we will be rediscovering what's in the boxes we can't get to, having little reunions with different parts of our life in the mountains.

That's life in this part of the world.

w00t, eh? :yes: :no:

PS:I have been dx w/ itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-beansie-weensie-ultra-microscopic-colitis. But, not-to-worry because it is in remission at the moment. RAH-RAH!

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