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Monday, August 4, 2014

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Yawn . . . so sleepy yet still wired from the trip home from Portland. Got home about 11 p.m. So many deer on the road between Mt. Shasta and here that I drove slowly.

Edited to add: I stopped by to visit with one of our AN members. VivaLasViejas! She and her husband had just cleaned up from their yard sale and we had a nice but short visit. It is always fun to meet AN friends. This was our 3 time getting to visit.

Got into our valley and saw the fires burning and I'd have to say 100's of firetrucks. From cities and counties and CalFire and who knows where else. Many signs thanking the firefighters as well.

Red Cross is set up at our local high school. I'll go volunteer some time there tomorrow between checking on our hospice patients.

Had a lovely time with family in Oregon. A great lunch together with my daughter and her boyfriend, who I'd never met until today. Well, technically yesterday (Sunday). My sweet granddaughter was so much fun.

I decided to take a Benadryl since I'm not on call and I simply must get some sleep.

I'll be back in the real morning to say Good Morning and have coffee and check up on you all. Spidey fell asleep on the couch waiting for me and kept calling me on my way home to check on me.

Grateful that so far, no one has been hurt or killed in these fires but we have lost a lot of homes. Don't even get me started on the frustration I feel about how this was allowed to get out of control.

Ok . . .that's enough of that. Shut your mind off Spidey's Mom.


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Good Morning Stephanie and all who pop in,


Thankful that you are home safe and sound Stephanie and that you get some good sleep. Praying that there is some rain that comes your way to assist with putting out those fires. Thank you for volunteering with Red Cross you are a beaut woman. So sweet that Spidey kept checking on you while you were driving home. Precious young man there.


Back to work for me today and I am looking forward in getting back in the swing of things.


Planning on putting in for more time off after the wedding in October was only taking a couple of days but I think another week off is in order. LOL


Banjo is moping I think he knows Mum is heading back to work poor baby.


Praying everyone is safe in the fires, that we all take time to remember those working so hard in getting these fires out.


Much love to you all.

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Good Morning everybody!

Have been following the news about those fires in California. Praying for rain and the firemen and the folks living there.

Firemen have such a tough job and yet they say that given a choice, they would not do anything else. Firemen are my heroes! Seriously!

The Case Manager will be coming by my patient's room tomorrow and I will get to fill her ears with all the comments the floor staff have made to me about my patient and how she is when the PD's go off-duty at 5 PM. Of course, it will be 'preaching to the choir' , but will provide ammunition for the reassessment. And you can bet that I have recorded everything in our little communication notebook (not part of the official records). The admin and DON can use examples from it when talking to the POA.

Time to get dressed and go............

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Steph that was neat that you were able to visit another AN member.

Morning Sabby and Stars.

Another work week starting. Feel quite calm for some reason. Perhaps it's the vacation. Or perhaps because I'm back to my usual routine. Or both.

Yesterday was fine, saw dad and we talked about seeing my aunt perhaps later in the year. Also worked on a date to meet my best friend for brunch. And talked about the reunion too. Afterwards didn't do too much, waited for the weather to cool off then took a bike ride.

One of the things I am supposed to start looking at today is the process for getting my CCM. Before I can change anything with my job I need that. I've been thinking about it for months, but told myself "After the reunion". Well, the reunion's over, and it's now time to get started on this goal....

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Good morning Sabby, NSIME, Joe, and Steph, who will make a second appearance later, and all who stop by to share a cuppa.

Made some fantastic tapioca pudding yesterday with real maple syrup. Not very sweet, until you top it with just a few drops of that liquid gold. Stir fried the last of my broccoli, some carrots and caramelized onions and certainly enjoyed my dinner. Today back to work. I feel much more rested after a reasonable night's sleep. I did not put the mask on. I figure I will wait for the nasal pillows to arrive. I am tired of waking up in mid sleep to find the mask off.

NSIME, glad you have the opportunity to stand up for your patient. Even if nothing changes at least she has a voice. Sabby, glad the vacation refreshed you so well that you are planning more. Joe, good that you are going to be working on the next level for you.

My dear friend stopped by just for 5 minutes last night to tell me his dad was having a terrible day. ALZ, and a twisted ankle really got him more confused and upset. I sent some pudding for his dad and reminded him that stress makes the loss of function so much worse so not to react to the repetition. I pray he has a better day today. My friend is so caring and loving that he gets all the grunt work with the family issues that crop up. He borrowed a w/c from another friend and was out the door with a handful of fresh cookies.

Today we are heading back into high temps and high humidity. Prayers for those firemen and women and all who are working to protect and get the fires out.

Care and Share

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Good Morning -

Steph - Cool that you were able to meet another AN friend. I've met about 5 or 6 fellow AN members throughout the years. It was a pleasure each time. :) Saw the pics of the fires that you shared on Facebook. It's sad and frightening to see. Glad that you're home safe.

Sabby_NC - Seems like you had a very nice vacation for yourself. Hope work treats you kindly as you return today.

No Stars in My Eyes - It's good to read that your patient has you as an advocate. As you know, there are so many without such watchful eyes and caring voices.

Joe - Seems like your reunion was nice and that returning to work is uneventful. Wish you well as you pursue your CCM. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll finally pursue my PCCN. It's one of those things that I've been procrastinating on for the last 3, 4, 5 years. (I wouldn't hold my breath, though.) My loving wife recently took and passed the test for her certification in O.R. Nursing. That was quite the big deal for her. (I used to be certified in Oncology Nursing, but that was many moons ago. It's all good, though!)

aknottedyarn - LOVE tapioca pudding! DRENCHING it with maples syrup sounds delicious! LOL!

Still kind of groggy after recently waking up. Had another crazy-busy night at work Saturday into Sunday. Got an admission without ANY prior report from the E.R. nurse. This is exceedingly unusual and very, very un-cool. Apparently the E.R. was crazy-crazy-busy and needed an E.R. bed for more patients. So, getting the patient up to the ICU as fast as possible is quite understandable. But the per-diem E.R. nurse really should have phoned me or at least faxed an SBAR report for a "head's up". The patient was in a rapid a-fib with a rate in the 140s to 150s, but was tolerating it with good BPs and alert mentation, as she was rolled into our CCU. Why there wasn't any meds given to control the rate PRIOR to the transfer is beyond understanding. As fast as possible, I gave her the medications she needed which (drum roll please) did the trick (THANK GOD!), and she actually converted to a sinus rhythm. (I was just aiming for rate control.) Needless to say, this was reported. UGH! Afterwork, I had to go to church and play keyboard-player. I felt like I was hit by a bus when I finally got home. Had a great night's sleep last night (during my night off from work).

Today, I'm gonna visit my father and have a relaxing day (and night off from work). Looking forward to the visit!

Hope all is well with everyone! Peace, folks! :)


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Morning all. :dead: Benadryl-induced grogginess . . . .attempting a caffeine IV. :yes:

Actually, I'm reading a book by Bill Bryson and he talks about a pilot getting a caffeine IV way back in the 1920's. I'll have to check the accuracy of that.

Very overcast or smokey or both and rather cool. Hoping that quells the fire for the men and women out there working hard.

I have to see my patients in LTC and then head over to the high school to help with the Red Cross.

I love tapioca pudding. Some people don't and it isn't the taste but the texture.

Spidey is already out the door with dad headed to the ranch to work with his sheep. I put up a rather candid shot of my husband and Spidey at Sheep Field Day . . . where my husband looks like he is yelling at Spidey. It was taken and put up by the sheep leader on her FB page so it isn't my fault. :roflmao:

Have a great day and thanks for putting up with these fire reports. I appreciate the support.

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Mmmmm! Tapioca! Love it!

My lady acted up in the d.r. at lunchtime , I had to remove her back to her room. It took two hours to get her calmed down; she did actually end up eating well, about 75% of her meal. At the point when I had to transfer her back to the recliner, I said the usual line: "Hug me like you love me." and she shouted "I DON'T LOVE YOU!" and then added, "Well, at least not right now." It was kind of sweet and funny right amidst all the hell she was raising. She was hollering 'HELP! Come help me!" to any-and-everyone who passed by the door. We have alarms on the bed, the recliner (she slid herself out of it last night, trying to escape and ended up on the floor; didn't get hurt, just got MAD!) and on her w/c now.

I took her outside to the garden with the water fountain, and wheeled her right up to the large butterfly bush and we spent 45 minutes watching 4 kinds of butterflies and various kinds of bees, close up. I think it helped BOTH of us to quiet down!

When I wheeled her into the dining room for supper, she said "OH NO! NOT THIS ROOM!" I took her back to her room and back into her recliner with the overbed table ready for her supper-tray and a good, old Judy Garland musical on the TV. I have come to the conclusion that the dining room is toooooo much stimulation for her.

One more day (in which I will talk to the Case Manager) and then off for three. Praying the DON and Admin. can emphasize strongly to POA the absolute NEED for continuing PD. But, what will be will be.

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