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My husband is in the Air Force and we are probably going to be getting orders within the next year. He is going to apply for base of preference which means we have to come up with a base that we... Read More

  1. by   Cristae
    I would avoid the Pensacola Florida area, or just Florida area. I'm not a nurse, CNA, but I've heard its a lot harder to get paid the same as the rest of the country here. That's all I really know. Boyfriends Navy in Pensacola at the moment.
  2. by   FLmomof5
    RE: the PP.....Florida does pay lower....but there is also a lower cost of living and no state tax.

    When I first moved back to FL in 2003, I was horrified that as an extremely experienced mainframe programmer, they (Winn-Dixie) would offer $58K/yr when I had been earning between $65K and $75K for over a decade! I took the job because I was unemployed.

    Long story short? I had no problem buying a beautiful home and affording a standard of living that the kids and I were used to. (I was a single mom.)

    When you look at the lower pay, remember to view the WHOLE package, so to speak.

    BTW, my first RN job in Jacksonville paid $23/hr with $1 shift diff. Accruing PTO or getting paid for working a holiday only started after the 90 day probation period. You only got more pay on a holiday if you took your PTO for that holiday and worked it as well.

    Here in Charleston, with the offer I just got.... pay is $24/hr, +$1 for shift diff during the week and $2.25 for the w/e. PTO starts accruing on day one, but you can't use it until after the 90 day prob period. Pay for holidays is time and a half and that is true during prob period as well. AND it comes with 5% state tax will my check be bigger? Who knows right now. Also, a 2BR place here is $1000/mo where my FL mtg for a 4BR house is $1300. Gas is $0.10 cheaper in SC than FL.

    Most likely I will break even.

    My brother works in Manhattan. Makes 6 figures (as an RN). He also pays $3000/mo for a SMALL apartment, pays fed income tax, state income tax, city income tax....and the cost of everything else is comparably high. I used to mail him cartons of cigs because ours were $3/pp and his were $10/pp!!!

    Always keep in mind...cost of living.

    OH! Something else to keep in mind and a bit OT, the meat prices at the Commissary on NASJAX were about 1/2 to 1/3 (depending on type and cut) of that on the economy (WalMart)!!!
  3. by   Penelope_Pitstop
    I agree that Andrews is a good thought.

    Based on friends' experiences, I would avoid Tinker and Scott.

    I am going to pull for Dover Air Force Base in Dover, DE. Dover, the state capital, is located in the center of the Home of Tax-Free Shopping. It's an hour north of the beach (if that), an easy drive to Philly and Balitmore, and both NYC and DC are close enough for day trips.

    As for hospitals, there is a Level I trauma center about 45 minutes north that includes a vascular center, cancer center, Level III NICU and is stroke certified. In Dover itself, the local healthcare system is ever-expanding! There are hospitals further north in Wilmington, and some closer to the beach.

    Cost of living near the Air Force base is excellent, I would say. And DE nurses are paid better than those in NJ, PA, and MD for the most part!

    Come to the Diamond State!
  4. by   ssalulu
    Thank you everyone for the all of the responses so far! Keep em comin!
  5. by   tewdles
    If you are looking for SE USA then you won't be interested in our wonderful base here in central Alaska. There are plenty of nursing jobs in the Fairbanks area and the region LOVES it's military folk!

    AK nurses make quite a bit more than SE RNs typically. Of course, the cost of living here is pretty steep...but the territory is beautiful and the people are terrific. Nothing beats summer in Fairbanks...well, maybe winters in Hawaii.
  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Hi there. We have lived near Joint Base Lewis-McChord for just over 15 years now. The Seattle-Tacoma area is great for shopping, house-hunting and entertainment, esp if you are into outdoor scenery is NOT TO BE BEAT!!!!! Within 2 hours of the bases, you have Mt Rainier, over 14,000 active volcano with 26 active glaciers, or you can go to the ocean beaches to our west, OR if you love mountain ranges, well, we have 2. The Cascade Range is east of the bases and the alpine Olympic Mountain ranges to the northwest. If that is not enough, we have rain forests, the Puget Sound with amazing sea life and beaches and east of the Cascade range, high and dry desert-like conditions for when the rain gets to you. (it's much sunnier the further east in Washington you go). Seattle has great shopping, a fun place called Pike Place Market, the Great Wheel (ferris wheel), underground city to visit and so much more. In a couple of hours, you can go to British Columbia and see some beautiful forests and fiords along the western coast. I could go on and on, but you get the idea. There is just so much to do, and if a person says they hate Washington, it's usually the rain, which is easy to escape, or they just did not bother to get out there and see it all.

    I have been stationed in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona and Colorado, and THIS assignment was the one beat em all HANDS DOWN. The bases also have some pretty nice housing, privatized and in great condition for the most part. There are some brand new housing units that approach 2400 sq feet, depending on your rank.

    I think would love JBLM (Joint Base Lewis-McChord). The only down side is the traffic in Seattle/Tacoma can be pretty bad. But there is too much positive to outweigh any bad.

  7. by   toomuchbaloney
    Live near JBER in Anchorage.
    You wanna compare scenery?
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    The scenery is comparable. Alaska is just bigger. Been there. Too cold.Like it here better.
  9. by   Leader25
    Blessings on your ability to move all over the place and as a new baby family.Good Luck