Men Who Fail to Launch into Adulthood

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A skyrocketing number of young adults, mostly men, are trapped in perpetual stasis and have been failing to launch into adulthood. Does this trend have any long-term implications regarding social issues such as dating, marriage, and family formation? This article is a small window into my personal woes involving the dating game. You are reading page 6 of Men Who Fail to Launch into Adulthood. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

My great grandmother , who is 106, always gave me great advice and her perspective on different topics. I always try to apply her wisdom to real life situations. One of the things she stated to me is as follows :

"You can speak your fancy words and talk untill the cows come home ,but at the end of it all,you will not have enough gravy to cover a chicken fried steak."

Your thoughts are merely opinions and it does not hold any higher value than any other opinions.

Having said that, my opinion is that everything you stated could be accurate, and it's a rather complex analagy. Or it may very well be a much simpler concept. The problem could be you. The latter is what I choose to believe .

Again,my opinion doesn't mean much but it is just as accurate as your opinion. Neither of which needs validation. If all the men you meet are as you say, and this has been a problem throughout your life. Is it really that impossible that you are not the problem. Maybe they are playing xbox because they simply don't like you. Or maybe you are completely wrong. I highly doubt that they care what you believe. You are simply disgruntled by your lack of success with men.

I don't know any real men that behave in this fashion. It's sounds like you need to get the root of the problem and figure out why this always happen to you . Stop blaming others and be accountable for your own shortcomings. And just maybe you will find the man of your dreams that is just as perfect as you.

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