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Memorial Day Monday May 31 2021

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A time to reflect, for sure

Stars glad Ozzie is better.  Hope you feel better too

Ted I can imagine it must be a very challenging thing to train a new puppy

Hi NJ22.  It does sound like that place was trying to hard to be offbeat

Was a pleasant day yesterday.  Did some baking and some chopping in preparation for cooking before church.  Church was fairly sparsely attended, as was the virutal coffee hour afterwards

And then met J for brunch at our usual place.  Was very nice, and a very familiar feeling, like we slipped back into our old routine without a problem.  We were glad most of the regular staff was there, though we were disappointed that our favorite waiter was no longer there.  We'll be going back there weekly either Sunday or Friday, like we used to

Rest of the day was fairly quiet, exercised and took it easy

Today heading out to ride my bike.  Have not yet decided where.  I could go to the usual bike path, which is a nice ride.  Was thinking about going farther out to a bike path along a river, which I've only briefly ridden.  But it's a good bit farther and would mean considerably more driving.  

Nothing really else planned for today.  Will make Spanish rice and do some more embroidery

Will be nice, in the mid 70s with no rain.  Rest of the week should be similiar, though in the 80s by the weekend



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Good Morning -

Joe -Nice to read about your time with J, that the two of you were able to slip back into your old routine in a nice way, and with plans to get together on a more regular basis. Enjoy riding your bike, today.

I'm glad that I took being On Call last night. It was an expensive decision, though. Although I used Earned Time, I missed getting paid Holiday Time. (Our hospital's night shift employees get "holiday pay" starting midnight time of the holiday.) Instead, I was able to help out with puppy business early this morning. Been up since 4:30 AM. 

Yes. . . Puppies are a LOT of work. Their attention span is about 3 seconds or less. Still, she manages to learn.

The weather is still yucky out, which makes going outside unpleasant. For me, not for the puppy. The puppy doesn't seem to mind being wet (and cold). 

Amy and I have been in "teaching mode" for the past couple of hours, while the puppy is awake. Teaching and learning is best done indoors, we're finding out. Outdoors?!? That's still a challenge, and probably will be for a while.

I've been quickly reading your posts. I was going to respond to them now, but the puppy is barking at something. . . 

Peace! 🙂


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Good morning!

Joe, glad you had a good dinner out with J.  

Stars, that was good of your neighbor to mow the grass.  Hope the mower gets fixed.  

J22, I like a restaurant with some atmosphere, but not too avant-garde or hip.

Ted, too bad you lost the holiday time, but good you didn't get called in.  Glad I always go pre-trained adult rescues.  🙂

May is on of our driest months and no yard mowing for me in weeks as I don't water my lawn.  Covid cases dropped below 2,000 for the first time in many months I think.  Considering California with 19 more million people had less cases it's not impressive.  We're just a little below the national average for vaccinations and I'm quite disappointed in that vaccinations have slowed down.  

It's going to be hot with a chance of rain later in the day.  Our rainy season should be beginning soon.  Think I'm just going to lay low.  The beaches are going to be crowded.

Work was okay.  I did have 5:1 and was busy.  Got two admissions after discharging two, one of which was at 6:15 when I trying to wind things up.  Very annoying.  She was a patient that was in pre-op that had her case canceled due to a trauma.  The nurse said "Sorry it's shift change, but I want to go home and you really don't have to do anything".  She comes and she needs nausea medicine, needs pain medication, had a stat antibiotic overdue.  Witch, I want to go home too but I don't dump patients on the next shift with immediate needs like that.  She should have taken care of that before sending her to me but she would have had to keep the patient a while after giving pain medication.  She even brought the meds with her (not the narc) and said "here you need to give this", which means she lied about not having anything to do.  My words to her were "you suck".   Bleh



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Hi folks. 

It is partly sunny today, predicted to get up to 72. Don't have any plans, per se. I went to the park to run fairly early and there were quite a few people there already. I had a decent run but the 65% humidity was annoying. I really perspire when I run and I hate it when it runs into my eyes. 

Yup transfers at shift change suck, and post ops can be so busy. I would hate to move someone who needed nausea medicine. I used to dread one PACU nurse who was stingy with nausea med, she insisted have the patient sniff an alcohol swab was more effective. Uh, no, it isn't. 

Our COVID rates are still higher than they should be, and not that many people are testing. I have in-laws who were positive but saw no reason to test the rest of the household. And the case investigators say cases refuse to list contacts and contacts refuse to test. I think the majority of testing is for pre-procedure and travel. And nursing homes, who have to keep testing weekly until the average comes down significantly. 

Oh, Ted, I do not envy training a puppy. They are so stinkin' cute, and so much work. It will pay off, eventually. 

Joe, that must have felt really nice to resume a normal activity with J. But a chance in bike paths might be fun, too. 

Stars, I'm glad Ozzie's insides are working again! Oh, the things we do as dog guardians! 

I'm thinking about my dad today, who passed away 8 years ago. He served in the Navy in WW2 and the Korean conflict. I drove to the cemetery for a visit yesterday, but it was so busy, I didn't even get out of the car. Maybe later today. 

Good day, all


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"Tell it like it is", Tweety! That nurse DID NOT need to do things that way, so tell her what goes around, comes around. She'll get hers in the cosmic way, right back at her! Her pulling that on you sure wasn't a "patient oriented" move, it was just a "her oriented" move. 

Joe, Nice to hear the reunion was easy-peasy! //Wish we had woodsy parks to walk here. We've got paved greenways, but the parking is dubious, as there are hooligans (hooligans! do I sound old or what?) who live to break into cars and steal stuff. I just don't feel safe wandering around through nature by myself like I used to do in Nashville and Asheville.

Ted, oooh, puppies can be tiring. That's why it's good to get them trained young, so their later years will be easier. My bestest dog was a 2 year old stray that jumped into my car when I opened the door to step out! He came "pre-trained" although he was a stray. It was nice not to have to chase him around to make sure he wasn't doing what he shouldn't and would do what he should. Kind of spoiled me. I had him for 10 years and he was the perfect pal!

 But even if we decide on a young pup, it can't be until Nannie has passed. She would drive Mother Theresa insane just telling her what the puppy was doing, thinking, wanting... because Nannie has no sense about dogs AT ALL! 

Yesterday I got hubby to help me take the old (20 years?) mattress that was FIRM when I bought it, off my platform bed;  It was one of those 12-14 inch thick things, good brand and all, but 20 years takes its toll! We put the thinner mattress (six inches thick and made out of different materials) on the platform. It was from the mattress and box-spring set that was on the bed in my room, when it was just used as a guest-room, and seldom slept on except by my step-dgt when she was a skinny little kid. (She came over and stayed with Nannie in the summer for a couple of weeks.) So, anyway, last night I test-drove it and it's a KEEPER~~~ because when I got up, aches and pains and sore places were SOOOO VERY diminished!

It reminded me of when I slept on a mattress on the floor! Absolutely COMFORTABLE! But I had trouble after a while, hauling myself up off the floor every morning (lordie that makes me sound like a drunk!) and that's what prompted me to ask SiL to build the platform for me. I decided about getting a firm mattress when I bought the thick mattress, but it has gotten mushed down by my habitual sleeping positions over time, and the edges of it were no longer firm. So, I am very happy to report the gypsies slipped away during the night some time, and they can stay gone for as long as possible!!! Hips, knees, shoulder, all remarkably were...while not fully AGILE ... not making me wince and hobble when I got up!

I was going to do laundry yesterday, but didn't, and it is highly likely that I WON'T do it today, either SO THERE!

Nannie's out beating the driveway (she walks 18 laps like she's on a MISSION!). I am going out to sit w/ hubby on the front porch.

Speaking of front porches, the baby birds have flown from the nest! The parents come back every once in a while to check out the nest...I think because WE only have seen 2 of the 3 babies flying around with them. 

Anyway, Keep the Good Memories on this Memorial Day! 

[j22, HEY!!! Ya did it to me AGAIN!]

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It finally stopped raining around noon and it got up to a sultry 61 degrees.  We had a productive day today.  We chose  our wedding ketubah (Jewish marriage certificate) and ordered it.  They are considered to be works of fine art, and fortunately, we were able to agree on one with very little negotiation.  We chose to go with a modern egalitarian text in both English and Hebrew, as opposed to old school paternalistic traditional verses in just Hebrew.  We will frame it after the wedding and hang it in our home.  We also bought our "breaking glass" that one of us will stomp on at the end of the wedding ceremony.  Some people use a lightbulb, but that's taking the easy way out, lol.  

My baby robins are getting big and barely fit in the nest.  It's been fun watching them grow, but I would like to be able to use my deck again.  Mama Robin gets very upset if one of us goes out there.

Joe-I am so happy you got to see J and spend some time together.  

Ted-How is Sedona doing with the potty training?  Does she sleep through the night?

Tweety-I would have some choice words to say to that nurse, too.  Patient dumping is not fair.  I still think even 5:1 is ridiculous for the charge nurse.  

NSIME-I'm glad Ozzie is back to himself.

J22-My Dad was a WW2 veteran, too.  He was Army, and was in the Battle of the Bulge.  That is kind of mind blowing about positive Covid people not listing contacts or not testing household members.  Ugh.

Hi to Dianah and Amo.  Hope it was a peaceful day for all.

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BCgradnurse - Please forgive me for asking, but when is your wedding?? (My mind is drawing a blank.) Seems like your wedding plans are going smoothly. Looking forward to seeing photos and/or videos! 🙂 As for Sedona?!? She most does her business outside. The only time that she "leaks" is in the morning when her little puppy bladder is full. (We let her out between 1 to 2 AM in the morning. The next time she goes outside has been between 4:30 to 5:00 AM in the morning.) As for sleep?? She sleeps in intervals all day long, usually every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. At night, she's usually in bed by 9:30 PM (and have been waking her up for potty time between 1 to 2 in the morning). 

NSIME - Hopefully the newish mattress will give you a good night's sleep. We have expensive mattresses on our beds. (Amy and I have our own rooms.) (My snoring even wakes me up sometimes, plus I sleep during the day when I work nights.) With regards to Nannie. . . hopefully all of the walking she does around the driveway will tire her out so that she soundly sleeps throughout the night.

nursej22 - Covid tests. . . The county where I live has a higher than average rate of positive Covid-19 tests, compared to other areas of my state.  It seems that many are refusing to get vaccinated (as reported by local newspapers and TV news stations). Not good. Sure do wish people would take this more seriously. Still, the overall trend is down, which is good.

Tweety - Not good that the one nurse was less than honest with her report to you for that change of shift admission. It's poor form, for sure.

Memorial Day. . . . 
I have three uncles who served in the Armed Forces, and fought during war time. All survived their tours of duty. My wife, on the other hand, has an uncle who died on the Beach of Normandy during WWII. William Holden was his name (my mother-in-law's brother). Today, we remember him.

Peace. . . 

Edited by Ted

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Our wedding is August 22nd.  It was supposed to be Sept. 13 of last year, but Covid happened.  

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