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    Quote from nursej22
    I wonder if the president is ill. He was almost manic up to election day, and now, he's barely seen and has canceled many appearances.
    I think that there is public evidence that the fellow's mental health is compromised.

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    Why do the birds go on singing?

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    Quote from Daisy4RN
    Depends on the language you choose to use. You can disagree and still have a polite conversation (or at least civil) about it. Some here choose not to do that.
    An important portion of polite/civil discourse is not taking offense when the disagreement is passionate. Defensiveness makes polite discussion impossible.

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    Termination of a pregnancy has ALWAYS been an option for a pregnant female. It is the God given choice of the woman to decide the fate of the pregnancy. She is the child of God who must kneel before the King and accept judgment.

    We will each be judged by our own choices.

    We get to choose how we treat women who finds themselves in need of help with reproductive choices. We can try to help them make healthy, well informed, and proactive choices or we can make it difficult for them to get information and access to choices that we don't agree with. Regardless of which way we choose women will have abortions. The difference will be how many and how safe.

    Current Christian conservative policy actively seeks to limit access to Planned Parenthood and puts roadblocks in the way of working poor women having their birth control covered by employee health plans. They often advocate abstinence teaching in public and home schooling. Those policies, largely lead to higher teen and unwanted pregnancies

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    Quote from Daisy4RN
    Well, in my opinion, being "open minded, respectful to allow others their opinion and to express it" IS being polite!
    It might be considered impolite to point out obvious fallacies and misinformation after someone had shared them as opinion, right?

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    Quote from Tweety
    I mentioned earlier my reasons for not really wanting Pelosi to the Speaker, apparently I'm not alone.

    Poll: 56% of Democrats Don't Want Pelosi to Be House Speaker | Fox News Insider
    She has a really good resume. We need someone leading the House with the ability to keep the group focused and effective.

    She has proven herself VERY capable of getting stuff done and we need to get stuff done.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    Let's just be polite with each other. We can discuss President Trump and not discuss each other. I will do my best.
    I think that a portion of the struggle is coming to terms with the people who allow despots their power. How do you characterize a group of people who would normalize the actions or attitudes of a bully authoritarian, in an online forum, without offending those who might see themselves in that group?

    It is important to identify and discuss the social groups, throughout history, that have advanced the rhetoric and agendas of despots. It is important to discuss the support and loyalty that Trump has within the social conservative voting base in this country. It is important to note that in only a couple of years Trump has redefined conservative Republican politics.

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    Are we all supposed to cheer when the bully fascist enjoys a good bit of news?


    The overall theme of this presidency is simply too dangerous to be that naive.

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    It's important to remember that Trump repeats things that he's heard or read once, somewhere. Clearly, Trump visits Internet sites which promote white supremacy because he sometimes shares their images and he uses their language and words. Clearly Trump doesn't fact check. One of his frequent sources is "many people". He repeats nonsense that he hears on cable TV talk shows. He is like a naive child who thinks that if he saw it on tv it must be real or if that host said it it must be true.

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    It's difficult to be civil when speaking about Donald Trump and the danger he represents to our republic.

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    I stand corrected. If you are an expert on Secret Service protocols for presidential travel, I'm not in a position to argue. Obviously, Trump must have said "If I can't fly, then screw it."

    What about the fire in Northern California, that has destroyed 7000 structures?
    What about that fire? Has Trump's tone or
    Twitter message been different?

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