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    I rather suspect that the prospective renter decided that homelessness was preferable to renting from such a nosy and intrusive landlord. How quaint that you believe that her political opinions were obnoxious and should be hidden should she want to rent from a conservative. Gays and interracial couples have had similar troubles in the USA. Is this what republican America will look like? Liberals have to hide their beliefs so as not to offend the conservative landlords?

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    Shouldn't you expect it to get warmer and more humid?

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    By the way, when it is -25°, -30°, -40° your vehicle won't start unless you have kept essential parts of the motor warm. You either have to plug in heating systems which are mounted in crucial places or you must run the engine to keep it warm. Some vehicles have an autostart that is on a timer and independently warm the engine.

    You might also want to check the cost of personal goods and groceries, not to mention essential things like health care or fuel for your van. Alaska is simply an incredibly expensive place to live.

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    There is a Permanent Fund Dividend paid to Alaska residents. This year it will be $1600 per resident. Note that current political leadership is trying really hard to turn that PFD account into a slush fund for government spending. If you can fit 4 or 5 kids into your van you could have a big payday. Lol

    You might be able to live in a van in Alaska somewhere south of the Alaska Range and closer to the coast line where the temperatures are a bit more temperate, but northern of the mountains it is much too cold to not have a reliable heating source.

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    I personally enjoyed the way that House Republicans showed their true colors when interacting with the FBI leadership (sans Sessions). Trey Gowdy was really annoyed that the investigation into how deeply Russia had it's talons into the 2016 election is still ongoing. He called for it to be wrapped up.

    Isn't that special coming from the guy who ran the special committee investigation into Benghazi for more than 2 years before quietly wrapping it up after Trump won, with no indictments, no guilty pleas, and no witches found.

    Jim Jordan looked like a partisan charlatan demanding sensitive documents from the most important investigation of his political career, so that he can try to use them to protect the POTUS.

    What seems to be true is that Republican legislators, attorneys, and staffers seem content to muddy and confuse the public understanding of these matters to defend their party.

    I am beginning to think that the average GOP voter is too confused and influenced by Trump's FAKE NEWS propaganda campaign to know what to think about the topic.

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    Quote from Mr_Edwino
    I double checked out of curiosity and I found that Donald Trump ran for the Republican party in 2016. He has never been a part of the fascist party that I could find, nor has ever supported neo-nazism, nor neo-fascism. Please correct me with a source (apparently that is a pre-requisite here for absolutely everything, opinions included) if I am wrong about this.

    Bob Whitaker was in fact, the presidential candidate in 2016 that ran on a fascist (neo-nazi) platform (this is all news to me) and he absolutely HATES Trump. That's weird, if Trump is an actual fascist, wouldn't those two get along? Perhaps run together? Have coffee and read each other Mein Kampf? Hmmm

    Here is my source:
    Bob Whitaker for President

    The fascist population in the United States is probably even lower than that of the KKK organization, a fringe group at best. I would prefer the number to be 0 personally for both groups, but you know, freedom of speech and the first amendment doesn't allow for censorship of any group, no matter how wacko they are unfortunately.

    I'm sure Whitaker would have been a big hit in Europe in the middle 1900s, or even now for that matter, in my research about fascism all kinds of things popped up about Europe (more recently Italy and Greece),but oddly nothing about the United States. As a matter of fact, I cannot think of a single fascist political figure in American history ever being elected, let alone a president. Since you Europeans are experts in fascism, and since this is such a popular topic which has permeated every page of the thread, let's see what data you can come up with to prove what you are saying is true. Maybe then we can make an more informed decision on "How will they judge us" after we see some credible information on this fascism claim.

    I didn't vote for Trump in 2016, so no need to continue calling me a Trump supporter, and I also voted against him in the primary.
    My apologies that you cannot recognize the symptoms of a fascist ideation.

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    Quote from Mr_Edwino
    Yeah, that WAS pretty hilarious. You guys are easy targets though. The "adult" conversation ended on the first page. I'm pretty sure I called all of YOU children about 10 pages ago, how original though Lil.
    You see the other AN members here as targets?
    That explains a great deal.

    We observed this type of disruption during the presidential campaign. The only difference is that rather than deflecting from discussion of Trump's incompetence with anti Clinton propaganda, they now deflect from Trump's fascist cruelty with anti immigrant propaganda.

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    Death Squads Should Gun Down Journalists, Ex-Breitbart Editor Says | Fortune

    I suppose conservatives will ignore the blatant call to violence in their rush to condemn the Democrat's call to activism. Milo is just a nice boy, and he was just joking, right?

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    Quote from Daisy4RN
    So much for trying to meet in the middle and have an adult conversation!
    Is that what you were doing?

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    What sort of a reputable child care facility requires 2 weeks notice for a visit?

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    Quote from Tweety
    Low taxes especially on businesses and job creators, elimination of regulations, allowing people the opportunity to improve their lot through hard work and not hand outs...just to name a few
    Corporate handouts only are favored by Republicans. They will sacrifice nearly anything to give handouts to the wealthiest.

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    I think that someone should explain what basic conservative economic values actually consist of?

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Ok. Whatabout Obama and DOMA? Whatabout Obama and immigration law?
    You must be confused. This is a thread about Trump. It even has his name in the title.

    I'm thinking about the young parents who are anticipating the births of babies with known health conditions. Trump makes their future's seem dark and scary.

    It seems that Trump is building the horrible America that he spewed in his inaugural address into an American reality.