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A Worshiper's Heart Devotional: Ducks in a Row

It was a typical weekday evening. My work day was done. I clocked out, sat in my car and began the 15 minute drive home. I was tired, hungry and ready to be in my cozy home. As I drove towards my...

A Worshiper's Heart: Devotionals for Daily Living, Part 1

As I sit here I am reminded of a beautiful song penned by the Musician, Michael W. Smith. He has written many wonderful songs but the words that I ponder on are "I'm coming back to the heart of...

A Worshiper's Heart Devotional: Crayons and Paper, A Lesson of Grace

Have you ever had to buy a present for someone who has everything? This can be a difficult task. They may already have what you want to buy them or can afford to buy it for themselves. In the same...

Canine Seizures: One Family's Story

Her name is Baby. I am a bit biased, of course, but I think she is the cutest little doggy in the whole world. She is a 4 1/2 pound Yorkie. She will be eleven years old in July and we have...