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    Thanks! I just got back from talking to the director, the nurse supervisors, and the HR guy. I should be able to start back after the holiday, if not sooner! I don't know what school I'd be at yet, but the director said she has a perfect spot in mind for me [emoji4]. I'm really excited and can't wait to get back!

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    It's been a few years, almost four I think, since I resigned from my school nursing job to be a stay at home foster mommy, but I was very active here while I was working. Well, a lot has happened in those years! My husband and I have adopted five awesome kids and have closed our home, so we will not be fostering anymore. We have a boy aged 10, and girls ages 8, 6, 4 and 3! We finalized our most recent adoption a year ago tomorrow, so we've decided the time is right for me to get back to work. I go tomorrow morning to talk to my former director of Health Services to see when she can put me back to work. My hope is that I can be placed in an elementary school where my 6 yr old kinder kiddo can come with me. She has cystic fibrosis and I've been homeschooling her so we can fit in extra treatments that keep her healthy. That will be a lot easier to do if she can come with me, plus she won't have to go to after school care at a daycare in our home district. Wish me luck, and I hope to be back in your ranks very soon!

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    Wow, I had forgotten all about this and apparently I won the contest! Shortly after this I resigned from my nursing job to stay home with the kiddos, so I didn't get to check AN much and apparently missed the notification. If anyone is interested in an update, my husband and I now have FIVE forever children who we have adopted in the past few years. Our oldest, and only boy, is 9 and the girls are 2, 3, 5 and 8. We are incredibly blessed. We are licensed for 6 kids and hope to go back on the foster list again later this year :-)

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    Wow, almost three years later and I just realize I won this! Shortly after submitting the article I resigned from my nursing job to stay home with the babies, and never really had time to check AN much after that. Pretty cool though :-)

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    Hi Texas nurses! I've been a SAHM for about 3 years, but I'm thinking about easing back into nursing. I want to take a refresher course, because I worked as a school nurse for my most recent 5 years working. But, I was wondering if the Fort Worth area hospitals still do the weekend plan, or are there weekend only shifts available? Thanks!

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    I recently discovered that there is an Indy Racecar driver named Will Power. Ya think his mom quit smoking while preggers or what?

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    Applicable to this board on many levels

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    I cannot tolerate contacts for 12 hours straight, so I would go with glasses if working in the hospital. I also agree with others that they give a bit of protection against the nasties as well. I'm a school nurse, so I do not work 12's and it is (usually) "cleaner" than the hospital, so I will occasionally wear my contacts.

    I wear a non-underwire bra that is also not a sports bra. I'm, er, top heavy, and most sports bras do not give me much support. This way I get comfort and support all in one.

    I have my full name and credentials engraved into my steth tubing. Was a graduation gift from my Mom.

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    I took the "faking no pain" line as a joke.

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    I've used baby gates in a small space (bathroom or hallway) to create a larger enclosed area. Usually this was with an older puppy who can already "hold it" for a while. Puppy pads are great in theory, but every puppy I've ever owned his torn them up.

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    I was digging for my baby wipes yesterday and thought of this thread. Apparently I left out a few things! I can't believe I forgot to list sunglasses. I keep one pair prescription and two pairs regular in my center console. I also have a CPR mask and gloves in my glove box, just in case.

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    Quote from Elvish
    I'm aware that CIO can works for some folks. I just choose not to do it because it goes against my maternal instinct.
    I agree. I have also heard a theory that CIO works with some babies with a certain personality, but for others with a more sensitive temperment it can in fact be damaging. I am not willing to take that chance.

    The other issue as I've stated is that this is a foster baby. I am not going to get into too much of his background, but it is safe to say that for the first 6 weeks of his life he spent a great deal of time alone in his carseat. Neglect is certain. There is NO WAY IN HELL I am going to subject a child whose cries went unanswered in his early weeks to CIO. That, IMO, is cruel.

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    ^The surprise party reminded me of something from my childhood. Every summer I went to sleep away Girl Scouts Camp. After 2 weeks my parents came to pick me up and surprised me with the information that we were not going home, we were actually going on vacation to the beach. I had a complete and total meltdown! Now, I love the beach and was not particularly homesick, but for whatever reason my little brain could not handle the sudden transition. Mom and Dad learned the hard way not to try and surprise me with a trip or anything big like that!

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    Quote from sharpeimom
    elderly tampax
    is the tampax itself aged or is this a new variety i am not aware of?

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    Between seats: Baby wipes, tons of napkins, my car charger, my Garmin, random papers, and I believe there may be a pacifier in there (can you tell I have little kids, lol).

    My mini-van has 2 glove boxes. Top one: ONLY my current insurance card and registration paperwork. If I ever get pulled over I do not want to have to go searching. Bottom one: pretty much just the manuals and stuff that came with the vehicle and all my service records.

    In the door I have a bottle of hand sanitizer. I have a compartment to the left of the steering wheel for change.

    Now, the BACK of the van...holy hell. It looks like Toys R Us blew up back there. Shopping cart covers (two types), carseat for the baby and booster seats for the big kids, random toys the kids bring and leave, empty cups and plastic baggies from snacks on the go, a slew of baby toys to keep the little one occupied if he starts melting down while we're on the road. I do clean the trash out at least weekly but the rest of the junk tends to stay.