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    Quote from Spidey's mom

    Yeah, I know . . . .I just let you in on a little secret . . .that my mind works in mysterious ways.

    Have a lovely Sunday. (No plane crashes!).
    Uh, newsflash Steph.... it wasn't that big of a secret.

    Also, I know how the majority of nurses hate statistics (at least taking the class) but the truth is, your chance of having "issues" while driving to Reno is about a 2000 times greater than having any problems during your flight. So fly relaxed but drive like every other driver on the road is an idiot.

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    You're kidding me!! Davey Do is a guide! A guy disappears for a few months and when he comes back to visit, the inmates are running the asylum. I wonder how long you're going to keep pulling off this charade Double D?

    It's good to see some familiar names still here. I can't believe Sabby is moving again. Seems like it was only a year or so ago she moved into that lovely natural wood finished house.

    I know, I know, I'm posting in the wrong day's thread; but if dear, sweet herring can do it I figure I can too.

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    Pejorative (with this crowd maybe I should have gone with purgative )

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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Can't see it. Don't remember this at all - but then sometimes I come across threads where I've responded and I have no memory of that response. Early-onset dementia? Did I send Ted a photo? I have no idea.
    Do you remember to admitting to having Monkey Toes? Or that you slept with a fan on?

    Double D!! Good to "see" you! I can't believe they still let you wander around on the side of the doors that have locks! I was just thinking about you and the Blue Funk today. Dad didn't remember 53 Chevy's having a foot starter; I told him I was pretty sure they did. I think you and I had this discussion once.

    Anyway, to the point of your thread, here is a classic:

    Read this clear through and you'll learn all sorts of intimate details of some of the AN crowd. You'll learn who sleeps with the fan on; who sleeps with sox on; and who sleeps with nuthin at all on!

    I also learned from this thread that if a woman is well endowed, it's a good idea to memorize the color of her eyes; there might be an important quiz at the end of the date!

    I hope you enjoy the read; you'll even see a few rakish comments from yours truly!

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    I don't have adequate words to say; but I see Esme found some old familiar smilies that can speak for me. Take care, dear friend.

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    Good morning... or I should say good night. I need to get to bed as I fly home tomorrow.

    It's probably the late hour that makes me a bit cranky, and I should just keep my mouth shut, but I won't. I just posted on the thread about AKY and was looking for a "heart" in the selection of smilies. Just a heart... didn't even have to be a pulsing one like there used to be. A simple, static, heart would have been fine.

    Besides no heart, I saw no flowers... nor hardly any other uplifting symbol. I did see a pile of crap, however, which almost seemed to be a metaphorical expression of the whole selection of smilies.

    Lack of time is the greatest reason I don't come to the site much anymore, but I also am not a big fan of change; especially when I don't perceive the change to be for the better. From the taking away of the journals to fiddling with smilies, there hasn't been a single change on this site that I have embraced. (There are a number of posters, however, that I would embrace if given the chance. That alone keeps me popping in on occasion.)

    There, rant over..... and if it was 5 years ago I would have the perfect smilie to post. But since it no longer exists, I'll just go with this one; my salute to the smilies. oop:

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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    There are no words to let you know how much I appreciate all of you.
    Kolohe, our relationship seems quite unbalanced. I am the friend who gets all the benefits. You get splinters....
    Grandpa owned sawmills and Dad's a logger. I've been around wood all my life. I like wood... and splinters are wood, albeit quite small. But don't forget, size doesn't matter.... <3

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    ((((AKY)))) From your friend... without benefits. Although as I recall we never reached an agreement as to just what the term "benefits" entailed....

    (A bit of a private joke between AKY and me.. wait a minute... it might have been in a thread, so maybe it's not that private after all!)

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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    Hi all.
    Just got back from hospital. Spent last night there and slept much of today. SO still on vent. They now have decided he has had a stroke sometime after admission. CT scan yesterday. I went back to hospital to check on him after he had an MRI today. Of course they had to snow him for the tests. Last night I was there as they did not want to snow him to get the opportunity to get him off vent. Now on hold until results of MRI. He was able to follow commands, answered questions well, and knew family. Tearful often and upset with mitts.

    Yesterday when they discovered the stroke I came apart. Deja vu all over again. I called my DS to come stay with me at the hospital for awhile until I got it together again. Anyone who gives me a hug will get a drenching. My son just held me and let me cry. I have great children and he really understands and is good at doing the right thing.

    Thank you for the kind words and prayers. They mean so much to me.
    I'm sorry too. (((AKY))) I apologize for the levity with my teasing of Sabby. I read her post this morning and as soon as I got back to the motel I decided to reply to it. I didn't finish reading the thread until now. I can understand your sense of deja vu. If I remember correctly that was only about 5 years ago this December... You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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    Quote from Sabby_NC
    Good Morning Dear Friends,


    Hope you are all doing well this Sunday although...
    We had another great hike....

    Walked a few miles along a train track then back down when we saw the trail, the dogs were in seventh heaven....

    Not sure where the hike is today but hopefully some where different....

    When we got home I dashed off to get the groceries while hubby started cleaning....

    I am glad we got that done because I wanted another waxing before the weather turns cooler with increased rains etc just to give it some more protection more than anything...

    I've modified Sabby's post to be about how it looked as I was reading it. I was in a hurry and was just scanning it to get the gist of what she was saying. I sometimes use the old trick of reading just the first line of a paragraph.

    When I got to the last paragraph I've copied, I'm here to tell you that I really took notice. I had an imaginary conversation with Sabby that went something like this:

    "Say WHAT?? Uh.... OK... I'm not sure I needed to know that.... But I am kind of confused; just what kind of perversions do you and the DH have planned that you need to get a waxing before it rains? I'm no prude, but I just don't understand the connection.

    "And besides that, do you appreciate the irony of a woman from Tassie having that particular procedure done?? I mean.... you're the one who educated us all on the "Map of Tassie" and now you're going to desecrate it?? Where is your sense of patriotism woman!!?"

    I got about that far in my imaginary conversation with Sabby when I finally read the paragraph ABOVE the one where she had apparently told me more than I need to know. Then the light went off.... "OH!!!! That kind of waxing... now I get it!"

    Hi everyone! I just popped in to see what was going on. I still think about everyone here; and follow some on FB, but I just don't have enough time to work two jobs, spend time on FB, AND spend time on AN. I do pop in and sneak a peak (in a manner of speaking) every once in a while. Take care.

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    I wanted to do Scary!! My one word was going to be....... "Medic2RN"

    But instead I'm stuck with "Gary".... Answer IS!

    Indiana (Yes, I like "The Music Man")

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