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    I have the "to do" list ready for him/her when they arrive!!! I'm already reclined with my romance novel - when can I expect them?? heheheeh

    Seriously, we tried a maid (the one my mom uses) a couple years back and she didn't do that great of a job - I decided I'd rather do it myself - unfortunately by "letting her go" I shot myself in the foot and hubby doesn't think we should try another maid!!! DANG IT!!! I'm a full time ******* student/mother/housewife!!!! HELP!!

    Had to postpone homework this week just to get the stupid house straightened up! It's ridiculous! I don't have anything to give up to free up the funds either! bummer.

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    My "baby" brother taught me this lesson! He got so mad at me for forwarding stuff to him he threatened me with bodily harm (not really) if I kept it up! Pointed me to snopes and urbanlegends and told me to "research" things BEFORE I email

    I have learned to reply with the links now when I get those emails...their frequency has declined considerably!!

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    Beeyouteeful!! I wouldn't mind a "new baby" myself - minivan's getting old

    Side note - glad my son isn't the only one that wears the dual vented jeans

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    A friend of mine gave me her careplan books (she just graduated) and I use them a lot for interventions and rationales!! I know what I want to do in my care plans - but the books help me to word them and come up with complete rationales!! Barnes & Noble and Borders books carry care plan books and will let you browse them thoroughly before purchasing! (I even have a couple classmates who sit in the store and write out their care plans).

    As far as drug cards...I use Davis too and last semester I just used the CD that came with the book and printed out the info for the drugs my patient was on...this semester we weren't require to give as much info so I wrote out 3X5 cards with the info I needed.

    I hope that helped - you can PM me for more information if you'd like!

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    Wow Wendy!! You bout made me cry!! I may have to quote you - awesome "speech" material

    Even though I'm still on the road to 'becoming' a nurse - I am definitely transforming into a "different" person than I've been - and this is a GOOD thing!

    Self-confidence, assertiveness, boldness - the list of "new" traits goes on!! I've found my calling. I am becoming the nurse I was intended to be! More changes are coming! I can't wait to see "what I look like" when all is said and done

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    *sigh* I got it right off (NOT!!) My poor overfilled brain can't take this kinda "amusement"!!!

    I think stuff is startin' to leak out the sides!

    Just how much stuff can be crammed in a brain at once?!?!


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    Originally posted by alwaysthere
    cant see the pics
    I can't see them either

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    Here's a trick I've heard...Barnes&Noble and Borders book stores will let you "browse" their books (i.e. read them in the store) and my local branches carry Care Plan books.

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    GOOD FOR YOU!!! Glad your day was fantastic! Now...remember this feeling when you have another "bad" one!! That's the trick! Hold on to the really good ones to pick you up when you're down!!

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    I'm guessing it was meant to be a scare tactic...were you notified in advance that this film was to be shown?? We got a notice from my daughter's teacher (she's in 5th grade) that they were gonna have "the" talk this week. The "permission" slip at the bottom was to opt out...which is fine, cuz we've already had "that" talk - so it should be review for her anyway...

    if it helps your daughter any - I was petrified of the "smells" and how I would react...literally braced myself to meet the floor, but it didn't happen I think it's just one of those things you have to wait and see

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    Originally posted by Susy K
    Yes I know. It's an experiment.

    Shell, what's an orb? Wasn't that some 80's game like Rubix Cube?
    Sorry it was a bad joke - in referrence to that 'ghost story" thread- there was a link posted that supposedly had pic of paranormal stuff and most of it was pic with these stupid "orbs" of light in them...there's a round thingy in that second pic that reminded me of one of those thing - like I said - sorry

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    OMG you guys!!!!

    (reference to the "ghostly" thread...anybody else see the "orb" in the second pic of Aaron?? hehehehe)

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    couldn't find a "newer one" and the video I was thinking of is Willie Ames (from Eight is Enough - guess I got the curly hair dudes mixed up) but here's one that I had in poster form on my walls

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    Originally posted by hapeewendy
    shells its okay that you have "those" feelings for me but really this isnt the right thread to express them , I'm not a celebrity you know

    move on over to the thread "do not read if you are shy" etc
    feel free to make it a wendles lovefest

    I know why you thought of me ,cuz I always say silly things like hottie mchotterson ,dont I ?
    HEY!! HEY!!! Backerdown a notch Wendles!! I was referring to the "language" - but of course, you KNEW that...just pickin' on poor little me...

    I'm trying to find a "better" pick of Christopher Atkins (newer one) I think he's in a new video series...looking for evidence