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    I recently completed working in the US territory of Saipan on a 2 year contract. The pay was $25 an hour plus a monthly housing stipend. The government of Saipan paid all expenses for flying me and shipping my belongings to and from Saipan. In addition people who work in Saipan don't pay into federal income tax or social security so there are very few deductions taken out of your pay check.

    Even though Saipan is a US territory it is more like a third world country. I had read alot about Saipan and talked to people who had lived there before I went but I still wasn't prepared for what life is like there.

    I am glad I had the experience of living and working in Saipan but I did not enjoy it. If you want to more details about what life is like in Saipan check out the website

    Saipan is located near Guam and the economy in Guam is very bad. Rent there is much much higher than in Saipan and the pay for nurses is lower. The University of Guam has a nursing program that fills the nursing needs for their hospital and I heard a few months ago that there were no open nursing positions at the hospital.

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    Yes, you can become a RN with a 2 year degree which is an ADN. This is an Associates degree in nursing. I don't know how ADN programs work because I was in a Bachelors program for nursing. But in my program we chose an area of nursing we wanted to specialize in and we had all of our clinicals (where you do hands on nursing in the hospital or community) during our senior year in our speciality area. This included a semester long internship in our speciality area. I don't think that they do this in ADN programs but I would let them know from the start that you want to go into psych nursing.

    You don't need any special courses or training to get a job as a psych nurse. Just graduate from an ADN program, pass the NCLEX and apply away. Since you have worked as a psych tech that will look good on your resume and will work to your advantage in getting a job as a psych nurse. Another thing that will help to your advantage in getting a psych job is to volunteer for organizations where you interact with individuals with psych problems such as Special Olympics.

    Hopefully wherever your wife gets stationed there will be psych employment opportunities. Though inpatient psych jobs are getting fewer you can still find empolyment in outpatient settings such as commuity mental health centers, group homes, jails, mental health rehabilitation centers, etc.

    Psych nursing also encompasses working in chemical dependency/substance abuse, forensics and with the developmentally disabled. There are employment opportunities working in inpatient and outpatient settings in these areas.

    Hope this answers your questions. If you have any more questions just ask!

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    Excellent article Hardee!!!

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    You sound alot like me. I worked as a psych tech for a couple of years then decided I wanted to further my education in the area of psych. I debated whether to major in psychology or nursing and was advised by others working in psych that I could do more (and make more $$$) with nursing degree rather than a psych degree. So I got a bachelors degree in nursing and became a psych nurse. You can make a decent living as a psych nurse and the pay is the same as other areas of nursing. Over the past 20 years I have worked as a psych nurse jobs have become more and more difficult to find as psych hospitals have closed, psych units in general hospitals have closed and outpatient mental health clinics have closed. The jobs for psych nurses are still out there but they are nowhere as numerous as they once were.

    A couple of years after I got my nursing degree I went back to school to get a masters degree in psychology. I worked while going to school and after a year I found that psych at work and psych at school was too much psych!!!! So I changed my major to health care administration and got my masters in that area. With this degree I worked in various management and administrative positions at inpatient and outpatient psych facilities.

    I am now going to be starting law school with the goal of working in mental health law. So I would say that a bachelors degree in nursing and working as a psych nurse is a good foundation from which you can move into other areas in the psych field!

    Good luck!!!

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    The shortage will continue until the work environment for nurses drastically improves. For me life is too short to have to endure the stress of working as a nurse any longer so after 20 years I am leaving nursing and am returning to school to pursue another career.

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    Originally posted by diana_42431
    I am a Clinical Social Worker, I see way too many nurses concerning themselves with mental health issues beyond the scope of their practice.....just nurse your pt. as you would any other....leave the mental issues to those who have been properly trained.
    EXCUSE ME!!!!!! Just what makes you think that nurses aren't properly trained to work with patients with mental health issues???? Do you have any concept of the education nurses receive???? Do you have any concept of the specialized education and training psychiatric nurses receive???? Your are obviously suffering from delusions of grandeur!!!!! Get some help!!!!!

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    After 20 years as a RN I'm getting out of nursing. I start law school in the fall with the goal of working in an area of law that is in no way related to nursing or health care.

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    I have my Masters Degree in Health Care Administration. I decided to get my degree in this area rather then in Nursing Administration so I could do overall administration rather than just nursing administration. I have been the manager of the psychiatric department of a hospital and was the administrator of a psychiatric hospital.

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    I have always become faint and sometimes passed out at the sight of blood, prior to nursing school, during nursing school and during my 20 years as a RN. I went to nursing school to become a psych nurse and have only worked in that area. No blood and guts nursing for me!!!

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    My original plan when I became a RN was to work a couple of years then go to law school. 20 years later I am finally getting out of nursing and am starting law school in the fall. If you have a dream to do something other than nursing it is never too late to go after that dream!!!

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    I won't take a travel assignment for less than $35 an hour. If an agency doesn't want to pay me that amount they don't get the privilege of having me work for them!!!

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    Stay away from them!!!! I have heard nothing but bad things about them!!!!!

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    I went to school for both my BSN and Masters while working full time and being the single parent of a disabled child. To this day I have no idea how I was able to survive that six years!!!!

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    There are strict Federal Laws against sexual harassment and something that seems as benign as someone commenting that your clothes or hair looks nice is considered sexual harassment. As long as flirting behavior in the work place is tolerated by those who receive it and is not reported through the appropriate avenues this type of unprofessional behavior will continue!!!! The hospital I work for does not tolerate sexual harassment in any way and follows the Federal Laws strictly. I know of 2 former employees at my hospital who were fired for flirting with coworkers who were offended by it and reported it. How to deal with flirting doctors? Simple, report them to the proper authority in your hospital who deals with sexual harassment complaints!!!!

    Also ladies, watch yourselves with flirting with Docs!!!!! They could make a sexual harassment complaint about you!!!!!

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    I worked in a third world Pacific island country for 2 years where I developed and then managed a mental health clinic. The work was rewarding but I hated living in a third world country! I had traveled extensively around the world and had done much research about the area I was going to prior to going there so I didn't think culture shock would be much of a problem but boy was I wrong!!!!

    I suffered from culture shock so severly that after several months I had to start taking antidepressants to cope with my living environment. You never realize the little things you take for granted in the western world until you have to live without them. If you don't get ill from unsanitary food, water and raw sewage you will from living on the staple of spam, vienna sausages and coke. The electricity was unreliable and was sometimes out for days at a time. There was an air conditioner were I worked but none where I lived. It didn't cool night and not being able to escape the constant high heat and high humidity when outside of work was a times unbearable. Also, you will be sharing your living quarters with lizards, snakes, rats, giant frogs, cock roaches, giant spiders and anything else that wants to visit you.

    Remember that you are going to be thousands of miles from home and if any problems occur you are on your own. If you have any American coworkers they may not be willing to lend support as they may have their own issues they are dealing with. I found that some of the doctors and nurses I worked with who were from the States were working in the third world because they had lost their license to practice in the US and a couple of doctors were on the run from the law. Don't expect support from your coworkers who are from the indigenous population either. They may be superficially friendly but in my experience I found that they didn't like Caucasions or Americans and if you were both they really didn't like you.

    I know this sounds aweful and it was but you need to be prepared for what your life will be life so it won't come as such a shock. Again I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience and I'm glad that I had the experience of living in the third world but I sure didn't enjoy it!