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    the best quality of an effective communicator is LISTENING
    it can also be one of the best gifts you can give your patients

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    ive tried the apple juice to dissolve prevacid for feeding tubes. it sure didnt work for also didnt work to unclog the feeding tube.

    i think ive found something useful in everything i learned in nursing school. for me the worst part was the mentality of it...the white tower nursing.
    as a student i used to wonder how all of those nurses could be so perfect....

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    clean for wound care and sterile for central lines

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    i get them when i need them in my knee and sometimes in my thigh near where i have a metal plate. have also had them for bone spurs.
    i dont find them all that painful, altho they do hurt, they dont last long and its soooo nice to be rid of that pain.
    with my knee it usually swells for a day or two after the injection, after that the pain relief lasts me up to a year or more.
    i KNOW thats not usual but its how my strange body works.

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    thanks for all your advice and links. i knew i could count on you.

    lasvegas...thats exactly what they think i have...rsd
    and prn...ive considered lupus as well...
    i mean ITS SOMETHING...
    pain like this and swelling isnt normal.
    i do have an appt with a neurologist sept 4.
    i dont know what im gonna do till then.
    tomorrow i am calling the pain clinic...yet again.
    i NEED meds or i NEED admitted ....this needs treated.
    on my way to check out those links

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    thanks you guys

    ive tried neurontin....extreme nausea with dry heaves
    ive tried toprimax....irritability, insomnia and muscle twitching of the right leg.

    it does sound like diabetic neuropathy but im not diabetic. i told the doc last night that if i were diabetic he would treat me. he said....noooooooo thats not true.

    it wouldnt be so bad if i could get appts right away. its the waiting that sucks.
    how can i MAKE them medicate me?
    im feeling like a junkie for asking. they make you feel like a seeker. yeah i guess i am a seeker....seeking to get some relief.
    i have even asked them to inject one of my feet with novacain, at least i could get some relief for a little dont do that.
    and im thinking why am i feeling badly about asking for a medication that i KNOW will help me. whats wrong with these docs?

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    i cant take this anymore. im so lost...i no longer have any kind of perspective.
    im hoping someone here will be able to help me clarify my thoughts in order to get a plan of action. i dont know what to do anymore.

    last april i noticed a black spot on the great toe of my left foot. extreme pain. stayed off the foot, spot stayed pain subsided.
    may 22...pain came back ten times worse than ever. spread to the foot completely and up above the ankle.
    multiple visists to pcp, specialists...diagnoses ranged from gout to cutting my toenails too short. purple/blue of whole toe and partial interior part of left foot.
    pain increasing. given scripts of narcotic pain killers off and on to treat pain. good pulses present in both feet/toes
    june 16, both feet black and mottled. admitted to hospital. excrutiating pain. vascular studies are "normal". pulses present.
    june 18, angio performed ...aortic stenosis...stent placed in part of aorta near where it branches off to supply the lower body.
    color improves, pain does not.

    doc after doc after doc after doc.
    pain is increasing in intensity. pcp refuses to perscribe narcotics as many years ago i developed a dependency to a duragesic patch i wore for months. referred to pain clinic.
    vascular studies repeated...exact same outcome as the day before the angio..."normal" ...vascular surgeon signs off.

    first available appt to pain clinic is over a month. pain treated thru ER'S with narcotics. EMG done...nerve damage to some of the secondary nerves in the right foot. ...probable neuropathy. (from poor blood flow for an extended period)
    neurology consult....A MONTH AND A HALF TO GET AN APPT.

    visit to the pain clinic...
    s/s...swelling of left foot/ankle...inability to bear weight. toes turning colors ....went from bright white to deep purple during the exam. blanching of right great toe, sweating of lower extremeties.
    at that time the pain was centrally located in the left foot/calf.
    was given topromax as a trial of neurontin was unsuccessful. also given specially mixed lidocaine cream. sympathetic nerve block scheduled for SEPT 3.. to rule out reflex dystorphy.
    pain clinic docs refuse to order any pain medication to treat the pain other than those two. there has not even been a diagnosis of neuropathy yet. docs said that it will take 2 months for the topromax to work. i asked them what i should do to treat the pain in the meantime and they said to keep doing what im other words....suffer.

    friday morning i awoke in so much pain i couldnt stand it. it has now spread to both legs from the tops of my thighs to the tips of my toes. they BURN like they are on fire...literally. walking is torture. i cant get comfortable. i can sit for a few minutes, then i have to lay, then sit then lay. sleep is impossible. the cream helps some but not much. there is also great tingling in both legs and violent twitching of my right leg.
    i went to the ER and had my pulses checked....they were good...i was given 15 vicodin at that time. since one vicodin is ineffective that means i had 7 and a half doses.
    i was out by late sunday night.
    monday was one of the best days ive had in a long time. i didnt need ANY pain meds other than advil. the cream worked well. although i still had constant pain to both my legs, i was able to control it with position changes and the cream.
    i went to bed about midnight...still feeling fine when my legs started cramping and burning.
    i rubbed the lidocaine cream on both legs all the way to the top liberally. it didnt help at all. i kept changing positions. i tried imagery...i tried diversion. i tried EVERYTHING. i never slept. i tossed and turned and hurt and cried. and i hoped it would pass.
    about noon today i called the pain clinic. i am waiting to get into a new pcp as i feel his refusing to treat my pain is malpractice in itself but that takes a while for my insurance to change over.
    the pain clinic is supposed to be handling this.
    their solution was for me to go to the emergency room.

    i got the same doc i had friday which was cool cos i think hes good...this is the hospital where i work btw.
    he felt that i am having a dependency problem because i am asking for pain pills and going to the ER. he told me this could not continue.
    the ONLY reason i was there was that the pain clinic sent me there. the er doc sent me back to the pain a ping pong ball.

    i am greatful for the concern of the ER doc...really. but NOBODY is helping me. he called the pain clinic and gave me 10 vicodin. i dont get the nerve block..which im not sure will even work...until sept 3. cant see the neurologist until sept 4.
    10 vicodin are not going to last me. when it comes back like this again im going to just be screwed. totally absolutely screwed.
    when this pain hits me as it does, my blood pressure goes up. today it was 159/100. this is with 100 of lopressor.
    when my pressure rises like this i get a migrane. i cant eat. i cant sleep. i cant walk. i cant do ANYTHING ...literally....i cant do ANYTHING.
    even with the pain control of vicodin my activities are restricted. i havent been able to work. i cant go anywhere. i cant walk for long periods, i cant stand. my pain is constant and at times extreme.
    i just want my pain under control. i dont necessarily NEED narcotics to do that but they are what has been giving me some relief. i will try ANYTHING. im at this point considering accupuncture.
    i dont know where to turn next. who do i go to? i am so terribly frightened of the pain as well as them never being able to determine what is causing it. i cant live my life like this. its not a life. its sure not living.

    i let the ER doc have it. i yelled and i cussed at him. i snapped. im so tired of being tossed back and forth. nobody is denying there is something wrong with me...they can see that there is ...but nobody knows exactly what. my doc at the pain clinic let me know that he doesnt have a magic bullet. its going to take time to find the what do i do in the meantime?

    why am i so wrong for asking for pain relief?
    i dont understand.
    and i feel so betrayed by the very system i am a part of.

    im so lost

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    trying but cant think of much to say to comfort you.
    it so hard losing someone you love, especially at such a young age and by their own hand.
    comforting thoughts coming your way

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    thanks for the info........
    guess this has been going on for a long time.

    never thought about it before but yeah in the event of a leak your thyroid might be the least of your worries.

    i wouldnt live near one of those plants either.

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    you handled that so well...
    i had nearly the same thing happen in the same way....pulled the breakfast tray over for her. she was 23 years old and wouldnt do anything for herself. she wouldnt even wipe herself. i told her she needed to get out of bed some time that day because she had been in bed for 2 days and it wasnt good for her. this somehow translated to:
    get your azz out of bed and go get your breakfast tray yourself
    meanwhile the tray was right beside her.
    and stupid me argued with her....this only made things worse.
    since i was orienting at the time this went into my record under people skills.
    now i just document it.
    i will go in the room and say ...mrs k...did i say something to offend you?
    if i can correct the situation that way (like you tried to do) then ok, if not i do let the mgr know there is a problem and thats all you can do.
    and it really stinks

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    i dont live near any of move too...
    but my question i suppose is ....doesnt iodine decrease thyroid function?
    are you taking a chance of having thyroid problems with this kind of "protection"?

    all those years that plant has been around....makes you light of the terrorists....why are they passing them out NOW?

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    officials are passing out potassium iodine tabs to residents around three mile island to protect them from radiation in the event of a leak. would you take them?
    i dont know what i think about that.

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    i would have told her to shut up and let the kids handle it themselves. i cant see you being friends with her anyway.
    then i would have told her if her child cant handle her own problems she shouldnt play with the other kids.

    i had a call once from a friend asking me to tell my daughter to stop calling her son names. HER son is just like that girl and mom is just like that mom when it comes to her little crybaby.
    i told her no i would NOT talk to my daughter. i told her that she should stay out of it and let them take care of it themselves.

    i didnt want to fight with her over it. we would fight forever and the kids would be friends again.

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    i know how you feel. its been two weeks since sammy was killed and i still cant stop crying.