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    I know you haven't got the determination or energy but it is incredibly important that you see the right person. You would have worked with someone who always appeared to get things generally right and also possess some integrity that you can trust with your vulnerability. Someone who didn't gossip or indulged in negative comments about others. Pluck up the courage and approach that person. Explain your situation and ask them if they could help you find a mental health professional they would trust.That doesn't have to be a Dr. Capable people generally only have proficient people in their çircles. They will help you find the right Dr or professional to see.

    Your only job is to identify the right person to initially approach for help. That person if worth their salt, will help you unconditionally and immediately. But it's very important that you identify the right person initially who will be able to evaluate whichever mental health professional you eventually use. Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.

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    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    I've only been married half that time, 28 years; ask me again when I'm 96 years old, if I'm still here.
    What's the secret for 28 years? I grow bored of them so easily especially if I'm not given my alone time. I never ever impose any demands or expectations because I truly believe that it's up to each individual to make themselves happy. I want someone who compliments my faults and picks up the slack but I suspect it could also be because I have no expectations. So what's your secret?

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    I think one thing that is missed by the reporters is just what an angry man Trump is. He's incredibly passive aggressive and obviously manipulative. He gets the idiots like Scaramanga and Spicer etc to verbalize his thoughts whilst he deflects the blame. Sessions and Christie also fell into that trap. When they have absorbed enough that they become poisonous he jettisons them or use them as a sacrifice for deflection of whatever ongoing crisis has surfaced. The thing is he is in the big leagues of manipulating people and possibly he's been manipulated by Putin and some like McConnell and Ryan. I think as I suggested previously that McCain would do the honourable thing re the healthcare bill and hopefully expose some of the morons. I think Sessions could also know where skeletons are buried and being a consummate politician, spill some beans.

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    Did that Dr cut you open with a knife like thing?

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    I am hoping that John McCain, now that he has nothing to lose, does the right thing as he has frequently done in the past. I want him to lambast the current crop of sycophants like McConnell, Pence and especially Ryan because he has misled the most re just how disgusting they are. I want him to call out the Republican voters for being the Hypocrites they are in voting for Trump and hopefully enlighten them how dense you have to be to be taken in by so obvious a charlatan who admits to being a crook and told them to their faces that he loves the uneducated. The evangelicals for surely the most hypocrisy ever demonstrated. The very antithesis of what they espouse.

    There are many good Republicans out there but when you embrace such a scumbag, it becomes very difficult to ever trust your judgement again. This isn't a small aberration. This is a man even before the election had reams of data as to his deformed character and then amplified his vileness during his campaign and still they voted for him. I do not forgive easily or ever forget and have quietly gone about distancing myself from my Republican friends solely because of their judgement. Their perspective is something I do not want to intrude upon mine. People are complex animals and ever changing but that is only accomplished by engaging in reality and accepting FACTS. They appear to be budding facists with the propensity to embrace far worse ideology. Something is very broken here and I truly believe it's the education system. The level of ignorance displayed by this segment of voters demonstrates that they are simply unable to think for themselves and when someone so obviously dysfunctional can sway them so easily, with possibly the worst message delivered, in the simplest of statements, then, you have to accept they are unredeemable.

    Behavior is everything!!!! EVERYTHING!!!!

    Words mean absolutely nothing unless backed up with actions. Trump has openly demonstrated, truthfully I dare say, that he is unfit for any human gathering or even interaction due to his limited vocabulary and still they embraced him. Personally, I absolutely adore Trump for exposing the lies we have been fed re our wonderful Constitution and Govt checks. Words mean nothing because Trump's behaviors have made a mockery of our institutions and shown what a bunch of clowns we are.

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    Quote from heron
    Interesting, since I don't think they're bringing anything new to the table ... after all, white supremacism is rooted in Europe, isn't it? Somehow, I don't think their schtick is going to go over all that well elsewhere.

    They're not so much going global as they are going home. The generation before me ... those who fought the Second World War and largely dead now ... must be spinning in their graves.
    What I don't understand about white supremacists etc is the disconnect or pathology they have. It's almost like a schizophrenic response. People ONLY ever hate things they are afraid of! Most phobia operate on those principles. To my understanding, I would hate to admit that I am afraid of something because my method is always comprehension which then lessens the fear response. These big macho men who show off at every opportunity are afraid of these black people who when they controlled them were simply slaves etc but when economics and morality intervene, out go their Bible which was of course used to control us women and others and out comes the sheets of the KKK. Make no bones about it but as much as I love MEN, I also have a good helping of disdain for them. The most important person in my life is my father because he has never let me down ever. He's secure enough to see me as an individual first and a daughter and woman last.

    KKK and Brietbart types are cowards!!! They are also weak and insipid and to be used for what they are worth but never listened to because fearful people are always compromised. Tall women use to intimidate me to the point of me rubbishing them to make myself feel better, until my Dad intervened. Said I should simply ask them a few questions to establish their intelligence, knowing full well that only more intelligent people than myself would intimidate me. Problem solved. The only difference between all people is the use of grey matter and of course now finding out that my ancestors likely possessed Neanderthal genes whereas Africans are likely more human than us all because of no gene mixing.

    Imagine that, we are actually more ape like than the people who my race try to denigrate as ape like. But men of all races are equally as bad as each other. Rwanda, Cambodia, Germany, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia. Everywhere, black white and brown, all men commiting atrocities. Women are simply stronger in every department because my Dad says so. We always resort to using our brains to problem solve instead of testosterone!

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    I think the current crop of politicians are a reflection of what society demands. They are elected officials because you have an uneducated, gullible public who appears to be unable to differentiate real people from television personalities. When the masses have been conditioned by television and cannot distinguish between reality and entertainment, it becomes quite easy to manipulate them. Parents are unable to think for themselves and subscribe to the rubbish spouted by academics who have never lived outside of sterile academia or even lived lives. Psychiatrists and psychologists who are so obviously inadequate can dispense advice for payment and society not only allows this but it's a social distinction. How many politicians are lawyers and exactly how stupid are they. Ben Carson, a neuro surgeon and just how much of on imbecile? Michelle Bachman, a lawyer, Rick Perry a governor, Chris Christie a whale, when you allow these caliber of people to be successful role models, then the lunatics have taken over the asylum and the resultant ethics follows. This is a country where money is the benchmark for success despite how acquired. Boasting and self aggrandisement is an acceptable norm and selfies celebrated. Neither of my kids would dare practice any such behaviors without serious consequences. You are either considerate and respectful of others around me or I will quickly let you know regardless of whomever you are. My Dad is not my friend and I am not my children's. I am a parent and that's where you start learning ethics and morality, from your parents. Draw your own conclusions as to why our politicians are so bereft of ethics. We have a very broken society because we allow morons in Hollywood to teach us behaviors.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    Mueller DENIES he quit Trump's Virginia golf course in a dispute over fees as White House grasps for ways to muddy special counsel probing Trump finances
    The White House has opened up multiple attacks on what they consider potential conflicts of special counsel and his team of investigators
    One claim is that Mueller quit the Trump National golf course in Virginia when he was FBI Director in a dispute over fees
    Special counsel office says Mueller left the club in 2011 'without dispute.”
    President Trump said to be 'slightly ticked' over a disagreement regarding back fees

    Read more: Mueller DENIES he quit Trump's golf course in fee dispute | Daily Mail Online
    Somehow these idiots are unable to realize that piddling off Mueller is only going to open up an investigation on themselves. Trump's lawyers have all got negligible pasts and that is likely to lead to their disbarment far quicker than digging up dirt on Mueller and his XMen. It really should be made a FACT that stupid people are always going to embrace stupidity. Also, is Ivanka and Jared also from the stupid tree? How thick are these people to be unable to see the iceberg looming? Spicer was one of their biggest distraction and only hedges were in danger from him. Now that they've sacked him, àll topiary are in danger.

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    Just been catching up on the news re the pardoning aspect and I think I'm beginning to fall in love with Trump. This dude is straight out of Mordor and he is creating scenarios that will produce reading material that will have me give up men. Just how much academic entertainment can one person produce? The joker in Batman doesn't hold a candle to Trump. Law professors are salivating over the conundrums he's creating. Pardoning himself and his children? Just watch this space for the cape and looking for Lex Luther so he could find the kryptonite. Trump has consumed too many comic books and thinks he's Felonious GRU! Take a step back everybody and give Trump his due. Not even Stephen King could have drummed up these plot lines. He's a national resource and for intellectual stimulation should have political courses dedicated just to him. Mental illness definitions needs modifying for his pathology. Trump in the right era would have rivalled Napoleon and Alexander, he's so delusional. Surely, he's got to be mentally ill? He's doing a Gandhi. Just as Gandhi broke the British empire single handedly, Trump is destroying America single handedly. All three branches means absolutely nothing to him because ignorance is bliss. I think we should continue crowing about great our Constitution is especially when an ignoramus easily proves that we have been sold a bill of goods re our three branches of government actually working to protect against abuse of power!

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    So Tumpeteer is turning on his cronies! Who would ever have predicted that? Soon, we'll see the simmering anger and then the capitulation. People like him become like that because they lack strength and character. The pattern is always similar. Impulsivity always leads to mistakes and the evidence is piling up. Trump, I don't care about but McConnell, Pence and Ryan I want to burn because of their hypocrisy to not just Republicans but to an entire country. McCain could teach them a lot but I doubt such insidious characters could learn.

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    I say Let's apply some common sense and lots of logic. You believe a study that tells you that people who braved horrendous incidents and a perilous journey to get here, then jeopardizes their status so they can vote for Obama and possibly be caught? That's your opinion? They can't speak English but someone galvanized them to risk everything to vote? Even when I read the Sunday Times or The Economist, I always apply judgement because it's being written by someone who has an opinion that could be influencing their judgement. C'mmon Dude, even the Bible has unbelievable bits and contradictory statements!

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    I'm certain that you are aware that meeting all of the characteristics or signs of something is not necessary to determine membership in a group, whether it be a cult or a diagnosis group.

    Yes, I agree with the article.

    I think that the GOP used right wing media to cultivate a political ideology which was divisive and used messaging which increased anxiety, anger, and fear. Donald Trump is now the leader of that group. The cultists would support him if he shot someone in the street.

    I think that is cult behavior.
    I think that Trump watched that James Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies, and decided that it would be the template for his life. Create the facts to suit your needs and the public is so ignorant and gullible, they would never question anything because it's on telly.