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    Oh, this witch hunt is getting steamy!

    Just read in NY Times that Ms. Butina was willing to trade sex, for a position with a US special interest group.

    She allegedly was living with Paul Erickson, from the NRA.

    Yep, the Russians found the NRA to be "useful idiots."

    Looking forward to the next chapter in the witch hunt!

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    And the idiotic statements continue to flow from Trump's mouth.

    I told you all, the old man has lost his mind.

    Fifteen minutes ago, the NY Times posted that Trump said Russia is no longer targeting the US.

    This, of course, flies in the face of what US intelligence has been reporting.

    He also said that Putin was unhappy because no other US president had been so tough on Russia.

    Did Putin look like an unhappy man in those pictures from Helsinki?
    No. He looked like he was sitting in the cat bird seat!

    Trump looked unhappy. I suspect he realized at the last minute, what a bad idea it was to call the summit. He clearly was outwitted by Putin.

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    NY Times has a nice little video on Maria Butina. Lovely pictures of her with NRA heads, and even Scott Walker, of Wisconsin.

    But the best clip, is from a Trump campaign press conference, where she asks Trump a question. She introduces herself, as a visitor from Russia.

    Trump makes a wise crack about Obama being Putin's friend


    It was Trump who rolled over on Monday, and got that big belly rub from Putin.


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    Yeah, nothing says 'witch hunt' like a fleeing Russian spy, does it, Dude?

    Maria Butina had moved money, packed her boxes and terminated her lease, according to short news story in NY Times.

    Her detention hearing takes place today in federal court.

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    Quote from BCgradnurse
    Just as predicted. The continual minimizing and rationalization of Trump's actions, with a side dish of whataboutism. Yawn.
    They are running out of shade choices on the lipstick pallet.

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    Let me point out the obvious, Dude. This is an OPINION piece that you linked to, not an actual news story.

    It is clearly labeled as OPINION.

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    I didn't like everything he said, but looking at the big picture, it doesn't matter. Actions are bigger then words.

    Other presidents have done worse. Perhaps FDR's relationship with Stalin should be revisited.

    If Trump had given Putin a tongue-lashing, the NYT headline would have been "Trump acknowledges his election may be illegitimate".

    And let's not forget, if the election had gone to Clinton, the Russian meddling would barely be covered by the press.

    Life didn't begin or end with that press conference.

    I have been amused by the unhinged lefts reaction. Using terms such as treason, traitor and making comparisons to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Priceless!
    And I continue to be amused by the hard right's defense of the indefensible.

    While I certainly agree that actions speak louder than words, I have no idea what you are referring to!

    Yeah, there are sanctions in place against Russia. So what? There were sanctions in place under Obama. What's your point?

    And Trump called for a weakening of sorts, of sanctions, by calling for Russia to be readmitted to the G-7.

    The pig, is still a pig.

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    Quote from BCgradnurse
    Yes, I am also interested to hear what the Dude and Robert have to say about Trump's speech. My guess is they think it's all cool, cause Trump "misspoke". I anticipate hearing a lot of deflection and whataboutism. The conservative version of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
    I am sure both will enjoy using the Obama card, Tweety provided.


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    I encourage all to read the NY Times that contains the Tweets that I mentioned above.

    Be sure to read the piece in its entirety.

    At the end, is a quote from Pence, offering the most lukewarm praise of Trump's performance.

    Pence's former spokesperson, Marc Lotter, said the most outrageous thing during CNN interview, according to the piece.

    He actually encouraged people to stop focusing on "what happened two years ago," and instead focus on the benefits of a long-term relationship with Russia.


    Forget that Russians meddle in our elections, and continue to threaten our Republic?

    Anybody can slap on an American flag lapel pin, but this isn't the thought process of a Patriot.

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    Did you all see the Tweets the buffoon put out about his "performance" in Helsinki?

    They are in the NY Times thus morning.

    The most amazing one, and there are several, states: "Many people at higher levels of intelligence loved my press conference performance in Helsinki."

    It goes on to say his critics just want war with Russia.

    The feeble old man has lost his mind!!!

    Yes, Ben Sasse, John McCain, etc., want war with Russia!

    He also used the right-wing term Trump Derangement Syndrome. Apparently lots of folks in his own party suffer from TDS!!!

    Only the indoctrinated are free from it!

    He needs to go! He is a clear and present danger to our country.

    Oh, yes, you can only guess at his meaning of "higher intelligence" because expression through language isn't a basic skill he has learned to master.

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    What were the sanctions put on Russia a few months ago all about?

    No matter what Trump did, the full on effort by the press to trash him was going to happen. L

    Funny how no one cares how Obama did nothing about Russian meddling. And he knew about it as it was happening. They didn't want to tarnish Clintons victory.
    Yeah, Dude, you seem to have forgotten about the language change at GOP convention regarding Ukraine.

    We now know that Paul Manafort played a pivotal role in getting that platform language changed.

    Where is Paul Manafort now, Dude?

    Sitting in jail!!!!

    And what are you doing?

    Working on deflection.

    Don't you have words to praise your boy's Helsinki performance?

    It's obvious you have nothing in the tank.

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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Yes! I realize Trump has enacted some serious sanctions on Russia, but he really needs to get tough like his predecessor did.

    If you recall, in 2016, while the meddling was actually happening, Obama himself told us all that he told Putin to "cut it out."

    You're seriously still trying to put lipstick on this pig, Dude?

    No matter what shade you try, it is still Trump. Oh, sorry, I mean a pig.

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    Quote from toomuchbaloney
    Perhaps we should be wondering how they "won the election". We need to be brutally honest about what is and has been going on. Who were the Congress members with back door communications and relationships with the recently arrested spy?

    It's time for the Intelligence community to come clean with the country about who is holding whose hand.
    I am very curious about who is the unnamed American working with the female Russian spy.

    Donnie Jr.? Steve Bannon? Paul Manafort? Ivanka?

    Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!

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    Hi Nurseblaq.


    Heard a bit of Obama's comments today in South Africa, on what would have been Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday, via NPR.

    Contrast that with Trump's idiotic "double negative" defense/excuse.

    Does anybody actually belief this idiotic explanation?

    Listen to his comments. His original intent was very clear!

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    Don't forget that Trump accused Germany of being "capitive" to Russia.

    The only one "capitive" to Russia is Trump.

    How does any rationale person, NOT understand that this buffoon, diminishes the standing of our country, worldwide, each time he opens his mouth and says something stupid?