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    I've thought about it. In Texas a school nurse is allowed a "duty free" lunch. There is no reference to "where." If you're principal is aware of your lunch break schedule and approves of it, I think you're ok; unless you walk out to lunch in the middle of needing to care for a student or something dumb like that.

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    Quote from KelRN215
    People think this about any nurse who doesn't work on an inpatient unit in a hospital. It's been 6 years since I was a hospital nurse but consistently when people hear I am a nurse, the first question they ask is "what hospital do you work for?" I am currently employed by a hospital but I never set foot in it. I can't be bothered to explain what I do to (complex care management for medically complex children in foster care) to anyone outside of nursing, so I just say the hospital and leave it at that now.

    No one discouraged me from doing school when I was working in one though it was only a per diem job. My best friend who is a school psychologist frequently encourages me to look into school nursing purely for the schedule and town benefits. I have such a good gig now that I don't want to be tied down to a school schedule though.
    Kel...I want to say I've read many of your posts and comments and I think you are exactly where you're supposed to be; experienced, informed, engaged, and most excellent patient advocate; just sayin.

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    kndrpn and WineRN like this. won't be bored with that many elementary schoolers.

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    Did anyone try to discourage me...No

    3 words...Me, Myself, autonomy over my clinic. Just the way I like it.

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    Congratulations!! Welcome to the farm!!

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    You don't mention frequency of working summer jobs...

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    Good for you! You won't regret it. Keep in touch...congratulations!!

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    Well said! Well written!! Our school district went through some lean times but, fortunately, did not cut the nursing staff. We have 7 campuses and they are staffed by a RN on each campus every day. Excellent and factual points in your article and quite compelling. I completely agree. Thank you!

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    Quote from kidzcare
    ...the same rate of mental illness, the same freaking everything..
    Yes there are similarities, but I know and you know your statement isn't factual.

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    Quote from skylark
    This only happens in the US.

    And yet there are troubled teens in every country.

    Isn't it time to look elsewhere for solutions and accept that gun ownership needs to go?
    I'll agree it's time to look elsewhere... I think gun ownership needs to stay.

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    Quote from JKL33
    ...As a side note - - is it just me or does it seem like the asthma label/dx is applied fairly quickly/broadly? With years-long (unnecessary) consequences sometimes?...
    OMG! YES, I see that all the time on the elementary level; especially EIB. Drives me crazy because once the kid has has been brainwashed into thinking they can't go to PE without using their inhaler, it's over-dependency is set. However that same kid has no issues with going to recess without pretreating and puts forth 10 times the physical exertion as in PE. Abhhhhhh! And yes, the diagnosis arises from a single office visit. Ugh

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    Quote from OhioBPH
    My med pick up letters went out a couple weeks ago...
    I stopped sending these out several years ago. Nothing changed afterward; still the same amount picked up and same amount left over.

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    One of my favorite recollections is, as kbrn2002's nephew, a higher functioning kid with autism entered KG. I was standing with the coach in the gym and we both noticed this guy running toward the red box on the wall. We both immediately took chase but weren't fast enough before he pulled the fire alarm. He became quite famous for that. Last year he came through for his senior walk and "we" got our picture taken with him in his cap and gown, reaching out to pull that same fire alarm as I was holding him back! He calls me every year on my birthday...never forgets.

    This year I'm saying farewell to my kid with Type 1. I've seen this guy at least 3 times a day for the past six years and now he's moving on...gulp.

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    We disassemble the computers, clear the desk and counter tops and floors for summer cleaning. Otherwise, I walk away until August. the office staff is here for 3 more weeks and they have a key to give medicine to parents that may happen by to pick it up. When I come back, I see what medicine is left and deal with it then.

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    Quote from Flare
    This would definitely have my creep alarm going off too. Kudos to you on the steps you've already taken. I agree with Wine that 14 year old can be impulsive and if she is prone to arguing with her mother, then she might decide one night, "heck with it", contact the guy and be on the next bus to slave city. One question is raised - if no pictures were exchanged, then why does he tell her she has kissable lips? I feel like even though she is being very forth coming, there still may be another layer.
    No doubt...but even if you're be played a little, you did the right thing. Good for you!!