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SubAcute Nurse; from US
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currently working in the sub-acute wing of my facility. Loving every day and every new thing I learn. Nurse for over a year.

My last experience includes- LTC, Sub-Acute, rehab/detox, congregate living, and home health. I have just over a year experience and in that time I have had a wide variety of patients. i feel very lucky to have experienced so much in such a short amount of time.

I've had patients with SCI, TBI, muscular disorders, dementia, vent experienced- even though my facility has RT, so I don't practice too often, vent- CPR (scariest moment of my life), PEG/GT, packing wounds, and some others. I've been exposed to a lot of meds I never even heard of in nursing school, patients on dialysis and what that entails. New ways of doing treatments and supplies for tx.
I've learned so much in my year of working that I didn't get to see in nursing school and I'm so happy. Ive been fortunate to be exposed to new learning experiences.

I'm working my dream job. Couldn't be happier 💜💜

Posts: 165 (39% Liked) Likes: 112

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