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    Quote from Horseshoe
    Bold is mine.

    Based on your posts, I find that rather hard to believe.
    Then why you keep replying to my posts?

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    Quote from heron
    Then don't call me "hun". I'm not your child or your girlfriend and such endearments offered to a stranger are demeaning. A form of bullying, in fact.
    Oh my! Calling someone "hun" is bullying! Lay off whatever you're smoking!

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    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Yeah, I'm not sure how that story fits the "micro aggression" definition.

    Love the term "whippersnappers".
    Again, I will never tolerate bullying and will always speak against it. Sorry, I was a victim once, never again. I am not a "soft target " for anyone on here or any other boards to get their sick jollys on, because oh, they "have more experience" and I should just "take it". No sorry, it's not happening.

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    Quote from heron
    So, on the one hand, we have a culture of denial that refuses to acknowledge any wrong-doing at all, justifying it by boasting that they are aren't required to be politically correct and therefore are entitled to be as offensive, destructive and demeaning as they like.

    On the other hand, we have a culture of victimhood, in which any event that makes them feel bad, sad, mad or anxious is labelled bullying, which entitles them to dictate not only behavior but feelings, attitudes, opinions and non-verbal reactions, whether conscious or not.

    Meanwhile, we have totally lost the whole concept of balance. I suggest reviewing the concept of dynamic equilibrium.
    Balance goes both ways, hun. I encourage and accept criticism, as that's the only way one will learn and improve their knowledge/skills, but I do not tolerate bullying and name calling . It's not going to happen. Sorry.

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    Quote from DeeAngel
    Nurses generally speak very plainly and bluntly, a lot of people can't handle it. Please refrain from visiting this site if it doesn't meet your emotional needs.
    I am a nurse and I also speak bluntly (as evidenced above). That being said, bullying should not be allowed not tolerated, in any field, and even more not tolerated in nursing, when we depend on one another , and have ppl's lives in our hands.

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    Go ahead and work in acute care, 3x12. It is a lot easier than you think, and the pay obviously is a lot better (differentials and all). You will have 4 days left to study/complete assignments! Good luck! ( You will do just fine!)

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    Are all PCUs (cardio, Neuro, multi system, surg) considered critical care?

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    I love the science behind it, being active (I hate sedentary life) and the pay. I love that I can make a difference and earn a decent income at the same time, although I honestly think we should be paid a lot more than what we are.

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    Make sure you bring enough food/soda with you (water is plenty available if you forget to bring your own. Also, hygienic products, meds you may need, extra scrubs, extra undies, deodorant ( you will stink by 8 hrs into your shift if you don't freshen up), mints, pens (red and blue/black), mini markers, brainsheets (if you don't have one make one yourself, just make sure you get all (DX, HX, symptoms, alarms, allergies, Pulmonary, cardiac, GI GU, tubes, drains, etc etc . )
    Also, bring your positive self, and ignore mean doctors or nasty nurses. Be confident in yourself!! Cheers!

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    Quote from BSN16
    High School i definitely agree should learn basic CPR. I took BLS in a health class when i was in school.

    Elementary school on the other hand i don't really think it is appropriate. I have no idea of the statistics but how often do children go into cardiac arrest without an adult present? The chances of an adult going into cardiac arrest is much more likely-and compressions from a 7 year old on a 200 lb adult is probably nowhere near effective enough. So i just dont think it is appropriate, much better that they just call for help
    CA can happen at any age. Just recently a young girl died while on a transatlantic flight. But it's not just about cardiac arrest. What about them at least knowing the Heimlich maneuver, or first aid (how to stop a bleeding)? Adults are not always present when seconds matter.

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    Ugh, why am I not surprised! Thank God not all HCPs are like that though.

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    Those who put down posters, based on how long they have been on AN , or for any other reasons...

    Did it ever occur to you that people come here to vent/ask questions???most don't care to please trolls, they are here to communicate and get helpful feedback, not nasty posts .

    I came into this field because I love helping ppl. I honestly hope that none of those nasty nurses will attend to me or to my loved ones. It's scary.

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    I am so sorry to hear that. That is why I RECOMMEND TO ALL NURSES, PLEASE , PURCHASE YOUR OWN INS!!!

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    Quote from heron
    What you described in the OP was bad behavior but, until you provide more context - including your own behavior towards the "bully", I'm not seeing the incident as bullying.

    You have demonstrated in this thread that your first response to anything other than total agreement is ridicule, sarcasm and yet another pity party. But, of course, since you are the one doing it, it's not bullying because of the context of Ruby's other statements.

    You're accusing me and Ruby of "name-calling" without actually quoting the names we are supposedly calling you. In effect, you are trying to bully us into pretending that what you're doing isn't emotional blackmail.

    In short, given the behavior you've demonstrated in this thread, it's clear that bullying is actually OK as long as you're the one doing the bullying.
    You just asked me to ignore you, yet you keep replying. Oh my.

    My response to bullying was to walk away in shock. Not ridicule. I have grown since then, and I won't take being beaten down, only because psychopaths need their kick.

    You asked me to ignore you. Why do you keep replying to me??

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    Quote from Horseshoe
    She also has "the right" to tell someone she dislikes her. She cannot threaten to physically harm her, but expressing dislike for someone? Of course she (and we) can do that. If a fellow student was a racist or misogynist, I would reserve my right to tell him or her that I find them to be despicable if I so chose. I personally wouldn't tell someone I didn't like them because they are annoying as hell, but that's a CHOICE I make because of my values and personality, not because I have "no right."

    The OP has the same right to call this person out on her own bad behavior in harsh terms as well, if she chooses. Had she stood up for herself, it's likely the mean girl would have backed down. Lately it seems to be in vogue to try to shut down speech rather than addressing its content with our own dialogue. We really shouldn't be so quick to bar speech; that can come back to bite us down the line when someone decides we have "no right" to express ourselves. With speech comes consequences, however; that's a fortunate thing, and it would serve the OP well to learn how to deal with difficult people like this rather than backing down and repressing her feelings of offense.

    I actually bought have learned from that, and I'm taking action. I won't tolerate bull ever again, whether in is school/work or online field.

    Read my previous posts. I won't be stepped on again.