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Never let any one else, or circumstance define you.- me

The Axial age, death, religion, human progress, and what it means to be human.

I will post links with more information about what I think are significant developments in human history as I have learned them. I am also interested in other peoples perspective. THIS IS NOT MEANT...

The nature of love, a story about Agape.

In the beginning... When I was 18 the world was my oyster. I was supremely confident in my own intellect, and abilities. I thought nothing would stop me. I applied, and was accepted to a state...

Terrorism abroad, Paris, Pakistan, Turkey, Brussels. The universal problem of extremists.

Power vacuums lead to extremists, economic downturn, etc. It is in these climates when education, and peaceful rational discourse suffer. The west has contributed to the problem with the regime...