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Why?? Why is it that for my husband and I to own a home, we had to pay for college, get a job, and subsequently, my husband was in the Army for 9 years which allowed us a VA loan (no down payment... Read More

  1. by   Lausana
    I found out a from my friend today that another one of our friends is pregnant AGAIN, we all went to high school together...anyway, it related to this thread. She's about 4 months now and my friend asked her candidly "do you know who the father is this time?" (the 1st time it took about 3-4 paternity tests to find out, it was not pretty.) "Yes," she replies, "but he's no one special." My friend looked at me like a was a lunatic because I laughed so hard at this, but not in a humerous way, just thinking about that statement just struck me as sad. Who's my dad, mom?-oh he's "no one special". Then why did you have sex with him?

    I feel for both of her kids, it really seemed she'd got her life together, but I guess some habits die hard. I feel for her too, I've been there once, but the situation was very different & there's just not an excuse for it happening twice. Unfortunately, I know it's just a matter of time before she's receiving handouts because they're absolutely no way she could support them all since the deadbeat dads aren't around. And after you start getting help here or a handout there, it will probably never end. Man, that's depressing.

    What will I be giving as a baby gift?....do they have gift certificates to Planned Parenthood? :imbar

    (What's the deal?-I'm going to go into hiding from my family & friends before I hear anymore things I don't want to hear! I'll check in from hibernation! :chuckle)
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    Originally posted by BugRN
    I work in a family planning clinic where we give away birth control to teens free and they still get pregnant! 'It makes me fat" I tell them just wait and see how fat you get when you're preggers!
    Do you have kids, show them your battle wounds ( stretch marks) Mine are hideous, like spokes on a wagon wheel all over my thighs and butt. tell them about how they will NEVER get their figure back unless they have thousands of dollars and enough discipline for a personal trainer. And how about those lovely breasts that used to have a personality, but now are depressed, in major need of a lift, but they won't get it because they like the company of your knees! My son is almost 2 and my closet is full of clothes that still don't fit right. I'm the same weight as I was before I got pregnant, it just moved around to less thrilling places.
    Originally posted by Lausana
    What will I be giving as a baby gift?....
    Tell her you'll give her the most painless injection of Depo she'll ever have.

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    Originally posted by pkmom

    Gotta clear the air... I was married when I concieved. I am a major exception because I actually was a virgin until I got married.
    :imbar Whoops. Color me dumb! Sorry 'bout that. Well, THAT makes you even MORE of an exception.....whoa!
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    Originally posted by Lausana
    Who's my dad, mom?-oh he's "no one special". Then why did you have sex with him?
    Grrrrrrrrrrrr....EXACTLY. Hamsters are more discriminate about who they breed with than some of these teenage girls/young women.

    When my sister was pregnant (married) with her first child, there was some rap song out where the chorus went something like, 'he's just my baby daddy, he's just my baby daddy,' like 'oh, he's no one....just my child's father.' It used to really pi$$ her off to hear that song. Rightly so.

    Gawd. Hate to say it 'cause I sound like an old lady, but these kids today and young people have NO SHAME or sense of decency when it comes to sex.
  7. by   Q.
    Shay, stop making me laugh!!

    I can't keep a straight face when I hear "baby daddy!"
  8. by   shay
    BABY DADDY BABY DADDY BABY DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Girl, in my neck of the woods, it's RARE you hear the alleged sperm donor referred to as anything else.

  9. by   rnor
    I agree with everyone on here...it seems everytime we turn around some kind of tax is being raised, or some new law is in effect. I live in a small town, but medicaid is killing our county, not to mention DSS (welfare), and no industry, no jobs that pay a decent salary unless you are a nurse, teacher, lawyer, or own your own business. Poverty is everywhere in our county. But we have many educated people too, that make good money etc., which means we are paying for the medicaid etc...I AM SICK OF LAZY PEOPLE, I AM SICK OF GIRLS HAVING 2,3,& SOMETIMES 4 KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK, AND THE DADDY"S DON'T PAY>>>WE DO...IT IS B_ _ _ _ _ _ _!!!!!! let those people work and save just like the rest of us.
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    Just a side comment...teachers in NC are GROSSLY underpaid!!!