Who Should I Invite Into My Bomb Shelter?

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    North Korea now has the power to launch a long range missile capable of mass destruction on US soil. Should we panic?

    North Korea has recently been in the news lauding their ability to strike Guam with long range missiles. Andersen Air Force Base is home to the 36th Air Wing who's mission is:

    "Provide the President of the United States sovereign options to decisively employ airpower across the entire spectrum of engagement" Guam is an accompanied tour, meaning that families follow the service person and live on base. So...there are wives, husbands and children that live there.

    The Cold War back in the 1950's was a time in the US where families prepared for "the bomb." Are we turning back the clock? Survival "preppers" are experiencing great popularity and have shows on TV, blogs, vlogs, social media pages, books and magazines. How do "we" the ordinary folks who don't really have the time, energy or money prepare for the possibility of a bomb run on US soil? How to Build a Bomb Shelter is a site that shows you how to build a shelter on your property.

    My question is: "Who should I invite into my bomb shelter?" Of course my family is in for sure. But my bomb shelter is pretty big so who else should I invite?

    Hmmm....now that comes with some thought....

    I would definitely want some of my AN friends and colleagues to come along with me. We are going to need some folks with good survival skills and the ability to care for injuries and illness. Will there be a need for a communications person? Hmmmm....probably. However, since in my new world cell phone towers would be knocked out, having my FB friends come with me in my bomb shelter might not be the smartest move. But...I would need some techie friends who are able to make communication devices out of raw materials.

    I will also need some farmers who can grow food and have scientific knowledge on how to keep the fallout out of my food. So I will scrounge up a friend or two from the local Ag Lab to join us in our bomb shelter.

    However, back to my original thought: who from AN would I invite? Who would you invite? You can choose up to 10 AN members that you would to join you in YOUR bomb shelter. Will you pick your shelter mates because of their interesting posts, their solid background, someone you agree with, someone you look up to or some other reason?

    Some more thoughts:

    Controversy sometimes breeds agreement after a solid well thought out conversation. Should you choose everyone that you like or choose people that would be able to present an argument in a logical manner? Do you want people that will challenge you or those who will blindly agree? Seeing another person's point of view might be important to your survival. Age of your shelter mates? If you choose older people will they be able to keep up? Or should you look to them for their experience? People that can easily adapt to new experiences might be a plus. Also, consider people who have faced adversity and triumphed. There is much to be said about being courageous in the face of loss.

    Which allnurses members would you choose to join you in YOUR bomb shelter? And why? Lets see if we can get some discussion going...

    ...and hopefully you will never need this list.


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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    ME ME.....TAKE ME!!!!

    I can be like MacGyver.
  4. by   toomuchbaloney
    Hunting, fishing, fire and shelter building with old time farm boy skills will be priceless if the grid goes down.

    How would you entice me into your group?
  5. by   traumaRUs
    TnButterfly - you can come if you bring duct tape and pencils and bobby pins

    TooMuchBaloney - yeah you can come too because you can grow us some food - Tn and I eat....a lot! lol

    Who else???
  6. by   Joe V
    Add me to the list BUT if we run out of food I'm going to start eating people!!!!!


  7. by   traumaRUs
    Remember the Donner party?
  8. by   toomuchbaloney
    Quote from Joe V
    Add me to the list BUT if we run out of food I'm going to start eating people!!!!!


    I'm staying in Alaska. I've relocated to a very remote location in the White Mountains, we'll be fine. There's even a nice mine shaft near the cabin.