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    Bucket list became popular due to a movie in 2007, overnight I heard people talking about what was on their 'Bucket List'. We do not have to wait until we are terminally ill to make one, in fact we should make one as soon as possible. This will allow us to have more time to complete the list! I have seen bucket lists which are as large as 10,000 and as small as 10! How big will your bucket list be? My first attempt below is 25, but I can guarantee that I could easily reach 100!

    I love the terminology 'Bucket List' before the movie I had never heard of it before, but now I have a bucket list! How wonderful to make one of these lists, to try and achieve certain things before you die!
    Bucket list certainly sounds better than '100 things to do before you die' Or '100 things to do before you kick the bucket' it is also nice way to introduce plans before death to family members.

    It has become a topic of conversation we tell people what our bucket list is and we add things to our bucket list daily, weekly even monthly. I will often say Oh I am going to put that on my bucket list!
    Really it is a wish list of things you would really love to do in your life. I think it is a great way to plan things you really really want to do, one day.

    In reality how many of us have actually written a bucket list? I haven't! It is an imaginary list in my head, which I pop things into. It is almost like the other things we mean to get round to but never do, like the 'Medical Power of Attorney' and the 'living will'. It often amazes me that not only do people not have a MPA or a Living will, but they never ever discuss what their wishes are when they are well and able to do so!

    I think it is so important that we have these discussions with our loved ones, so they have a clear picture of what you want in the event you are unable to have a say in the future. I do not have a living will, even though I am preaching about one in this article. As a family we have discussed what we want if we are ever in a situation of life or death. These discussions are so important, they allow your family to make a decision that they know you would want to make for yourself, if you could. It takes away some of the guilt.

    Back to bucket lists, I think we should formalize a bucket list and cross off the things we manage to do, and make plans to do the rest. It is a living thing because we do change and our priorities, which we were able to do when we were in our twenties, may or may not be realistic later on in life!

    So here goes my first attempt of actually making a bucket list-I would love to see some of your bucket lists too. It will be in no particular order, more like a random bucket list that I may fine tune at some point in the future. Of course it will be a selfish list because it is 'All about Me!'

    1/ See the ball drop on New Years Eve in New York, New York with my daughter
    2/ Eat Pudding Chips and gravy, sat in Piccadilly Park in Manchester UK
    3/ Own a horse again-we had to move and couldn't take him with us
    4/ Jump out of a plane, with a parachute of course
    5/ Swim with the dolphins
    6/ Visit Hawaii and just sit on a beach chair drinking cocktails
    7/ Fly first class and sleep in one of those cubicles
    8/ Meet some of my family who disappeared years ago
    9/ See my daughter married and have her first child (I am an older mom)
    10/ Run a marathon, or walk one-and not die before the end
    11/Win $10,000 on the lottery-not greedy, I just want enough to cross off some of my list. Or spend a day shopping and not worry if I can afford it
    12/ Retire before I am 75! At this rate I could seriously be that old
    13/ Fly in a helicopter - always wanted to fly in one
    14/ Be on Top Chef (Amateurs edition) I know there isn't one but how much fun!
    15/ Be on 'Ellen' 12 days of Christmas giveaways! Seriously how many times does one have to enter to get on the show!
    16/ Win a shopping cart race in a supermarket! It just looks like it would be such a laugh
    17/ Travel to all 50 states in a Winnebago with my wonderful husband-or at least try to visit all states
    18/ Have a Winnebago vacation period
    19/ Live long enough to see my Grandkids!
    20/ Be a jolly, fit old lady one day and learn to knit! (notice I didn't say FAT old lady)
    21/ Visit the Maldives, laze on the white beaches and swim in the crystal clear water
    22/ Dive off a cliff!
    23/ Be debt free-this is defiantly a pipe dream LOL
    24/ Have 2 carat or more square diamond white gold ring!
    25/ Scuba dive-well at least learn to

    It took me only about 5 minutes to write my list and I am sure I have missed a lot off but I enjoyed doing it!

    So what's on your Bucket list?
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  3. by   chrisrn24
    I have a lot of things! Mostly related to travel and personal goals (get career in my desired area, find a boyfriend, get married and have a couple kids).

    Ditto the Winnibago...well once I get a hubby! Or I will drag a friend.
  4. by   StNeotser
    I've been to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons National Parks twice and it's the most beautiful country I've ever seen. I've only managed to stay for four days at a time on my two trips. My number one bucket list item is to stay there for a whole month and go hiking and canoeing with my family. I hope by the time I have enough money to pay for such a trip I'm not too old to do it!
  5. by   jtmarcy12
    OP I did sNew Year in Times Square in 2001, it was a blast!! you will love it!! I say everyone should do this at least once. I want to win the lottery, too but need at least $500,000 to pay off student loans, bills and travel to Paris, buy a small home.
  6. by   azhiker96
    I want to run in the Zane Grey ultra. That one goal has spawned a host of mileposts. To sign up for the Zane Grey I must have completed a different off trail ultra so I'm working towards the Old Pueblo 50. One the way to that my training includes a half marathon that I did with my daughter this year, a full marathon or Rim to Rim next year, and a Rim to Rim to Rim at Grand Canyon. I've done Rim to Rims before but all the others will be new for me.

    Travel makes up the bulk of my bucket list with top contenders of Machu Pichu, Sotano de las Golandrinas, and a trip on the Russian Transcontinental railway.
  7. by   iluvgusgus
    I think about this all the time...here's mine , in case anyone cares lol
    1) See the Price is Right in person, with a t shirt I make myself
    2) Visit a erupting volcano in Hawaii- and snorkel
    3) Visit ancient Greek ruins
    4) Stay in a real tree house for a couple nights
    5)Ride on a camel in Egypt
    6) Take my children to Disney World-Ive never been there
    7) Swim at a nude beach
    8) Learn italian and visit Rome, and ride in a gondola in Venice and visit Florence
    9) Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon
    10) Gamble in Las Vegas
    11) See the Macys Thanskgiving Day parade in NYC with my kids
    12) Learn how to make pottery on a wheel
    13) Road trip in a RV to the West Coast
    14) Play in a poker tournament
    I cant wait to travel- I havent even been on a plane before.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    I want to live in one of those stick houses out in the water in Bora Bora for an entire winter, where I can go swimming every day and sun myself to a golden brown (like my skin color used to be until I moved to OR).

    Finish my modes-of-transportation list: traveling via hot-air balloon, cruise ship, camel, and dogsled. (I've tried a LOT of other kinds, including riding an elephant and in a rickshaw.)

    Win enough money in the lottery so I can pay off my student loans and all our medical debt, buy my first-ever NEW car, and put in one of those indoor lap pools.

    Write---and PUBLISH---a book.

    Fly to Hawaii for a vacation with my husband, then cruise back to the Mainland. Makes the withdrawal pains a little easier, I would think.

    Take a full-immersion course in Spanish and become fluent again.

    Travel to all 50 states (I've got 22 down so far).

    Have weight-loss surgery.

    Learn to play classical guitar.
  9. by   amygarside
    All I want to do is to travel to new and exciting places and learn from them. I would love my bucketlist not written to make it more fun and exciting. hahaha.
  10. by   nursefrances
    [QUOTE=iluvgusgus;7644248]I think about this all the time...here's mine , in case anyone cares lol


    We care.

    Been wanting to say....I like your name. Gusgus was always one of my favorite characters in Cinderella.
  11. by   nursefrances
    -Become a certified ophthalmic RN (I plan to take the test this fall. I have been working on this for around 17 years)
    -Travel across America and see some of the National Monuments
    -Ride the rollercoaster in Vegas that goes underground and through the streets (not sure where this is or what it is called)
    -learn to play piano (took a few lessons but had to stop due to work schedule)
    -Travel to Europe, visit Italy, Rome, all of the beautiful "artsy" areas
    -learn to play the guitar....well.
    -take some cooking classes
    Have a spa day at The Grand Wailea in Maui. I have stayed at the hotel but haven't experienced the spa (or any spa for that matter)

    I know there are more. I'm tired and my brain isn't functioning well at the moment.
  12. by   NutmeggeRN
    Oh my, the list is long and plentiful!
    1) live in Ireland for a summer, preferably on the south west coast
    2) travel Europe extensively, not always on a budget
    3) soak away lots of money for retirement
    4) learn the piano
    5) drop about 100#
    6) be able to visit every US state and territory
    7) New Years Eve in NYC
    8) travel by train across the Rockies