What's in your purse/bag?

  1. Just curious!

    • Phone
    • Wallet
    • Tylenol
    • Gum
    • Lipstick
    • Eyeliner
    • Sample perfume
    • Hand lotion
    • Chapstick
    • Tons of receipts (seriously need to clean up)
    • 2 pens
    • RN notes pocket guide (look thru it when stuck in places - helps jog memory)
    I'm looking for ideas. My life is in my bag

    Gosh, I loooove these smilies yeah:
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  3. by   traumaRUs
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  4. by   GHGoonette
    In my current bag is merely my purse, chequebook (yes, I still have one!), my locker keys, and a vintage leather driver's license and insurance holder (Engraved with "Safe Drive Safe Arrive", a picture of the devil-supposedly a Lucky Devil, and the message "Pass Friend, Hell's Only Half Full". It belonged to my Mom.) There's also a few loose coins that fell out of my purse and one or two till slips.

    Now, I have a bad habit in that, when I get a new bag, I just transfer the abovementioned essentials to it, and leave the rest of the accumulated junk behind. I have absolutely no idea what's in the "old" bags, and I have no intention of going to find out.

    If I stick my hand into one of them something might take it off....
  5. by   sharpeimom
    my wallet -- driver's license, owner's card, library card,insurance card, rx insurance card, cvs loyalty card, benny insurance card, store credit cards,bank credit cards, checkbook, debit card, atm card, pen, tiny notepad, some change, $18.00 in cash, plus an emergency $100 bill which is so old it's almost in the three pieces it's folded into, aaa card,

    my purse -- wallet, pocket pack of kleenex, pen, sunglasses in season, lifesavers and mints, a lemon mini-sized luna bar, some dog and cat treats in a baggie, spare key ring with back door key, two car keys, some change and a $5.00 bill, baggie of assorted tea bags (because most restaurant teabags make tea that tastes like pencil shavings), tylenol and imodium, tiny bottle of my perfume, a paperback, travel pack of baby wipes, receipts, refillable size hand sanitizer, clinique lip mousturizer, shout spot and stain removal wipes (these are terrific and get almost any stain but spaghetti sauce out).

    my husband snickers at my keyring. (he's a b-a-d boy!) it's an engraved gold heart on a gold ring. on it, i have a mini pink swiss army-type knife from ll bean that santa brought me when i was in college, customer loyalty cards from five grocery stores, pet smart, petco, a gas station, keys to three of our four outside doors, car keys, keys to three neighbors' doors, and an elderly aunt's front door.
  6. by   BCgradnurse
    My mess consists of my wallet, various receipts, Bert's Bees pomegranate lip balm, various pens-most of which don't work, Altoids, and unidentifiable fuzz on the very bottom.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    What a funny topic of conversation! When we were at Mass a couple of weeks ago, I was searching through my purse for a cough drop for my son, and found stuff that I didn't even know I had. Apparently my quizzical expression while rooting around in there amused Ben, because he was snorting quietly with tears running from his eyes as I fished out first a rainbow-colored glove, then a stain-remover pen, a tube of Carmex I'd thought I lost forever, some fuzz that had once been God knows what, a pair of eye shades from the tanning parlor, several receipts, half a Ding-Dong I'd forgotten about, and a handful of change.
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    I don't carry a purse.

    I do have an Eagle Creek black bag I purchased to take to Vietnam. It holds my wallet when my wallet isn't just loose in the car, which is where my wallet usually stays. Some lip balm. Loose papers and receipts. That's it.

  9. by   bushambo
    How come it's all girls answering this question??? Come on boys---we carry stuff as well.

    I have a rather large shoulder bag in which is-------Deep Breath!!!!

    4 PHONES yes--mine, satellite phone ambulance phone and one backup phone.

    Notebook and pens. Business cards. Spare meds in a little reminder pill case for me. Two way radio. Camera.

    Spare spectacles and house keys. SPARE AMBULANCE KEYS. Small flashlight and batteries.

    My wallet and another wallet with spare credit cards and fuel cards for the ambulance.

    Gum and muesli bars . Small bottle of water. Kleenex and moist wipes. spare watch.

    Bet you girls don't carry that much junk around!!!

    OH!! And lots of coins and stuff which could maybe be vacuumed up!!!
  10. by   Kolohe99
    I don't carry a purse, but when I'm doing blue collar work for the family business I have something in nearly every pocket of my Carhart jeans and my hickory shirt.

    In my jeans I carry:
    • 6" crescent wrench
    • 7-in-one screwdriver
    • Mini mag light
    • Key ring with a dozen keys on it
    • At least a dollars worth of change
    • A lockback Snap-On knife
    • My wallet
    • A "Squirt" Leatherman mini multi function tool
    • Phone (clipped to my jeans pocket)
    In my Hickory shirt (depending on the season) I typically have:
    • Classic E-A-R. yellow ear plugs (used; I just leave them in my pocket and they go through the wash)
    • Classic Chapstick (no fruity flavors for me)
    • Backup phone (different carrier from one clipped on pants)
    • Pen
    • Bug dope (insect repellant)
    • A midmorning snack if I'm going out in the brush
    • Most importantly.... toilet paper (again if I'm going out in the brush)
    And that's about it...
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  11. by   LPNweezy
    one quarter
    one dollar
    oral Contraceptives
    fluoxetine prescription bottle
    3 tampons
    wallet (contains all my cards)

  12. by   Poi Dog
    5 types of lipgloss...why i have no idea

    2 tubes of mascara

    30+ pens mainly black ones

    2 lip balms

    wallet that is bulging but not with dinero just receipts and crap

    my planner

    cell that i hate because i have phone issues


    2 eyeglass cases

    id badge

    post it notes of various sizes and colors

    a mini notebook

    glue dots

    hand sanitizer


    ...back issues, not i?

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  13. by   netglow
    cell phone
    extra car key
    lock de-icer
    moisturizing hand sanitizer (passion flower)
    nail file
    L'Occitane hand creme (honey miel and lemon citron)
    lipstick (pink peony)
    chapstick (true shimmer - berry)
    eye drops (moisturizing)
    powder compact
    mint mojito gum
    small brush
    little notepad
  14. by   11desert nurse
    I don't know how to downsize! I carry my wallet, lipstick, nintendo ds with about a dozen games, an IPAC, my ipod, reading glasses, a current book that I am reading (with readers!) a notepad, an organizer (isn't one enough?), several pens and pencils, and 2 ancient immodiums. All this, just in case I have a free moment which almost never happens. In addition, if I lost this backpack, I would lose half of my possessions but I can't leave home without them! Is there any help out there for me?