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    all in the family, the jefferson, maude, good times, one step at a time, & alice (i think was a norman lear show). the common thread to them was discrimination & disparity isn't right & a lot of the messages where done so with humor because humor is less threatening than drama.

    no...not everyone liked or related to or were represented in these shows (they weren't suppose to)...just a very small portion...but i agree...believe many folks learned from these shows just the same.

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    i liked "all in the family". i thought it did a good job of showing that archie, a racist, was stupid. racism=stupidity is always a good message as far as i am concerned
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    two words. maybe three

    mutual understanding/respect.

    purty simple to me.
    My exact thoughts....Until there is genuine basic respect for each other...there will never be peace in the world. Respect for one's beliefs and religion...respect for the very heart and soul of a person.....then and only then can the strife and fighting and hatred end. With out respect we have nothing.
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    Actually one of the shows that really knocked down racial stereotypes was "Star Trek" The Original Series. It had the first black actress shown not only interacting with white people but as a commisioned officer!! (Okay mostly her lines were "Hailing frequencies open sir! LOL!!)

    Star Trek also featured the first kiss between a white male and a black woman on American TV and I remember thinking when reading that "How sad that there should have had to have been a "first" for such a thing. It should have been as natural and as common as an actor putting on make-up!"

    Slowly, slowly TV has destroyed the racial stereotypes. Made us look at the way we interact and change that interaction.