What Type Of Pet Is Your Favorite?

  1. I own a cat because I'm not al;lowed to have more than one where I live, and it has to stay inside. I also am disabled and get around in a motorized chair. However, if I had my own way, I'd have a short legged Beagle, a cat, a bird, and a ferret. Then I would have all the entertainment I would need.
  2. Poll: What Type Of Pet Is Your Favorite?

    • Horse

      12.50% 1
    • Dog

      50.00% 4
    • Cat

      25.00% 2
    • Goat

      0% 0
    • Alpaka

      12.50% 1
    8 Votes
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  4. by   BCgradnurse
    I have 2 cats, 2 rabbits,and a dog. I'd like to have a goat, too. But if I had to choose my favorite, I'd pick a cat every time.
  5. by   Crystal-Wings
    I'd pick cats every time.
  6. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Right now it's dogs, but I love and miss having a cat. Next round we plan to have one of each to be raised together.
    I think ferrets are so sweet and funny, they'd be very entertaining to have, but you have to be careful about electrical wires and that they don't escape out the door if it's opened, and other concerns if you let them out of the cage. When I worked in the animal room of a museum, we had three ferrets; they loved to hop onto the end of a long towel and be dragged along, across the floor, then roll off and run to get back on, chattering (laughing, I always thought) happily.
    But even descented ferrets carry an odor, the boys more-so than the girls, so you have to not mind that. And in some states they are illegal to own as pets.
    Regardless of what kind of pet, you have to be able to give them the time and attention and socialization they require. My rule is "no more than two" because I only have two hands and "equal time" is important to them.
  7. by   Wannabenurseneko
    My favorite types of pets are cats and fishes , because you don't have to walk either of them outside .
  8. by   psychrn4u
    Quote from BCgradnurse
    I have 2 cats, 2 rabbits,and a dog. I'd like to have a goat, too. But if I had to choose my favorite, I'd pick a cat every time.
    goats in pajamas - Google Search
  9. by   Mudpinesredneck
    Dogs. My friend is a survivor of many ailments. Things he should have been dead from, without going over his whole medical history

    One of his dogs is extremely entuned.

    He left me with the dog for a week while he took care of some business across the country.

    I had a major panic attack one of those nights. She sensed it, and whimpered at me.

    Sat by my side, until that dog KNEW my RR and pulse was down. I know, I counted my respirations and my pulse.

    Harley knew I was experiencing something not normal to that dog. She reacted with giving me unconditional love, even though I was just there to let her pee and eat.
  10. by   nursefrances
    I wish I could have an alpaca!
    My husband and I have loved llamas and their cousins for years.
    But we do have two puppies that are my little sweeties.