What Have You Done??

  1. I think alot of us have had interesting jobs before we were nurses or decided to go to school for nursing (for those in school)
    What were some of them??

    I worked on a bridge construction crew (no I wasn't the one holding the orange sign)
    I drove a taxi cab nights (that one was really something)
    I sold personal success tapes (failed miserably at that)
    I worked as a waitress in bars and truck stops
    Then a CNA and became an RN
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  3. by   Angelica
    I'm a retired Marine. When I retired I was in charge of a Harrier aircraft engine maintenance shop.
  4. by   H ynnoD
    Gas Station Attendant
    State Employee
    Inventory Taker
    Diesal Mechanic
    Going to school now to be an RN
  5. by   debralynn
    Before LPN school: When I was married, we owned a couple of monument stores. I was the one that ran the computer that sent info to the plotter that cut the stencil that was put on monument.
    Before that, we owned a cemetery.
  6. by   Jay-Jay
    WOW! That's sure different, Debralynn!

    Let's see...when I was in High School and University, I did a couple of factory jobs. Light assembly, packing, etc. On one job, I spent most of my summer putting together three-ring binders for Hilroy Stationary.

    I worked in a riding stable for 6 months, and groomed horses at the track for 2 months.

    I worked as a security guard at large events in Toronto (C.N.E., Royal Winter Fair.) I also worked as a P.I., catching shoplifters for a drugstore chain. Still have my license stashed away somewhere! (Magnum, look out!)

    I did a canoe route survey for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources one summer. What a great job...spend all day paddling a canoe, and getting paid for it!

    I did temporary secretarial work for the University of Toronto, the Government of Ontario, and Kelly Girl. One temp. job resulted in me being hired by a Japanese express firm to help with their accounts. I was a disaster at bookkeeping! One of the few jobs I've ever been fired from!

    Then, when I got my teaching certificate, I spent 5 summers teaching outdoor education in High Park. One of the best jobs I've EVER had! Wish all teaching could be so wonderful......if I'd been able to do that sort of thing full time, I never would have gone into nursing!

    While working on my nursing diploma, I spent several years working for a large retail nursery. This job led to a summer job doing gardening for the City of Toronto. It paid enough money to allow me to go back to school and do my nursing diploma full time.
  7. by   iliel
    This is too funny, how well rounded everyone is!
    Let's see..
    I worked retail for awhile
    I was a CNA/HHA
    And while in college, the first time around, I was a Go-G0 dancer.
    Then a Dental Assistant
    Now full time student again...it comes full circle.
  8. by   debralynn
    Allright iliel: do you have the white boots?
  9. by   Ted
    . . . . let's see. . .

    1) When I was in High School: Sexton (custodian for a church).
    2) During the summers of 1978 to 1981: Steel factory worker
    3) 1978 to 1982: Attended Berklee College of Music and graduated with a Bachelors of Music in "Film Composition"
    4) During 1981 to 1983: Burger King worker and full-time Sexton (for another church)
    5) 1983 to 1984: Musician for a lounge band on a cruise ship
    6) 1984 to 1986: Dietary aide, or Nursing aide, or Physical therapy aide for a nursing home
    7) 1986 to 1989: Baked-goods salesperson for an outdoor farmers market in NYC.
    8) 1989: Again, musican for a lounge duo (this time with my wife) on a cruise ship (1/2 year)
    9) 1989 (winter): started college to study Nursing!
    10) 1989 (winter) to 1991: full-time then part-time nursing assistant at a hospital
    11) 1992: graduated from nursing school
    12) 1992 to 1998: Oncology/BMT nurse for a large teaching hospital. Also recieved my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1997!
    13) 1998 (fall) to 1999 (spring): MICU nurse at same large teaching hospital
    14) 1999 (spring) to 1999 (fall): Worked for a state agency - New York State Commission of Quality of Care for the Mentally Disabled (I got the job because I was able to remember the title of the agency! :chuckle )
    15) 1999 (fall) to present: ICU/CCU nurse for a very, very small rural hospital (and loving every minute of this job. . . well, most of the time! )
    16) 1984 to present (except when I worked 6 months on the cruise ship): Organist and choir director for a local Lutheran Church . . . and job, by the way, which I've held the longest!
    17) 1993 to present: composer/musician and now co-owner (since 2000) of a small production company.
    18) 1993 to present: owner of a small recording studio.
  10. by   Tookie
    Good thread - Interesting reading all of you

    Me l have really done nothing else but nursing throughout my working life.

    Have done other things ie travel etc

    BTW Ted - Without getting too personal - are you Lutheran

    And what sort of music or things do you produce in your studio?

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  11. by   Ted
    Check your PM! I just sent you a message.


    I also enjoy reading what everyone else has done! Way cool, folks!

  12. by   Berta
    Let's see now,
    credit manager
    EMT- until I got shot at....
    office manager
    customer service rep
    BUT most importantly...a mom
  13. by   Ted
    Just read your post. You slid the one by rather quickly!

    EMT- until I got shot at....

    Glad you're around to tell us about it!

    Cheers to you!

  14. by   Shamrock
    Car hop
    Secretary for oil company
    RN - med-surg, home health, LTC, agency