what do you feel 'naked' without???

  1. I MUST have my altoids and/or some other breath freshener on hand!!! (coffee breath at 3am...YUCK!) Plus the ol' trusty stethoscope, clamps, scissors, about 50 alcohol wipes, my tubex, and A CALCULATOR!!
    Oh, yes, and 3 pens....clepto doctors, dontcha know...

    Just curious to hear what other folks carry around jingling in their pockets....
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  3. by   fiestynurse
    My clothes!!!
  4. by   TracyB,RN
    I feel totally naked without my watch & my ears(scope). And the 50 alcohol wipes, I love it
  5. by   moonchild20002000
    My Make Up!!!!! I don't wear a lot but I just cannot function without it!!!!!!
  6. by   CashewLPN
    Um definately nekked without clothes...
    Ya know what, we're all naked under our clothes...

    seriously... I feel naked without my sports bra...its the whole bending over and showing way way way too much cleavage through the Vee top that irks me...
    Oh... that and my palm pilot and game boy...
    very cool for beaming games across the cafeteria during meals....if you get any that is..

  7. by   RNforLongTime
    I feel naked without my watch. I remember one day at work about nine am, I noticed that the battery had died on the watch that I was wearing. Now mind you this was a 12 hour shift for me. So I headed down to the gift shop and spent 30 bucks for a new watch
    because I CANNOT function without one!! I didn't NEED a new watch, I have about 20 of them but the thought of having to go the rest of my shift without a watch was just too much!! Plus I have to have my Littmann Master Classic scope and about 50 alcohol wipes and my scissors and about 10 pens--the hospital I work at supplies them for us. Plus a calculator and my "BRAINS"(you know that sheet of paper with all the vital patient information on it). God forbid if I ever lost that!! I have misplaced my clipboard a few times and have run around searching for it frantically. Luckily I was able to find it!! I NEVER leave my scope laying around! Docs walk off with them like nobody's business. The one time I left my scope lying at the nurses station- a doc used it on a patient and then left it in the patients room. I searched for a good hour before it turned up. So never again do I take my scope off from around my neck even if it does ruin the tubing!

  8. by   LPNnCHARGE
    I feel naked without my watch, scope, mounds of alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, yellow hi-liter, a few black gel rollers (my favorite pen) Klepto docs & therapists, a black permanent marker, toenail clippers, nail clippers, emory boards,& cuticle sticks(nasty nails, hate them). Can you tell I work LTC?
  9. by   tiger
    my jewelry. i have my grandmothers class ring from 1920 and her wedding ring and engagement ring from about the same time and i only take them off to clean them. i also have my class ring from 1983 from the same scholl as my grandmothers. cooool huh?
  10. by   cmggriff
    So I was reading all this and snickering to myself about how all of you are a little off.
    Because I don't have any one particular thing that must be on me (I sure am self assured), except of coourse there is this one
    thing that if I don't have it I am costantly
    looking for it. My wedding band. If I have taken it off I am feeling that place on my
    finger where it ought to be until I put it back on.
  11. by   kewlnurse
    Being naked is cool.
  12. by   night owl
    Absolutely naked without my watch, some blush on my cheeks, earrings, my glasses,and my ID badge with my keys landyard around my neck. In my pockets, my pens, highlighter, hand sanitizer, a set of pt's wristbands, (for scanning purposes with our bar coding med system. If you think I'm running with that med cart for one PRN pain med, you're nutz!!!)and my bandage scissors.
  13. by   Cindy_A
    I ALWAYS have my watch, stethoscope, 2 pens, 1 pink highlighter, 1 yellow highlighter, 1 Sharpie, lanyard, scissors, alcohol wipes, small notebook, hand sanitizer and pen light! Of course I really feel naked without my glassses, since I can hardly see a thing without them!
  14. by   neonnurse2
    I've got to have make up on in order to feel ready for the world. At work I've got to have my gestational wheel on me and one pen.

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