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I MUST have my altoids and/or some other breath freshener on hand!!! (coffee breath at 3am...YUCK!) Plus the ol' trusty stethoscope, clamps, scissors, about 50 alcohol wipes, my tubex, and A... Read More

  1. by   codebluechic
    Let's see...scope, red and black pens,badge,brains,scissors,hemostats,alcohol wipes,cheat sheet with important numbers,tubex holder,calipers,pen light,and chap stick...O.K. ready for work!
  2. by   Q.
    Actually I feel naked without a gestational wheel in my pocket.
  3. by   st4304
    I work in a cath lab and because I scrub in several times a day, I wear no jewelry from the elbows down. There are surgery clocks in the room, boxes of alcohol pads laying around, and pens every where. I put my wedding ring in the narc box every morning, so if I happen to forget it when I leave, I feel naked all night (or weekend!)

    I also cannot drive or ride in a car if I do not have on a seatbelt. I am very "neckid" and vulnerable if I don't!
  4. by   Cafe
    My Littman scope, breathsavers, alcohol wipes, few blunt needles, my own pen (I always put those hospital bic ones down and lose them. I like to pick out neat pens for myself and then I always remember to put them in my pocket.)
    Now tell me what is lanyard and a gestational wheel?
  5. by   janine3&5
    Always have my little nerdy pocket pouch to keep at least three black pens (I usually have one left at the end of the day), a red pen, yellow highlighter, bunch of quarters for pop machine, roll of adhesive tape, scissors, hemostats, and cheat sheet. Always have my badge and scope around my neck and at least two rubberband type hair thingies around my wrist.
  6. by   galenight
    Due to all that handwashing, I wear my watch pinned to my scrub top. If I don't have it on, I feel absolutely naked. And people look at me strangely when I'm constantly looking down at my left breast!!! (That's where I keep it).
  7. by   Zee_RN
    I, too, kaknurse, went to the gift shop to buy a watch because mine died during my shift. HAVE to have a watch on. I have multiple things in my pockets everyday and in appropriate order (I wear a jacket with 2 pockets and pants with the pockets on the sides of the legs). I carry with me at all times: Littman stethoscope, 3 black pens, 1 heavy-tipped marker, scissors, tubex, vial adapter (for drawing blood), yellow highlighter, Critical Care Quick Reference book, a list of commonly called physician's phone numbers, ADVIL! (always always always carry Advil), pictures of my kids and dog, couple bucks and change. I feel naked if I forget to put on my "mothers' necklace" which has three sapphires in it for my triplet girls born in month of September. I'm always reaching up and touching it during the day.
  8. by   Q.
    Originally posted by CEN35:
    <STRONG>OK when I saw this--&gt; "what do you feel 'naked' without???" I expected something different in here? Not quite sure what? I was going to say "without my undershorts".

    Seeing that's not the direction, let me tell you. I wear a watch, a scope, two pens, a big fat orange marker for the board (mine, and the only orange marker), a pager, sometimes 2 (different story), a two way radio, trauma sciccors, a tubex thingy, a plastic Zosyn straight edge with mm and cm marked out on it, my pocket (waterproof, liquid proof) cirtical care guide with all my notes in it, of the stuff the makers didnt supply (lol), my badge, and sometimes even a tape measure, and a piece of paper with the current room assgniments and whos on call for what. Think thats it? </STRONG>
    OMG Rick! I didn't know a person had room for all of that! A 2-way radio???? What do you do with that? And a scope? You mean like a Miller or a Guedell? Or did you mean a stethoscope? The tubex I can understand - although someone stole mine - can I have yours?
    And what's the tape measure for??

  9. by   Janet Barclay
    OMG Rick, We're going to start calling you inspector gadget! How do you walk?
    Naked wihtout my pager a pen, the official "charge pencil" (which I lose several of in a day)and my office keys- though I frequentl lose those. Security is getting really tired of having to let me in my office so I can go home.
    Lets see, my coffee pail (cups aren't big enough), my wedding band, and my unit clerk (who is the best in the world)
  10. by   neonnurse2
    Rick, I'm changing your name to "inspector gadget"...2 way radio, whaaaa?
    Cafe, a gestational wheel is a round disc (usually plastic) that inables you to figure out a moms due date by her last menstral period.
  11. by   st4304

    As I posted above I work in a cath lab and I wear a lead apron all day. BUT, I bet you still carry more weight just in stuff than I do in lead! LOL! Peace!

  12. by   Cafe
    Guess I feel a bit embarrassed now that you tell me what the wheel is-- obviously, I don't work in OB, so never think about it. We keep trying to lose our beepers, frustrates our HUCs (unit clerks), but they are great!!! How many others carry beepers? Hate it when they go off during dressing changes, isolation rooms, sheath line pulls and on and on. But good not to have all the overhead chatter, stressors enough already!!!
    Geez Rick, do you have back pain issues with all that weight you carry? LIke the inspector gadget comments, we are just letting you know we like ya Rick!!!
  13. by   Q.
    I am still laughing Rick - at all the crap in your pockets!

    First of all, I'm gonna grab that "big fat orange marker" and keep it..now whatcha gonna do?

    And secondly, I just thought about this...you have so much sh*t in your pants that I bet when you turn the corner, you keep going from all that inertia!!!!