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Hello All.... So today I finally decided to return the Nutribullet at Target that I got from my sister and got me a much cheaper blender and a new pair of socks. So I took it home and I then... Read More

  1. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    This evening I perused the Holiday 2017 Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. I circled everything I would buy for myself, my husband, sister, brother, friend . . . I do this as if money were no issue; then I added it all up and found out how much I had NOT actually spent!

    $11,714.55 !
  2. by   amoLucia
    I like your shopping technique. I used to do something in actuality years ago - I would go shopping and buy stuff. Did I need it - NO. But I wanted it.

    I wouldn't cut off the tags because I knew I'd return the item in 2 days or so. Technique would take care of my passion to shop at the moment.

    A variation would occur at the grocery. I would do every aisle and toss everything I THOUGHT I wanted into my cart. Then when I was done the SELECTION PROCESS, I'd go back and make a second (sometimes a third) round and put all the unnecessary, unwanted stuff back on each shelf in its correct place. I actually had a name for the process. I called it "Kroegerring". I suddenly realized what I was doing when I shopped at a Kroeger when I was visiting my sister. We don't have Kroeger's here in NJ and her store was a super-Kroeger with all kinds of stuff you can't sell in gen'l NJ stores.

    Since I'm pretty much housebound now, I do a computer 'Shop from Home' program about every 3 weeks. I vary my grocery process much like above. I can fill that cyber 'shopping cart' with $500 to $600 worth stuff. Then I go back and delete stuff. It's tough with food things - my health doesn't need the 'junk food' things and that's what I go overboard on. So I pick a delivery date well in advance so I can keep going back to delete the unnec stuff.

    Some years waaay back I had to attend a 5 day "Train-the-Trainer'' seminar. We all had to do a progressive 5 day program on some topic. Each day repeated much of the prior day with new stuff, so the presentations became progressively time longer & longer. I actually did like a stand-up comedy routine on "The Art & Science of Shopping". It's hysterical.

    I do similar to you with catalogues. I turn down a corner of the page I want something but I RARELY place an order. I have a hard time throwing away catalogues.
  3. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I've had to get mean with myself with the collection of catalogs...If there is a 'favorite catalog and it has some stuff that SOMEDAY I might be able to get (yuh, right) I want to save the catalog just-in-case.
    But, though I have weeded many of them out, I still have some snipped out item pix and descriptions, and I enclosed those clippings in the catalog's envelope with the not-filled-out order form, and they reside in a folder/file..from catalogs YEARS old, and since tossed out, and a few companies now defunct, even!
    But maybe-maybe-maybe..*SNORT*
    I have begun trashing catalogs when I get the 'new' ones.
    Sometimes I go through my paper/clippings/snippings/ear-marked pages with products; I do confess that keeping some of this stuff is totally useless, so a little at a time I am divesting myself of them.
    There are actually times when I throw a catalog out without even looking through it! That is a major accomplishment!
    At least when I go through and do my NOT-spending shopping from a catalog I am not JUST buying what *I* want, I also buy for others; I'm QUITE generous in that way.
  4. by   Farawyn
    Bacon for breakfast, and now listening to Pandora, an Amy Winehouse mix.
  5. by   toomuchbaloney
    A second pot of good fresh ground coffee and maybe a new book.
  6. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Napping. A lot of napping!
  7. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    I posted on the thread "Your Period and It's Spiritual Significance"
  8. by   Farawyn
    Quote from No Stars In My Eyes
    I posted on the thread "Your Period and It's Spiritual Significance"
    I love you.
  9. by   Farawyn
    I lost my mind for 5 minutes. And joined kickboxing.
    Do I know how to kick box? Hell no!!!
  10. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Quote from Farawyn
    I lost my mind for 5 minutes. And joined kickboxing.
    Do I know how to kick box? Hell no!!!
    You are gonna be one helluva "mean motor-scooter and a bad go-getter" when you learn kick-boxing. I would be scared of you, jumping and yelling and kicking: "Though she be tiny, she is FIERCE!"