What are your Valentines Day Plans? - page 2

Hi All, I was just wondering what your Valentine's Day plans are? I scheduled a massage for hubby and myself since he enjoyed his Christmas one so much. We are going away for the weekend to... Read More

  1. by   MelRN13
    I'm working the ENTIRE weekend.....but my birthday is the 13th, so I think we're doing something(???) that day. The rumor I heard from a friend is that I should be expecting a fat diamond, but I guess we'll see about that one.
  2. by   Stargazer
    One of my girlfriends is having an anti-Valentine's party for her single friends. I believe champagne and chocolate, along with board games or a movie, are on the agenda.
  3. by   nurseman
    Wendy please tell your friends that throwing rocks is not the answer.
    If you throw rocks at the happy couples then they run away. If you spray them with water they only run for a few meters. After that you get to watch them walk down the street shivering all the way. By the time you go to trial it should be summer and the judge should let you off light.

    I'm working to 2300 on valentines day so I hadn't thought about it. Now I think I'll go to the bar and by Jell-O shooters for any girl that's looking depressed.
  4. by   Stargazer
    Aw. That's so....predatory.
  5. by   delirium
    Nah, its a good idea.

    I've picked up girls with similar strategies.
  6. by   TX Guy
    I am refusing to acknowledge valentines day this year.

    But I'd be willing to go to Canada if I could get slathered in chocolate.
  7. by   moonchild20002000
    Romantic dinner for two,wine,music.....
  8. by   howie122832
    Nada.... My husband is working ...again.... Much like last year, 4th of July, thanksgiving, christmas, my birthday, New years eve,,, shall I go on?

    All of my friends and I are planning on going to a drag show.... Why not.. all of our husbands are working and they wouldn't want to go anyways..
  9. by   NurseShell
    Not a clue. Last year we did a nice dinner out with flowers and stuff...dessert at an ice cream palor then we had champagne and ... um... some time together

    However, not a clue what's on the schedule for this year...our "live in" babysitter (step-daughter) moved out, so we'd have to hire someone!! Who knows???
  10. by   Lausana
    Eh, que? No hablo inglais :uhoh21:
    I fed ex'd the hubbys valentines cards today so they might arrive in Egypt by valentines... There is one from me and one from our kitty that I signed for her to send to her daddy... I will speak to him that night, as I have spoken to him every night since I left... I think since we have been married we have spent one Valentines together... Its not really a big holiday for us... when we are together everyday is valentines day.... and thats why I love the man.He sends me Red Tulips from Holland to my hospital along with a pound of Godiva chocolates, I share them with the staff because if I dont I will eat the entire box just thinking about him. The tulips I keep at home until there is nothing left but stems.Im not the traditional rose kind of woman, everyone gets roses but tulips are our personal flowers.
  12. by   caroladybelle

    Throwing rocks really isn't appropriate.

    Now putting on dark clothes and shades and gunning the car engine when you see them crossing the street.........

    JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!
  13. by   BellaTerra2002
    Since I'm single and 'alone' this year -- having broken up with this dear man in mid-November, I thought I'd just kill myself. LOL All those yukky little Valentine's Day cards in the stores -- and EVERYTHING is decorated in pink and red! I hate it, I hate it, I hate! Now, let me tell you how I really feel.... LOLOLOLOLOL