Went to ER for 2 hrs got a CT scan and Confined for 2 hrs.BIll is 22,794?why is that? - page 4

Hi all, about a month ago I had an accident while playing basketball.I hit my head on the floor and was rushed into the emergency room.They did a ct scan on my head then was lying in the... Read More

  1. by   Altra
    Agree, the total seems too high and OP should immediately contact the hospital's billing office.

    Just wanted to point out, however, that much seems to have been made of the length of time the OP spent in the ER ... the time itself is irrelevant. For example, a patient could present to the ER with active chest pain and spend no more than the 30 minutes it takes us to get him to the cath lab ... but in that 30 minutes he will have undergone multiple procedures and received intensely focused care, which will ultimately be reflected in the bill. Conversely, patients with other presenting symptoms may spend hours in the ER (including wait time) but receive fewer procedures, meds, diagnostic tests, etc. as their condition warrants.

    Again, none of us were there to assess the OP, know his presentation or know exactly what care he received, but as a possible head trauma patient brought in by medics ... his care may have included c-spine precautions, multiple neuro assessments, IV access, the head CT, etc.

    OP's original title "Went to ER for 2 hrs. got a CT scan and confined for 2 hrs. ..." is telling. ER nurses will know what I'm talking about.
  2. by   CritterLover
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    have to second all that have said:
    1. you need to apply for medical/medicaid
    2. bill seems excessivly high. please sit down with someone from billing!

    in addition, yes, you should be able to make payment arragements. and as long as you are paying something on a regular basis, the hospital shouldn't bug you too much about the balance. we had a patient who paid something small, around $7 a week for many years, but he did finally pay off his bill.

    and, i have to add:

    most states don't require informed consent for a ct scan, even if contrast is administered. however, a ct to r/o chi doesn't require contrast, anyway. so other than the general consent to treat, there wouldn't have been any consent to sign.

    the issue about being transferred to a "county" hospital doesn't apply, either. the recieving hospital has the obligation to give stabelizing treatment to the best of their ablility prior to transfer. a ct scan to r/o chi would be part of that work-up. had it been positive, the patient wouldn't have been stable enough for transfer (unless to a higher level of care). since it was negative, there was no reason to transfer the patient. transfer would probably cause an even higher bill: second set of physician's services, second hospital's bill, transport charges.....