Warning/PayPal/check immediately

  1. Anyone who uses PayPal,

    I wanted to warn anyone who has a PayPal account.

    This morning I discovered that more than $1600 had been transfered out of my bank account. The transfer amount was done all at once for my entire ballance. That means that they had a direct real-time look at my account through PayPal before it was attempted because they requested just .39 more than my balance in a round number.

    Check your accounts immediately and do not do business with the person or group called "Barb Rockefeller"
    Their email address can be provided upon request, since it is on file with PayPal, but I don't want to start a spam attack or anything. You don't want this A-hole to know who you are anyway.

    Be careful.
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  3. by   TheBrainMusher
    I am so sorry to hear that! I hope everything works out with you getting your money back! I use paypal alot, especially on ebay ... you can never be careful enough on the internet. How sad it is ...

    Thanks again for the warning!
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Thanks for you compassion,
    PayPal said it would take up to 30 days to get my money back. In addition to the extended wait to get money back that I never authorized in the first place, they have the gall to actualy charge me for the reversal of funds

    Needless to say(then why do we say it?), as soon as the transfer occurs I will no longer have an account, and will request that my bank block all PayPay transactions.
  5. by   RNforLongTime
    Oh no! So sorry this happened to you Peeps! I've used paypal to buy things off of Ebay but used my credit card. I think that you've got a little more protection when you use a credit card. Hope this gets worked out for you! Thanks for the warning!
  6. by   TheBrainMusher
    Did you find out HOW they got into your account? If how much is the reversal fee? I hope not more that a few bucks, otherwise I'd fight it! I use my credit card for most transactions, but I have it tied into to both my CC and my bank account. I do everything electronically, kinda scary! Especially with that huge break in at mastercard/visa/amex/discover card. I've been checking my accounts at least once a week!
  7. by   LauraF, RN
    Can't you go to your bank and reverse charges. I did that when DISH network tried to scam 300$ out of my account. I had to sign an affidavit saying I did not authorize withdraw and they reversed. I got the money back within 3 days. Hope this helps. Good luck!

    That sucks. Huibby uses PayPal occasionally to pay for servers for gaming and such. I'll let him know.

  9. by   jdomep
    Hence the reason I opened a seperate account for my paypal and I keep less than $200 in it. I am so sorry for you can you do anything about it?
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I am so sorry. Horrible thing. Amazing what criminal minds can do. Hope you recoup your losses soon!
  11. by   Rustyhammer
    Hmm...I have no idea what is in our paypal acct.
    I'll ask Robin when she gets home (She's in charge of anything money).
  12. by   nursedawn67
    I have used paypal through ebay....thanks for the tip.

    Sorry to hear such a cra**y thing had to happen to ya...take care!
  13. by   BadBird
    We had trouble with paypal a year ago, double charged a item, we cancelled the account and now only purchase items with a postal money order.
  14. by   itsme
    What is pay pal? I just ordered something online today with a credit card, but I have not heard of pay pal?