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Thoughts are with you. I used to live in KY and then in TN. I hate tornadoes!!! Hoping you and yours are all okay.... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    Anyone from Tenn or Alabama? Saw on the evening news tonight, quite a bit of damage in some areas.
  2. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by kittyw
    We're okay here in Nashville... but south of us is really torn up... several fatalities. Fortunately my best friend and her family are okay!!
    Glad you are okay kittyw
  3. by   kristi915
    I just saw some of the damage done on our local news, wow!!! I'm so glad that all of you are ok!!!
  4. by   recnurse1
    the first thing i thought when i heard about the storms was my allnurses family! hope everyone is safe. there was one in pennsylvania, mercer county, i think across the state from me.
  5. by   ?burntout
    I'm ok-live in northern Alabama.....had some wind damage and hail around here....most of the tornado damage was south of us..

    :angel2: Hope everyone else is ok!

  6. by   CardioTrans
    Hi all........ checking in from central Alabama......... lets just say that I was up til 2am watching the tv until we lost power then went for the back up radio......... just some trees down and lost power here........ but at 6pm tonight the death toll for bama was up to 12........ all i could think of last night was the April 98 tornado in which 32 people died here.......... historic all over again.......... my all nurses family to the north and east I will be thinking of you and hope the storms quieten down before they reach you..........
  7. by   deespoohbear
    Okay here in Adams County, IN. The tornado that devastated Van Wert, OH got started about 6 miles east of my place. One of my co-workers in radiology had her barn destroyed, and lot of other buildings. The windows on her house shattered, but the house is intact. Everyone okay. Several of the Amish families in our area took pretty violent blows to their homes and buildings, but they were already working on putting everything back together today. One mobile home was destroyed, but the occupant was okay. 2 deaths in Van Wert county, and two in Putnam county, one in Seneca county. Yesterday was probably one of the worse days I have ever seen for weather. My husband has been through both the Palm Sunday tornado of 1965, and the Super Outbreak in 74. Scary stuff. Thanks for checking in on us. :kiss
  8. by   rebelwaclause
    Originally posted by aus nurse

    Glad to hear everyone is safe so far....I would be so scared...thinking of you
  9. by   RNGranny
    I have family in Alabama and TEnnessee. My Daughter, also a RN, lives in TN. Her husband and two sons (ages 4 and 7) were on a Cub Scout camping trip about 5 miles from where one of the worst tornadoes hit. The camp director woke them all up and crammed everyone into his house until the storm passed. My mother lives in Alabama and is fine. Tough to be a military wife (me) and to be living in CA when disaster strikes around my family.
  10. by   kaycee
    High winds in south western PA with 1 death and some damage. The storm was over quickley but the wind and horizontal rain was frightening. My daughter drove right into it driviing back to college. She made it ok thank God.
  11. by   CEN35
    ok here.............. the official count in the local area, was four f3's and one f4. four houses in twinsburg just vanished! this is really really bizzare for november?

  12. by   Tookie
    Sorry to be ignorant CEN 35 what do you mean by F3 and F4's - is this there force measurement - we dont get them here - well at least not where we live.
  13. by   jemb
    Glad to hear so many are okay. Tornadoes are so scary -- you know that they are there, but never know where they will touch down! You just have to hide and hope until it's gone. I haven't heard if most of the missing (quite a few, per the news reports earlier today) have been accounted for. Hopefully, they were just hiding from the storms and lost communication.