To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Parts 22 & 23 (END)

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    The near-end (I can't resist an epilogue) of the ten-month saga of two women at a lighthouse. Due to the short nature of sections 22 and 23, they have been published below together. The epilogue will be published immediately following this section of writing. Keep an eye out for the last installment.

    Part 22
    Ellie and Liesl sat in silent appreciation on the porch steps, dawn breaking in brilliant display behind the lighthouse as they stared out across the placid lake.

    The women had awoken to tend the light after a few hours of sleep, meeting in the hallway as they reluctantly left their warm beds and sleeping husbands to extinguish the strong-burning beam and clean the lens.

    They slipped quietly through the hallway past the room of sleeping sailors and into the tower, taking care to move silently on the steps. The chill of winter had crept into the tower, stealing in between the bricks and chasing them to the service room. Reluctantly, Liesl extinguished the flame--and with it, the only source of heat. The women worked thoroughly and silently to clean the lens, hurried by the rapidly advancing cold.

    By the time they returned to the quarters, they checked the kitchen to find their guests still asleep around the fire that burned as coals in the stove. At Liesl's suggestion, they gathered coats and blankets and traipsed to the porch to watch as the strengthening strands of daylight overtook the sky, streaking it in yellow and pink and red. And before Ellie knew it, she was telling her sister everything.
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