To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 18

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    The fictional tale of lighthouse keepers in the 1880's, tending a Lake Michigan lighthouse. The characters in this story are completely fictional, while the lighthouse is quite real and still in use. The details of its function, while not necessarily specific to this exact light, are consistent with the general function of lighthouses in this era.

    With firewood bundled in her apron and blankets tucked under one arm, Liesl rushed between the basement and the hallway closet to obtain the materials she'd need in the event that the lighthouse became a stopping point for sailors that night. The firewood was scratchy on her fingers and the fire in the woodburning stove was nearly reduced to coals, glowing a soft orange from deep within the cast iron contraption that faithfully heated the dining area. Liesl set the blankets on the table and fed the fire, fanning it into a roaring flame.

    It suddenly occurred to Liesl that Ellie had washed extra bandages earlier that evening. Sure enough, on the far end of the counter, Ellie had placed a newly dried batch of bandages in a basket. Thank goodness for Ellie and her ceaseless attention to minutest detail, Liesl breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, they wouldn't find themselves using old rags and pieces of clothing to catch the flow of blood. Perhaps I'll be able to keep a decent dust cloth around here!

    Liesl then turned to the water buckets on the counter. She moved the largest, heaviest kettle to the stovetop, praying that they wouldn't need it tonight, but that was surely wishful thinking. In all the occasions their lighthouse had harbored men rescued from the lake, she had yet to see one survive without some sort of injury. It's fortuitous that Ellie is here, Liesl thought, twice as thankful for her sister's presence, should we find ourselves tending to sailors with serious injuries.

    Water splashed as Liesl poured the liquid from the bucket into the kettle, the soothing sound nearly eclipsed by the storm that continued to rage angrily outside. She watched the lightning out the kitchen window, shaking her head in wonder at the natural fury on display. Of all nights that we could see serious injury, this may be the one.


    Samuel fell to a sitting position on the bed, grimacing as his leg protested the sudden increase in activity. Sweat had begun to form in his hairline, but he hurriedly brushed the moisture away and moved his hair off his face.

    Despite Liesl's cautioning, he had managed to walk down the hallway to the window that overlooked the sprawling lake.
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