To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 15e

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    The end of Part 15. It's been an intense several weeks of living in my mind in 1863, seeing that battlefield as it must have looked in the aftermath of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. It is with hesitation myself that I depart Gettysburg with Ellie, myself as spellbound and mystified as she, as if looking over my own shoulder as this phase of my story slips away into a new chapter...

    Over the next several weeks, Thomas's wounds healed with the constant attention of Ellie and the surgeon. The surgeon removed the stitches and Thomas was eventually able to get out of bed without the debilitating pain in his ribs, regaining his strength by the day as Ellie took him for walks in the house and around the yard.

    It was during this time that Thomas encountered the gray-haired woman accidentally on one of their many strolls. When Thomas and Ellie entered the downstairs parlor and took note of the gray-haired woman in the corner, she showed no sign of hostility.

    The gray-haired woman was aware of who Thomas was, but she couldn't remember why she was in Gettysburg. Eventually, the nurses and attendants had stopped telling her the truth as the devastating shock of losing her husband day after day seemed to take a toll on her already fragile health. To Ellie's surprise, she reacted to Thomas as one who had found a friend in a sea of strangers.

    "Thomas! Oh, Thomas. Where are we, Thomas? I want to go home!" She had exclaimed, rushing to him and pawing desperately at his shirt, her expression fearful.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    ~sigh~ You sure can spin a good yarn, young lady! Can't wait for the next installment