Thursday April 12, 2018

  1. Good Morning!

    Herring, my yard could use a mowing after some rain and neglect. Summer is our rainy season and I have to mow more often. It's just weeds and dust at this point. I haven't watered in about 15 years and it's all dead. We all know how much Ted loves to mow. Maybe he can come down and help us?

    Can't believe it's Thursday, my most dreaded day of my work week. Ugh....I hear they've been busy and short staffed. What else is new? LOL

    Took a sleeping pill to assure good sleep. Not foot pain. It was like a throbbing inside than a cramp. I thought maybe I was getting gout and getting old. Maybe it was the yoga I did that day. But it didn't happen last night and I slept o.k. Old age? BP was 119/74. Was glad to see that. Got a lot done yesterday. Even jogged 2.5 miles on my bad feet (probably shouldn't do that).

    Have a great day!
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