Three Word Story (continued) . . . .

  1. the big bad wolf let out a huge belch from drinking all granny's moonshine.


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    very funny stuff here! continue and enjoy!! :d

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  3. by   Danamegg
    "Excuse me!!" said Red.
  4. by   debralynn
    "Where's the beernuts", asked the drunken wolf
  5. by   Danamegg
    Where's my Granny" Red asked.
  6. by   debralynn
    "...uh....we had a RIP ROARING time", said the wolf as he picks at his teeth.
  7. by   Danamegg
    "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk.!!!" Red screams.
  8. by   debralynn
    Red turns and runs thru the woods!
  9. by   Danamegg
    She suddenly hear the sound of hooves ..!
  10. by   debralynn
    OMG, its Paul on his blue oxen
  11. by   Danamegg
    He is heading for her ...!
  12. by   debralynn
    Then out of nowhere, a man with a coon hat grabs her, is it?, could it be.......
  13. by   Danamegg
    Uhmmmmmm ... Herc???
  14. by   debralynn
    no, Daniel Boone!